Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Istana type intrigues

The Malaysian Insider - MCA, DAP flay BTN, demand punishment for ‘racist’ official.

If PM Najib doesn’t watch out, by the time he returns, Muhyiddin will be the puppet PM with someone pulling the strings.

While the two school principals might have been indiscreetly spontaneous in their racist outbursts, I doubt the BTN deputy director Hamim Husain would have dared, in the immediate wake of the school scandals, to act so unbelievably racist without a wink and a nod from above.

It’s obvious ‘someone’ is deliberately escalating the racial tension to either create another situation for a possible Ops Lallang 2 and/or perhaps even declare some form of national security emergency to delay the general election and buy time for BN, or to depose Najib off swiftly in the way AAB was deposed.

Once I was discussing Malay politics with a Chinese friend when he exclaimed how the Malay body politics was so full of intrigues, Machiavellian manoeuvrings and, contrary to perrenial Malay proclamations of how much they treasure loyalty, full of treachery.

Notable events would be the history of the Sultanates from early Malacca right down to present day Kelantan – and how Tun Razak conducted a coup d’etat against a broken hearted Tunku.

He then reminded me on how Dr Mahathir, one of the longest serving PMs and probably the most influential voice in Malay politics, was so effectively boycotted and marginalized by AAB’s 4th Floor boys and worse, unconscionably betrayed by a host of his erstwhile Kedah sidekicks (Baharum, Aroff, etc) who had benefitted during his reign and from his generous largess.

In other words there is no such thing as loyalty in Malay politics – that value perished together with Hang Jebat in the 15th Century.

He commented on how infantile Chinese body politics in this country is by comparison, and attributed the depth of Machiavellian Malay political manoeuvrings to their history of and experience in palace intrigues.

I protested that Chinese too had their share of palace intrigues, perhaps even of a worse kind, but he pooh-pooh-ed me off, saying the Chinese who migrated to Malaysia were the politically naive Southerners, basically peasants and not the more politically devious Northerners, who dominated royalty, court nobility and palace courtiers.

Chinese Malaysians are children of peasant stock? Wakakaka.

OK, back to Malaysia - I have to admit that for a while I thought Dr M would still hutang budi the late Tun Razak and thus tolerate if not mentor his son Najib to stay on as PM until the latter’s time for retirement, but now I wonder?

There's no doubt Dr M doesn't like the way Najib is going. Has he decided to get rid of the PM before the latter's politico-economic policies screw up the future for his son?

If that's the case, how long can Najib hang on?


  1. The show must go on
    The actors will put on masks
    Branding word swords killing the minds
    All for the money; all for the wealth

    The black knight gallantly rides
    The tides sweeping along his way
    He still holds on to his horse
    As his other knights riding slow

    Political intrigues through the ages
    When opportunity strikes the Brutus smile
    In politics no heart of sympathy for the soft mind
    Even in Macbeth the 'knife' will talk at the back

    The political partners running the bites
    They know they had suffered badly in elections
    Now they want to score some political points
    Somehow it doesn't matter to the voters

    It's enough of the intrigues
    The people have suffered in silence
    Once they believed in the slogans
    Now they are better informed...

    GE13 will be "Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat"
    Will the voters cast it truthfully for change?
    Let the new dawn bring cheers to our nation
    Else we sink to be remembered in history!

  2. Moohideen setting up to be PM, Ibrahim Al Katak will be rewarded a senior cabinet minister.

    Najib can start packing, Rosmah you got more to pack, all your luxury purchases etc,

  3. But but.. Mamakthir Kutty is already 80+ years old; he may kick the bucket soon, real soon.

  4. Anon 5:48 AM,

    You've probably missed the 2nd last para of KT's commentary. KT wrote that the man's concern is for the political advancement of his son.