Monday, September 20, 2010

Hats & responsibilities

A man who wears two hats has greater difficulty in stating his position than one who wears only one.

If a man wears both the UMNO president hat as well as the PM hat, and faces the twin and competing problems of ketuanan Melayu polemical demands and loss of support from the nons with the consequential probability of losing power in the next general election, how would or should he strategize out of this dilemma?

Sure, he can tap dance but that’s not going to work – not in a world where unedited information flows to all via the Internet and a hungry opposition stands ready to replace him. How does he answer to both sides? Ops Lalang II?

We leave this man to work it out, and go to the man who once wore both the UMNO president hat as well as the PM hat though now wears neither, but chooses to wear a new hat, that of the ethnic warrior. It’s full reversion to the beginning of the circle he started in his political career.

He doesn’t carry the responsibility of the man who wears two hats so he feels unfettered and free to give full rein to his preference. He’s back to his once blinkered views.

Leaders like to leave the political stage in a burst of glory, but though he had left he still wants his burst of ethnic glory. Sayang saja!


  1. That old bugger thinks he is the reincarnation of Paramesware, the founder of the melaka empire

  2. What a pissed-weak attempt of an effort to criticise the man principally responsible for the politically, religiously and economically pathetic state of affairs in Malaysia today! Whatever happened to the high horse that you were cockily riding on when you were so critically dismissive of the man who has been universally acclaimed as the genius responsible for Singapore’s powerhouse status today?!?!

  3. Yesterday gone
    It never comes again

    Back then the glory
    Something good was made

    Living in the past
    Forgetting the present changes

    A leader was of yesterday
    Trying to make a new name

    Out in the cold when power gone
    A leader should recognize it is just temporary

    A leader should let go
    The time he steps down

    Yesterday gone
    It never comes again

  4. Quote: "It’s full reversion to the beginning of the circle ... "

    Life is usually like that. A man starts life as a helpless, yowling thing - has to be fed, bathed, and his ass wiped clean by someone else.

    Then he grows up and from his 30s to his 50s he is at the height of his powers.

    From the mid-60s onwards it's a gradually quickening descent to a repeat infancy, meaning he eventually ends up having to be fed by hand, he drools, he wets and messes up his pants, and he needs his ass to be cleaned up by his caretaker. Then, of course, it ends with a trip to the hole in the ground.

    Another way of seeing it is that by the time a person reaches early adulthood his views, attitudes, and values are already permanently etched in his heart and mind; and will remain so until the day he gets wrapped up in a white cloth, although along the way he may modify and adjust his demeanour to suit the prevailing situation but basically he will hold fast to his innate attitudes. So, about this fellow you, KT, are talking about - he is just revealing his true character again now that he no longer cares/needs the support/vote of the group he obviously despises.

  5. A racist till the end!His only hope of avoiding a fate like Ceaucescu,is to continue to champion the racist causes of his misguided lot!A self preservation move,no less!