Friday, September 17, 2010

'Hearts with hair' at Banting

Tonight I skip politics and Harry Lee Kuan Yew and instead go over to Hairy hearts, to make a mention of the horrendous cases of cold blooded murder in Banting.

One phrase jumps at me – sim snair mor.

In Penang Hokkien it means literally ‘the heart grows hair’ or more appropriately ‘the heart with hair’, a Chinese idiom meaning the owner of the heart has no moral qualms or conscience, implying he is totally ruthless and evil, and of course 'cold bloodedly monstrous'.

In Australia, the most horrendous series of murders was known as the Backpacker murders or sometimes the Belanglo Forest murders, where the crimes were committed. But the culprit was a serial killer, a psychotic murderer targeting backpackers or hitch-hikers.

From reports thus far, mostly by the Star Online, the Banting murders seem to be about unscrupulous profiteering.

And it’s not about a sole murderer but a group of murders.

It’s the most horrific series of murders (yet to be proven of course) I have heard ever committed in Malaya.

That’s all, because words fail me by this stage.


  1. It is most worrying that so many missing persons reports had been made to the Banting police and yet nothing had been done.

    I propose that lawyers need to apply for annual renewal of their licences in order to practise and a Bar Council website be set up so that any misdeed of the lawyers can be communicated to the people in charge

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  4. wonder how much NFA files are there in an average police station?