Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First Chilean miner brought back

Amazing, just saw on TV the first of the 33 Chilean miners, Florencio Avalos, brought back to the surface, to be met by his father, wife and son, and also the President of Chile and the First Lady. He and his workmates have been trapped 620 metres beneath the surface for 69 days.

Earlier, together with the descent of the rescue cage, a very brave rescue expert, Manuel Gonzales, had gone down to check on the miners' health, briefed them on what to expect on their 20 minutes ascent and prepared Florencio for the ride back to the surface of the earth with a compression suit.

It was a very emotional moment which even I, a non Chilean, shared. Have to admit my eyes did tear up a wee bit at that historic and wonderful moment.


  1. Being trapped in a mine is one of my greatest (irrational) fears. I think this whole thing is amazing..Rescue teams has done an amazing job..God is GREAT!!

  2. Similar rescue at Quecreek Mine 2002. Similar capsule. Not so deep but more dangerous