Saturday, October 09, 2010

3 quickies (1)

(1) Lee Chong Meng quits MCA and joins PKR.

PKR is obviously in taxi-sapu mode again, picking up even MCA rejects. Is it so hardup? Sure as hell, the party still hasn’t learned anything at all from its past mistakes, has it?

(2) Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Razali Ibrahim said today he'll be holding talks with the Malaysian Weightlifting Association over gold medalist Aricco Jumitih’s decision to wear a vest with a Sabah flag on it during his event in New Delhi.

Aiyah, Aricco was only emulating Muhyiddin in being Sabahan 1st, Malaysian 2nd lah.

(3) Zaid Ibrahim said he will pull out if sweetie Nurul goes for PKR No 2 position. Many Azmin supporter decry the statement as Zaid leading Nurul into a trap.

I believe Zaid doesn’t want Azmin to be No 2 at any cost, even if it means both No 1 and No 2 positions are to go to the Anwar family.


  1. If Aricco Jumitih were to be a non-bumi mata sepet like Namewee, he would had been called in by the special branch for "questioning" his loyalty to bolehland.

  2. There is something very weird about PKR when it can accept Doc Ah Yam aka LCM as a party member when he did not even bother to sign his application forms. He will be the next saifool / rahimi who will run off to make a SD that he saw Anwar throwing Soosilawiti's bones into the Banting river.