Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shadow cabinet

The Malaysian Insider - EPF’s proposed Plus takeover like ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’, says Pua

Tony Pua has pointed out how the government has been paying PLUS nearly a billion ringgit per annum in a highly questionable lop-sided contract where the Malaysian public has been the real loser.

Excuse my pun but it’s highway robbery ...

... which brings me to my controversial but apt recommendation, that Tony Pua be appointed by Pakatan Rakyat as the shadow Finance Minister.

I believe Pua is a fitting choice as I have observed how he has been keeping a beady burning brilliant eye on the BN government’s profligate spending on such contractual atrocities and dodgy defence acquisitions.

Pakatan Rakyat presents itself to the Malaysian voters as the alternative government in waiting, yet it has been decidedly evasive about its alternative leadership in government, namely the shadow cabinet, giving mealy-mouthed excuses why it hasn’t ... or more correctly, won’t, can't, dare not!

The real answer why it hasn’t done so is the coalition fears the component parties won’t be able to agree to a distribution of ministerial portfolios.

My question to them is, if you can’t now, how would you be able to when you win the next general election?

And if you fear an inability to negotiate and compromise then aren’t you just delaying the inevitable, the disintegration of the coalition on its very moment of victory?

Shouldn’t it be far safer to sort this unavoidable issue NOW rather than delay its inevitability? Quite frankly, I don’t consider you fit to take over the business of the government of the day if you cannot even resolve this power sharing now!

Here's my choice, and yes, it's a f* compromise:

PM = Anwar Ibrahim (I am sure this is agreed – do I hear murmurs from Pak Haji Hadi?)

DPM = Pak Haji Hadi (I am quite happy for him to occupy this)

Home Affairs = Lim Kit Siang (who has the Kamunting experience)

Defence = Khalid Ibrahim

Health = Pak Haji Nasharudin

Finance = Tony Pua

Foreign Affairs = Zaid Ibrahim

Works = Nizar Jamaluddin

Education = Teresa Kok Dr Rama (just keep it as one ministry) - Dr Rama is better qualified

Youth = Nurul

Agriculture = Salahuddin Ayub

Teresa Kok = Trade

Sivarasa = Law

Mahfuz Omar = Energy & Oil (no more worries about royalty for Kelantan)

So on so forth ... Azmin Ali can be the Minister in the PM’s Department wakakaka


  1. Saya Sokong ...LOL

  2. Minister of Gays-- Saiful (should had rejoined PKR after Anwar's victory)

    Minister of Adultery -- Chua SL (left mca to join PKR following Doc Ayam's example)

  3. MOG hehehehehe thats a nice acronym

  4. KT, further to your earlier mention of the miners' rescue.

    When watching the trapped Chilean miners emerge after more than two months underground, have you noticed how clean and fresh they looked and without a beard (as one would expect) or even a trace of stubble on their faces?

    Well, the answer to this mystery and a look into the nitty-gritty work behind the rescue effort is found HERE for those who are curious.

  5. ktemoc,
    Hahaha....Wanna bet Tony would never get Finance. It would be either Azmin or Anwar. Azmin got a doctorate in mathematics. Just like Lee Hsien Loong.
    You must understand. This is an epic battle between The Allies (Pakatan Rakyat) & The Axis led by Nazi UMNO with SS led by Ibrahim or is it mahathir.
    I suggest start reading histories. War World 2 & start to see things from Lee Kuan Yew's perspective. I haunt you with this message that Lim Chin Siong is no saint. No when he & his gang manipulated chinese students to their agenda.....However, noble that it might have been happened. Like it or not, it's a power struggle
    Like I say, we are at "war". If you read the organisational structure of the Allies.....Don't think it's a good idea of putting General Patton's third army under Montgomery's command.....

    Still to-date, if you still act like David Marshall.....well.
    Oh, by the way, Tony would still be Trade & Industry minister with EPU under disposal....So, it's still ok. Teresa would still be happy with Excoship & so does Khalid as MB. You are right....Zaid is more suitable as Foreign Minister.....
    Rajaratnam has brought Singapore to the international stage. Perhaps, Zaid should start reading about Rajaratnam's books.

    P.S : I have yet find one "Goh Keng Swee" in Pakatan Rakyat

  6. Anwar was a lousy Finance Minister - I heard the only thing he did when he was FM was to introduce the 2 sen coin wakakaka.

    As for Azmin, MP for Batu, have you ever heard his comments (sorry, should be 'comment' in the singular wakakaka) on financial governance a la Tony Pua's brilliant and incisive analyses?

  7. Ktemoc,
    Regardless of how bright Tony is, in cantonese term, lun to me lun to hui laa....Even Tony knows himself. Trade & Industry with EPU portfolio is a promotion for Tony
    Khalid would be more suitable for these ministerials post....Work, Urban Development & Housing. Khalid is more of a "Lim Kim San" of PKR.
    Either Khalid would go federal or Azmin. My bet would be if Anwar Ibrahim is beri tactful. Zaid should go to Foreign. Finance which I believe would be the domain for PKR would go to Anwar/Azmin. Hate or Love Anwar, he was the finance minister for 8 years.

    Financial prowness is not the only KEY CRITERIA of being a good Finance Minister. If you watch Yes Minister/Yes Prime Minister, not only you need to fight the opposition in exile but you need to fight the opposition in residence
    Azmin was the private secretary.....Hehehe, if you rope in Perm Sec or Director General lagi better. Something Tony or you or I don't have the edge....Kapish!

  8. Anwar/PKR is the weakest link in Pakatan - he/PKR is hardly in a position to dictate. Quite frankly and based on performance, Anwar didn't shine in any of the ministerial posts he held, but only caused trouble - for example, his educational stint led to two disgraceful episodes (i) Ops Lalang (because of the apointment of non-Mandarin speaking headmasters in SRJKC) and (b) (unforgiveable ever) proselytising or making non-Muslim school pupils joined in (compulsorily) the weekly Muslim doa with hands praying in Muslim style

  9. Ktemoc,
    If Anwar does not shine, who then? Mahathir? Plus, who else, you would propose to take over the leadership. Hadi Awang? Karpal Singh! Nasaruddin! Yong Teck Lee! Warthamoothy
    Judging from you aforesaid standard, that means that David Marshall failed horribly. Lim Chin Siong whom you revered.....No saint after all. One student paraded till death during the Hock Lee Bus Riot. (Errr....please don't tell me he should absolve from all "crimes". His men)

    Wee Wee boy used that analogy when he decided to start the KOKS campaign in the 90s. Wee Wee Boy set up MDP & the rest is history.
    I have predicted correctly that Nurul would not stand for Deputy President. I knew it when Nurul was seeking for elders' advice when she was nominated for DP Post. Subsequenly, in terms of Yes Minister (Whiskey Priest), Nurul has used the "Rhodesian" solution. Hehehe, though I dislike Ian Smith but I would believe Zimbabwe would be far more richer than the pathetic condition now if Ian has succeeded.

    However, I got to agree that Anwar need to brush up the skill in political leadership. Anwar's problem was he did not learn from the right Mentor. Hehehe, Anwar's mentor was defeated by this sweet grandma, Queen scholar, Madam LKY.....She was so fabulously discreet that most probably I would be bumping onto her in one the NTUC/Fairprice supermarket. Aaargh.....during the not so old but not young days, NTUC supermarkets were set up in Singapore for bring the essential prices under control, battling other supermarkets such as Cold Storage....
    However weak Anwar you might think he's, he's still the suitable one so far. Zaid should stick to Rajaratnam role.
    Anwar got to be like LKY, not David Marshall or worst still Lim Yew Hock (resembles Koh Tsu Koon. In character, of course). Don't you think Ah Kaytee

    P.S : It's pretty sad that Anwar does not even give condolences to this find grandma who passed away. She was smart, discreet. She played her role extremely well. Hate them or Love them, this couple should be a role....Hehehe, I would not be surprised when at one time, she earned more than LKY....Monetary wise

  10. Re your "Lim Chin Siong whom you revered" - rever, hate, adore - these are the words of anwaristas wakakaka - OK, show me where in my posts I demonstrated reverence for the late Lim CS.

    Secondly, it was not Lim CS's protest strike against the Hock Lee bus issue that caused riots - it was the evil machinations of the British authority and its Sing CM Lim Yew Hock which deliberately initiated the riots to frame Lim CS.

  11. KTemoc and all readers please look at the below concept for the correct Ministers. Ministries are NOT political rewards.

    Put untrained men in there (being in Kamunting does not make one qualified to head a Home Ministry as opposed to a PhD holder who has been in academic circles studying for decades with other fellow academics, so please think again) and you get bullsh*t again. Reconsider your acceptance of what is a conflict of interest paradigm of awards. A committee holder in a political party is enough power and responsibility for any one person, don't think that they can administer Ministries when they are busy playing politics as well. NEUTRAL people WITH appropriate academic qualifications ONLY please.

  12. In virtually all democratic countries, politicians become ministers. Why? because they have been voted by the people to be their representatives. They have to be the ones to express the people's wishes, not unelected academicians coming into the cabinet through the Senate back door (we don't want to see this BN bullsh*t again). Of course the ministers can have advisors.

    And what's so great about a PhD, especially if they remain as academicians? Malaysia has so many unemployed PhDs. And if not for the Senate back door, the worst of the lot would be Koh TK.

  13. " they have been voted by the people to be their representatives . . . "

    But they lack formal training? How about if top echelon experienced bureaucracy AND academicians in Ministerial seats AND after consult with politicians first?

    3 way decision with Ministerial post itself held by a retired Academic of impeccable standing to reflect a civil society? Political warlords holding Ministers posts is untenable given the KINDS of cutthroat personalities most politicians have.

    To prevent personal political interest (that also always arises in virtually all democratic countries, look at the recent PKR mess) from subsuming people power?

    It is not good to give free reign to politicians who are already bloated with a sense of power.

    It is best that a separate grouping of academicians and bureaucrats (and retired top echelon members of enforcement for Home Ministry for example - again I stress going to Kamunting does not make a Home Minister of anyone) among themselves vote who holds the Minister's post title but will not be allowed to make decisions unless more than one political part agrees. How about this format instead?

    The main point being to not allow politicians to sequester too much authority, surely you can see the benefit of that too?


  14. . . . unless more than one political *PARTY* agrees . . . (errata from above sorry)

  15. Democratic practice is about people's power - the people select/elect their representatives. At the end of every term the people can re-exercise their choices again, as was demonstrated on 08 March 08 - many ministers lost their seats and thus their mandate to represent their constituencies, because the people had enough of them.

    OTOH, academicians are not the people's representatives and therefore unaccountable to the rakyat, as demonstrated by our biadap civil servants and sometimes feral police, MACC and the judiciary. Besides, what's so great about a PhD as evident by the numerous Malaysian PhDs who can't even get a job.

    In a mature and practising democracy, a two-party state so to speak, there's balance in politics and control by voters. But here in Malaysia, even the EC's and judiciary's neutrality are in doubt.

    So the first task is to restore democracy, separation of powers (judiciary must be independent of the executive) and a neutral professional civil service.

    What you propose is equivalent to the religious majlis in Iran (clerics instead of academicians), which can even override politicians like President Ahmadnejid. That's not democracy!

  16. This complacency that existing systems are the only systems and unwillingness to update old political systems or adopt the best from either system is unhealthy, I hope Ktemoc RE-Konsiders.

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