Wednesday, September 15, 2010

'UMNO' in strife

There’s a favourite local political saying, more of a sneer really, that you can take some people out of UMNO but you can’t take UMNO out of them. It applies to some PKR leaders who are currently indulging in notorious UMNO dirty party politics. I heard there was even a “20 dalil kenapa Zaid Ibrahim tidak boleh menjadi PKR No 2”.

Even Zaid has been compelled to come out to say: “If PKR members are happy with the 'reformasi' leaders, they should choose those from the 1998 period to lead. If they believe that all the party's problems stem from Umno's inventive 'Trojan horse' meddling, then they should choose the current 'new' line-up to lead.”

Well ….

Just as Penang UMNO has asked Gerakan to surrender all the seats it contested in 2008 to MCA and MIC wakakaka, if PKR cannot sort out its internal party problems, then it too should surrender all the seats it contested in 2008 to DAP and PAS, and yes, PSM as well!

Meanwhile the other UMNO wakakaka is also in turmoil. Utusan Malaysia has even rebelled against Najib, the UMNO President. The UMNO mouthpiece is supporting Jabba the Hutt much to the chagrin of Nazri Aziz. Nazri of course has always been against Dr Mahathir. They mutually hate each other so I wasn't surprised by the recent fireworks.

UMNO blogger Sakmongkol AK47 who once sneered at Jabba the Hutt as someone striving to get back into UMNO by acting the ultra ethnic warrior has now supported the Hutt. Sakmongkol is a devotee of Dr M who has openly backed the Hutt (or the Hutt is fronting for him?) so the AK47 reversal hasn’t been so surprising.

There seems to be a sharp shrill and strident escalation in Dr M, Jabba and Sakmongkol’s politicking against what they see as Najib’s inclination to be liberal. Jabba claimed UMNO is now under Chinese control – maybe he means …….. wakakaka. But I wonder how Najib is faring ;-)

So while the twins of UMNO and the ex-UMNO faction of PKR are indulging in Tuah-Jebat-ish back stabbing, and Gerakan was slapped kau-kau by Penang UMNO, MCA Chua Soi Lek has certified UMNO as not racist. 9% dropping liao lah! And recall, he was recently interrogated by the police on the basis of a Perkasa report.

All DAP and PAS have to do for a while is to stay still and let the other side fight it out.


  1. some mentioned somewhere how this extraordinary TDM managed to spook all the prime ministers other than himself and the 2nd PM

  2. Happy Malaysia Day Ktemoc and all

    Same-same one.
    You can take DAP out of Ktemoc but you cant take KTemoc out of DAP.
    You can take UMNO out of Buttercup but you cant take Buttercup out of UMNO.
    Kaukau punya.

    All political parties same-same. That Zaid ah is bringing UMNO into PKR when it already has UMNO DNA in its genes.
    Only not same one is PKR is Anwar party he is entering one. Party for Anwar family and his cronies what.
    Aiyah cakap loyar, tapi tak tau itu politik la.
    Patut la itu olang Ulu Selangor tatak mau lu, Zaid. Itu olang kampung lagi pandai lor dari lu.
    Apa school lu pergi?

  3. Buttercup, I voted for DAP in last election BUT I'm not a DAP member ;-)