Saturday, September 04, 2010

Nah! All Eyez on Namewee

The Malaysian Insider - Namewee grilled by Internet regulators.

Wee Weng Chee, better known as Namewee, a Malaysian socio-political rapper with the usual rappers' proclivity for using effing words in their work, posted a video clip rapping the knuckles (excuse the deliberate pun) of Siti Inshah Mansor, (supposedly) a principal of a school and those of another alleged bigot in Kedah from the same, once noble, profession.

The rapper’s rhythmic chant lambasted the teachers for their unwarranted, unmitigated and unacceptable racist diatribes against their young innocent charges.

Nah! Suck on this - one of the alleged racists, Siti Inshah, has been openly treated with kid gloves by the authorities (including the DPM and the Education Director General) while her critic, Namewee, has since been hauled over the coals by both police and the media watchdog, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), for daring to post a video clip criticising her.

Those who had been conspicuously silent on the racist spew of the principals suddenly woke up to join in the angry chorus against Wee - the PAS MB of Kedah and the usual suspects in miscellaneous UMNO bodies, etc.

The PM made a half hearted statement against racist slurs (presumably about the two principals but on this I've to say we weren't/can't be sure at all) but came out remarkably energised against Namewee.

Leng chai Khairy, who has in recent times been attempting to present himself as a 'liberal' lamentably jumped on the anti-Namewee bandwagon. Lim Kit Siang sent leng chai's justification for doing so bouncing off like the Michelen Man.

Wee was also resoundingly disowned by MCA – well, he’s lucky MCA information chief, Loh Seng Kok didn’t call for the stripping of his citizenship – for more of Loh's recent fascination with citizenship, see Overcompensating publicly for personal trials & tribulations.

Nah! We shouldn’t be surprised at the authority's double standard treatment of the villains and their critic as this is after all Malaysia where our national slogan has been and presumably still is Malaysia Boleh (Malaysia can or Malaysians can do) ...

... where alas, in this and many other cases, the inspiring slogan has now become a stigma instead, meaning the Malaysian authority and/or some public bodies would do the illogical, illegal, unjust, unfair and all that's representative of the dark side of the Force.

According to The Malaysian Insider, Wee was asked by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), Malaysia’s media watchdog, to go to its headquarters to give a statement on the video clip.

Malaysiakini reminded us that this was the second time this week that Wee has been questioned over the video, having spent three hours with the police on the night of Merdeka Day, giving his statement at the Taman Tun Dr Ismail police station.

The Malaysia Boleh spirit was evidently in abundance during the taking of a 'brief statement' at MCMC. I shall point out two examples, namely:

Firstly, the so-called 'brief statement' at MCMC took more than seven hours, yes, an amazing marathon-ish SEVEN hours, on a video clip which didn't last for even 3 minutes. There were also four police officers there, perhaps to catch what they might have missed in an earlier 3-hour session on Merdeka Day.

More than SEVEN hours! Was the MCMC attempting to outdo Leo Tolstoy, by writing the Boleh equivalent of War & Peace?

It’s a bloody miracle Namewee didn’t jump out of a 14th floor from some building. After more than seven hours of interrogation I would!

Incidentally, Tolstoy’s War & Peace has been recognized as one of the greatest work of fiction - it would not be surprising in the nature of our Boleh spirit to outdo Tolstoy wakakaka.

Secondly, leaving aside the authority's kid gloves treatment of the two unbelievable and unspeakable school principals, have we seen mainstream media like Utusan and its other UMNO-linked media been similarly interrogated for their constant flow of bigoted seditious and inciting bile?

Nah, ‘twas only a rhetorical question!

I put the top down, now it's time to floss my shit
Keep your head up kawan, make these motherfuckers suffer [...]

I live the life as a rapper, kawan, until the day I die
Live the life as a boss playa {All Eyez On Me}

(with apologies to Himes, Tyruss; Jackson, Johnny; Shakur, Tupac; Pennington, James)


  1. I am a rapper Namewee
    I rap my life living in this space
    I rap what I see happening in my country
    I rap the authority taking one sided mirror
    The country's racists spinning tales
    I can't stand the way they are treated
    After 53 years of independence the mind blows
    Of the one sided regulators can't stand the truth
    I am a rapper Namewee
    I rap about what I read and see
    Why hide it when we should be free?
    For Malaysia we want her to glow in peace
    Yet I am sad about the truth
    The one sided mirror a bad reflection
    I am a rapper Namewee
    I rap what I read and see

  2. The Amno's dickheads are using state machineries to harass Namewee.
    Those MCA's cowards and 'kaki-bodeks' are using the opportunity to lick these dickheads's asses.

  3. What's that slogan again?'Malaysia Boleh'?Nah,it's more like Melayu Boleh,yang lain tak boleh!

  4. Nah nah nah O nah nah nah yak jiu !!

  5. It is very amazing that the Tan Sri Deputy Prime Minister and the Multimedia authority failed to grasp the message made by Namewee.
    Namewee made an Anti racism song. Namewee did not made a pro racism song.
    His only controversial subject will be the vast profanities found in his song.
    Some finds 4 letter words to be bad taste . Well, One's man meat is another man's poison.
    The Deputy Prime Minister don't understand the issue at all.
    Is anti racism a crime now ? If so , under which law act?
    Profanities is also not a crime. As Malaysian television stations loves to broadcast movies by Eddie Murphy.
    And RTM telecast the parliament proceedings live to Malaysians of all ages to see.
    There are profanities and racist elements in Parliament proceedings.

  6. moohidin nah nah nah !!!