Sunday, October 24, 2010

UMNO - 100-storey building yes, school bus fare no!

Malaysiakini - PSM: 70% Malay support vital for Putrajaya win.

PSM's sole MP Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj revealed that in his Sungai Siput constituency, some Malays can't even afford to pay their electricity bill and some can't send their children to school because they can't afford the bus fare. Thus he warned Pakatan that an issue like ‘meritocracy’ frightens rather than impress these people. He advised Pakatan to back off from promoting the meritocracy issue because it's meaningless to the poor.

It reminds me of a lecture on the Vietnam War where the USA talked about democracy and freedom to a deaf Vietnamese population who were more interested in the basic 3 bowls of rice each day.

As a real socialist, Dr Jeya knows what he’s talking about, though of course it doesn’t mean Pakatan shouldn’t continue promoting meritocracy; however Pakatan should also highlight more effectively its affirmative action programs for the needy, especially the poor Malay peasants and fishermen.

The state of such extreme poverty among Malay in Sungai Siput is also a terrible indictment on UMNO. After 53 years of its rule, it's a disgrace for UMNO and a repudiation on its nonsensical claims of being a party for Malays when there are still Malays who can't afford bus fares for their childrent to go to school or to pay for their electricity.

Yet UMNO talks about the importance of building 100-storey tall building, while in the past it had squandered billions building Petronas Tower, Putrajaya, bridge to nowhere, sending astronauts into space, adventure jollies to the Poles, Mt Everest and god knows where else, and generally wasting billions and billions of soon-to-be-depleted petroleum revenue. The list of UMNO profligacy goes on and on, while the poor Malays fell through the cracks left behind by UMNO's high rollers.

Unfortunately most of those Malays in Sungai Siput Malays and elsewhere will continue voting for UMNO because they believe UMNO's propaganda that it's the party to protect Malays, when the truth of course is UMNO is a personal profit (profiterring) club, of UMNO members for UMNO members by UMNO members - or why else would there be such heavy corrupttion of money-politics in UMNO party elections?

And regretfully, nothing will ever change in UMNO, based on what Najib, Muhyiddin and the UMNO crowd have said at their annual meeting. It's going to be business, UMNO business, as usual!


  1. if nothing changes at umno and if the disadvantaged continue to vote umno, what does the future hold for them?

    how does malaysia get out of the cycle

  2. ktemoc,
    I thought this has been explained very clearly during the Pakatan ceramah including by Anwar Ibrahim. Either you must be sleeping or......I am extremely surprised that you also kenna spooked by UMNO propaganda
    I am waiting for you take on the ongoing Batu Sapi's election

  3. you are now convinced 1Malaysia is nothign but hogwash from Najib?

  4. // now convinced 1Malaysia is nothign but hogwash from Najib?//

    Hogwash? Jib is not only sending up the 2nd space tourist, he will be building the 1malaysia space station soon, before China even begins building its Tiangong station. (Of course by paying taxpayers' money to the Russians for seats in their soyuz spacecraft)

  5. The black knight smokes his long pipe
    Puffing up smoke of his grand design
    His gestures with his hands and fingers
    Speaking words of profits and grandeur

    The lives of many
    In the villages and city or urban slums
    He doesn't listen; really listen on the ground
    He sits on the round table..writing cheques

    Planning how to take out wealth
    Distributing it under mega projects
    Under this scheme to enrich cronies
    Companies and individuals walking to the banks

    The poor in the villages
    The slum dwellers finding hard to live
    Yet they will carry on.....
    What fools they have been!

    The slogans of ameeno leaders
    The decades running the nation
    Many got fooled until the can opened
    It isn't for all the multiracial people

    The coalition parties base on race
    They dance and sing the familiar tune
    It is for them and their members
    For the people long time waiting

    The black knight smokes his long pipe
    Blowing up smoke smile on his face
    He thinks he can fool the people
    March 08 had spoken; the days will be different

    The speeches in ameeno assembly
    It is only for one race to enrich quickly
    Yet in decades it is wanting.....
    From the front door to the back door

    And they still claim
    They are lacking behind
    Economically with the others
    Why don't they say the truth?

    The people must wake up
    The pied piper still tries to whistle
    The tune of familiar sound....
    He forgets the mental wall has crumbled

  6. The black knight? Knight?

    You mean the black bugger!