Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Datuk Roast Lamb

The Malaysian Insider - Anti-Zaid blog up to down him.

Datuk Zaid Ibrahim’s detractors have set up a blog aimed at attacking the former Umno man as an “outsider” bent on destroying PKR. The blog called “Save PKR – do not allow outsiders destroy the party” at antizaid.wordpress.com saw its first entry on Saturday just as the hotly contested race kicked off with divisions nominating.

This blog was born out of the intention to save PKR from being destroyed by a person sponsored by greedy and voracious businessmen. [...]

One entry posted yesterday appeared to harp on how Zaid still trailed behind vice-president Azmin Ali, another lead contender in the deputy presidency race, in his tally of nominations from the divisions. It claimed that the nominations tally showed that members still loved the party.

I cannot help laughing when I read the statement “a blog aimed at attacking the former Umno man as an ‘outsider’ bent on destroying PKR”.

Who do you think these detractors are or were? Wakakaka.

Not that I want to take sides but at least Zaid came into PKR after he had resigned from his position as a minister – how many in PKR can say that?

Then I became attracted to the accusation “…sponsored by greedy and voracious businessmen.”

Have you eaten roast lamb?

Now if you think kaytee has done a non sequitur, I raise the ‘roast lamb’ bit because it may explain who one of this ‘greedy and voracious businessmen’ (not my words but those of PKR) could be.

Once upon a time a Datuk sponsored two roast lambs at a bloggers’ event. It was around that time I came to know my dear Penang friends Susan Loone and Lucia Lai, and also Howsy, Chris Chew, Jamal, and an interesting lady called Jed Yoong ;-)

Wow, sure takes me back quite a fair bit.

That generous bloke became known as Datuk Roast Lamb wakakaka.

I was then new to the bloggers’ world and politics, and was informed that Datuk Roast Lamb was (perhaps still is) a strong supporter of He-who-walks-on-water (though today his heels are a wee wet wakakaka).

One night I heard on the grapevine that the Knight of the Roast Lamb, yes our Le Chevalier de L'agneau de Rôti wakakaka, was attempting to arrange a reconciliation reunion between two people who once were seen as father and son but who subsequently became bitter enemies.

Apparently the Datuk is now not seen as the confidante of He-who-walks-on-water, as he has assumed the role of a ‘greedy and voracious businessman’.

I hate to say this because you guys will blame me for attacking He-who-walks-on-water again. That bloke (He-who-walks-on-water) should have done something to stop this nonsense of a PKR blog set up to attack a PKR leader, but then he has been notoriously known to overly favour his blue eyed boy. Don’t believe me? Just ask Nallakarupan who was instructed not to contest a VP position in PKR so as to enable blue-eyed boy to waltz in.

That’s why PKR is so f* up by this group of former UMNO blokes.

And confidentially speaking, I suspect that may be why DAP and PAS are playing footsies with each other beneath the Pakatan table, much to sweetie Helen Ang’s consternation wakakaka because they cannot depend on PKR to play the bridging role if Anwar Ibrahim were to be removed from the political landscape.


  1. As a regular reader of those pro-Umno blogs, it is noted that those bloggers regularly and contemptuously dismiss PKR people as dumbos, clowns and bozos. PKR members should take note of that and stop giving these bloggers more reasons to diss them.

    Furthermore, some of these pro-Umno bloggers also like to point out that the Blue-eyed Princeling has that "jambu" and cute look - just like that Sigh-Full fella, they said! One can imagine them arching their eyebrow wickedly and suggestively, when they said this.

  2. Zaid Ibrahim is a principled man of high honor ,integrity and righteousness.
    The fact that he resigned his senior ministerial post to protest the abuse of human rights in Malaysia showed that he is not self-centred and corrupted.

    This is the kind of leaders which PR and the nation badly needed.

  3. Zaid will soon be walking in the boulevard of broken dreams.
    He does not take kindly to losing.
    He will leave PKR.

  4. This post is 2 days old.
    Here, there`s something for you to whip the evil zionists,Jews with.



  5. a year ago in perak an umNO frog hopped to PR ....then took 3 toads with him to bn ....sighs !!

  6. He-Who-Walks-on-Land10:33 pm, September 23, 2010

    He-Who-Walks-on-Water can't do much. Even Jesus (who walked on water) died on the cross, leaving the sinful world behind him. Meanwhile, UMNO is trying their best to give He-Who-Walks-on-Water the Jesus treatment, courtesy of Saiful's a___hole, thus unwittingly giving their game away, and ensuring that they will lose the next election.