Sunday, September 12, 2010

9/11 - the Malaysian connection

An @r$eh*le from Florida had threatened to burn copies of the Quran to mark the event of 9/11. He refused to heed advice and then appeals from American leaders including the military chief of the American forces in Afghanistan not to do so for fear of Muslim backlash against Americans, especially US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In the end he backed off – initially claiming he obtained a quid pro quo from the Muslims not to build a mosque near the so-called ground zero of 9/11, the destroyed Twin Towers, but when his claim was repudiated, he then switched to saying ‘God’ had wanted him to stop.

Regardless of his divine connection and by-then totally discredited threat to burn the Quran, or for the matter, the fallout from his earlier threats, the @r$eh*le in reality had already achieved his objective, of gaining the necessary notoriety for his own agenda (or interests) ...

... in the same way the instigators of the Prophet Mohamed caricatures had succeeded in their deliberate provocation of Muslims and Arabs by publishing the cartoons. Horrified by the violent Muslim protests, Europe stopped its annual financial sponsorship (Euro 700 million) of the Palestinians. The losers were the Palestinains; the winners? ... you work it out!

Because of these outrageously provocative incidents and the continuous circulation of Muslim-bashing material on the web, many westerners have come to believe that ALL Muslims by nature are violent, in exactly the same way many Americans still believe George Bush’s exploitative nonsense that the perpetrators of 9/11 committed that act of terrorism killing more than 3,000 people for no other reason than they hated America’s ‘freedom’. Some even continue to believe in Tony B-Liar’s lie that Iraq’s WMD could be delivered to London in a mere 45 minutes.

So we have the sinister convincing the naïve, a bad combination that had led to the illegal invasion of Iraq which saw the killing of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, 4400 plus American troopers and other participants among the Coalition of The Killing.

Many Americans aren’t even aware of their country’s rapacious foreign policy and actions, where the USA has also been sponsoring, supporting and succouring dictatorships around the world, for its own ends.

You are likely to see blank stares of disbelief from these naïve Americans when you inform them that 9/11, evil as it was, had been political retribution for the evil their country had been and is still committing in the Middle-East. As an American joke about their air force recruitment had said: “Join the air force to see strange lands and strange people, and bomb the hell out of them!”

The sinister lies, the naïve listens and believes!

Likewise in our once-fair land, Malaysia.

We have our equivalent of the a$reh*le who threatened to burn copies of the Quran to remember 9/11. Here we have an opportunist, Malaysia’s foremost political frog, who has willingly taken up the role for the big movers behind the scene, as a so-called ethnic warrior frightening the sh*t out of the Malay community that they will lose everything to the Chinese Malaysians unless they marshal around some people who can protect their interests, the very people who had been cheating them like George Bush cheated the American people, and B-Liar cheated the British people, except Bush and B-Liar did it for only 8 years while these people in Malaysia had done it for at least more than 25 years.

The sinister lies, the naïve listens and believes!

Any interest of the Malays the so-called ethnic-warrior will be protecting would be only his.

9/11, 513 – same tactics, same old lies, same innocent people killed, same evil fat cats profited or will profit.


  1. blair and bush cant beat the kutty.

    while they incite, kutty has cleverly used it as a smokescreen to make billions for his family. like suharto and marcos, he will yell he is clean.

  2. Lies, fear and greed
    The few will exploit of needs

    The ring of leaders
    In pursuit of weeds

    Up in the hill of minds
    Ushering the new fear

    The tamed people
    They get exploited through

    Though the leaders say
    The evil coming our way

    We must stop them
    We have to protect our land

    Lies, fear and greed
    Of lives we live to cherish

    Yet we inflict pain
    We don't worry about poison rain

    The black knight knows
    So are his knights on the round table

    The people of the nation
    They have been conned through decades

    The small frog and its campaigns
    Talking about its needs and fear

    For others living in the country
    They are the outsiders

    The country living in lies, fear and greed
    The way forward we must change..........

    There are no other options
    Else we live in lies, fear and greed

  3. Nah! We will ram a plane into the White House on Sept 11, 2011...Nah!

  4. Anon of 8:52 AM, you'll prob be shot down by the USAF before you can even get near, and deservedly so for suggesting such an act of crime.

    Remember, criminal acts shouldn't be retaliated with equally criminal acts, because you'd then turn the original criminal into a victim

  5. //you'll prob be shot down by the USAF before you can even get near//

    We shall be using a stealth aircraft invisible to the human eye, developed by Osamaladen HighTech Industries, located in Putrajaya.

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  7. where are you buttercup on this?