Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Will UMNO jilt MCA and woo DAP?

A couple of weeks ago, noted UMNO blogger (one of the rare sane versions) Sakmongkol AK47 wrote that neither the MCA nor the Gerakan Party has any more credibility with Chinese Malaysians [I am paraphrasing Sakmongkol’s words to the best of my memory].

What Sakmongkol didn’t mention of course was that these two Chinese-based parties lost their credibility with the community they claimed to represent for two main (and related) reasons, namely, their passivity and/or timidity in the face of UMNO aggressive accusations and ethnocentric abuses against the Chinese (pre and post 2008 general election) and their preference to preserve their self interests ahead of those of the Chinese community by remaining silent.

One has now crawled out to support Najib assert how magnificently he and the Chinese have benefitted from the NEP – hullooooo, were you speaking for us, those you no doubt considered as the hoi polloi?

Well, why don’t you f* read the story of Loo Moy Shan which I blogged on in June 2005 in a post titled
The Lotus Will Not Bloom For One Man and then come tell us again that Chinese like Loo and his daughters have 'benefitted' from the NEP.

Sakmongkol advised UMNO to dump MCA and the Gerakan and engage with DAP as a far more productive venture for its (UMNO’s) political future.

Ironically, this was what Lee Kuan Yew was angling for when Singapore was part of Malaysia in the new Federation’s early days. Lee wanted the PAP to replace MCA as the Chinese component of Tunku Abdul Rahman’s Perikatan (Alliance Party), but Tunku would have none of that. Tunku was of old world charm where courtesy and loyalty to friends such as MCA leaders mattered very much to his personal values. Compare Tunku’s values to those of contemporary UMNO leaders like Muhyiddin Yassin.

Mind you, not that we (independently of Sakmongkol's views) weren’t aware of the pathetic situation the MCA and Gerakan are in, but nevertheless today proves the first part of Sakmongkol’s words in a poll survey that must have dismayed, demoralized and destroyed Chua Soi Lek and the MCA.

Glump gloomy Godzilla – The Malaysian Insider reported that according to a Merdeka Centre survey,
only 9% of Chinese Malaysians consider Chua Soi Lek as a capable leader (of the Chinese community).

And I’ll be merciful and compassionate to my Penang larng Koh Tsu Koon, president of Gerakan and world renowned ‘Headmaster for Report Cards’ for Najib. His leadership rating is best kept a national secret because relatively it would make Chua look so popular (Reminder: ‘relatively' of course wakakaka) that some may be mistaken into believing Chua is the Nelson Mandela of Malaysia [with apologies to the real one in South Africa] ;-).

The second part of Sakmongkol’s advice, for UMNO to engage with DAP, remains on the surface doubtful but as they say, everything in politics is possible. Necessity is the mum of all inventions, and the greatest necessity of all that’s now facing UMNO is no doubt its political survival, namely, to remain as the ruling party after the next election.

Watch out for signs that the federal (UMNO) government is showing chumminess to Lim Guan Eng’s state government, like Najib putting his arm around Guan Eng's shoulders or Rosmah serenading Lim Kit Siang with her fave Chinese song,
The moon represents my heart wakakaka.

But I can’t say what the DAP will do should that happen – ask Dr Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, who knows everything including telling Malaysian citizens to bugger off from Malaysia wakakaka.


  1. You may be interested in what Gerakan says here. Looks like they are also gearing up to get non-Malay support. See http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/140201
    'Open tenders will benefit, not erode, Malay interests'Aug 16, 10 3:45pmShare 20
    Open tenders by the government for the sale of strategic land would not erode Malay interests, says Kedah Gerakan Youth.

    On the contrary, the proposed open tender for such sales would benefit Malays and other Malaysians by ensuring that only those with the capability would win the bids, said the state Gerakan's wing chief Tan Keng Liang (left).

    Tan described as “unfortunate” Perkasa's lack of support for the open tender proposal by the government.

    “Perkasa must understand that open tender will maximize the government's revenue for the benefit of all Malaysians. It will ensure that only those with merits, including the Malays, would win the open tender,” said Tan in a statement.

    Tan was responding to remarks by Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali, who yesterday said open tenders for the sale of strategic land could erode "the little remaining assets owned the Malays and bumiputeras,”

    Ibrahim Ali, who is also an independent parliamentarian for Pasir Mas, said his group would object any move to implement the proposal for open tenders.

    Tan pointed out that Article 89 of the federal constitution already provides for the protection of Malay reserve lands.

    “Each state in our country also has their respective law to prohibit the sale of Malay reserve lands to non-Malays.

    “As such, the interest of Malays in the land of our country had always been protected by the federal constitution and could not be eroded by a mere open tender,” said Tan.

    Besides that, he added, an open tender process would not exclude the participation of the Malays and bumiputras.

    On the contrary, such open tender process would ensure that all capable Malays would be given a chance to win the open tender process.

    “The allegation of only the few privileged 'Malay' being awarded government projects would no longer arise,” he added.

    The Pasir Mas MP had also called yesterday on government-linked companies PNB and Uda Holdings Sdn Bhd to take into account the interest of Malays and bumiputeras in the development of strategic land especially in the golden triangle near KLCC, Langgak Golf, Stadium Negara, Stadium Merdeka and the former Pudu Prison site in Kuala Lumpur.

    He further called on the government to ensure that the Malays would benefit from the development projects in Sungai Buloh, Sungai Besi and in 118 other projects which involved the Malays and bumiputeras.

    He urged also the Malay Consultative Council to convene an "emergency roundtable" on Aug 29 in the wake of the 13-point declaration at the Chinese Economic Congress organised by the MCA which, among others, called for the gradual removal of the 30 percent bumiputera equity and the implementation of open tender policy.

  2. what is your call on Gerakan? Leaving BN too?

  3. It might be a good idea for the smaller parties like Gerakan or PPP to just disband if they are no longer relevant rather to suffer the ignominy of "being buried alive" in whatever elections to come. If they think they can survive on their own then just leave BN.

  4. I wonder what Koh Tsu Koon is giving CSL for his KPI?
    I would venture it to be a perfect 10.
    New broom sweeps clean man. Tarik harga some more.
    After quarelling with Hishamuddin over the 30 per cent quota, he's taking on Muhyiddin for bringing May 13 into the debate.
    As I said in many blogs, Muhyiddin has to do the dirty job of damage control for the Malays and UMNO.
    Give chance la to my fave man CSL, after all I was a cheer-leader for him during the MCA battle.
    He wants to make MCA relevantla.
    Manyak susah mau lawan itu DAP lor. Gotta try harder Uncle Chua.
    How about getting out of BN?

  5. Frankly I don't give a damn of what Tan Keng Liang says so long that he doesn't open his comment to others to criticise.....Who the fuck is he to criticise about kedah state government when he himself can't open to criticism. Enough of that bastard

    PAP does not wanna replace MCA as the chinese component. LKY wanted to replace MCA as the urban/semi urban component party. That piss Tunku off. Tunku care less about MCA. Remember how Tunku armtwist MCA into accepting less than 1/3 of the contested seats.....Out go Lim Chong Eu, the former president of MCA.
    LKY has mentioned very clearly in his memoir. Tunku is interested in winning. Hence, his foray in malay majority constituencies in Singapore ended in disaster.
    The only thing is Tunku play by the rules. Just like LKY. Not so for Najib's daddy. It got worst when it comes to Mahathir/Daim & the whole lot.
    Reconciliation of DAP into BN fold. You might as well as ask LKY to be the PM of Malaysia. Everybody knows LKY has a hand in Brunei. That masterly snatching of 2 blocks for Brunei Sultan. Hahahaha!

  6. Aiya WTF is Dr Ridhuan Tee Abdullah ?

    Is this bugger a Chinese or a Malay ?

    His doctorate degree genuine or not ?

  7. Ktemoc wrote: Koh Tsu Koon's (president of Gerakan and world renowned ‘Headmaster for Report Cards’ for Najib) leadership rating is best kept a national secret because relatively it would make Chua look so popular.

    Absolooootely right, KT, you MUST NEVER reveal it because doing so will violate the Official Secrets Act as the revelation is potentially so explosive, comparable to a constipated elephant farting, that the whole nation will be shaken to the core.


  8. I think Dr Chua took the wrong medication and starts talking as if he is Karpal Singh.
    Be careful Dr Chua , umno can get nasty.They can instruct PIG Musang to arrest you and the charge will be engaging in cunnilingus and fellatio.
    In Malaysia , licking your sex partner's genitalia is a jailable offense.

  9. How about Saiful serenading Anwar with his fave Chinese song, "The arse represents my heart"?

  10. looes74, while I admire LKY (but not completely), I opine his memoirs (read the 2 volumes) are in some ways self serving. Why do I say this? Because one day while in a bookshop I cross-checked some of his statements in his memoirs which mentioned/involved a former British PM (I think it might have been James Callaghan) with the memoirs of that British PM - saw the Brit's memoirs on the shop's bookselves and went to the index to hunt for LKY wakakaka.

    Hmmm, his claims (in his memoirs) weren't echoed to the same glowering extent by the Brit ;-).

    So who do we believe? What we did to do instead is to be mindful that memoirs or autobiographies of whoever would always be self serving!

    My uncles who were observers at that time told me that LKY was pushing for PAP to replace MCA, because LKY wanted to be part of the cabinet, perhaps dreaming of steering the new Malaysia. He had and still has quite a big ego.

  11. typo in "What we did to do instead is to be mindful that ..."

    should have been written as "What we need to do instead is to be mindful that ..."

  12. looes74,
    we have to see what the person say before condemning him.
    I think what Tan Keng Liang says make sense and he supports the open tenders system. That to me is worthy of a praise. Good for gerakan.

  13. Anonymous (9:22pm,Aug17), actually it would be better for the smaller parties like Gerakan & PPP to just apologize to their respective founders and then "bury themselves alive". Office boys and mat dispatch will not be accepted as leaders of this country.
    That Tan fella of Gerakan is just repeating what the opposition has been saying since Mahathir's days - nothing new and ground shaking. So why should we lend him our ears?

  14. It is sad to see how the opposition have change so much after taking power in 4 states. Just see what happen in Selangor. Last time, the old leaders in opposition always lobby for the practice of open tender. Now, the new people in Selangor like to use letter of support. What the hell is happening? The credibility is lost.
    It is good from time to time for someone to voice out a reminder for the use of Open Tender.
    Tan maybe from Gerakan. But it serves as a reminder to those people in opposition!

  15. But Tan is the opposition in Kedah and Selangor !!!!

  16. so what if Tan is in the opposition in Kedah & Selangor or Penang? At least he is talking with principles. Old Guard is right that old time DAP leaders is gone. The new leaders in DAP got no principles. Just see what happening in Selangor!

  17. Ktemoc, do you agree with the call by Gerakan's Tan for open tender?

  18. Sorry James,
    I don't give a hoot of what that little prick say. If I wanna know something from Gerakan, I might else well check up Dr Hsu. Better still Dr Tan Tee Kwong

    Like it or not, that's his memoir. Second, unlike Mahathir, better make sure you get your facts ready while dealing with him.
    By the way, James Callaghan, ahem! Kindly use a better UK PM. I don't mind if you use Harold Wilson. Then again, under his care, UK Pound Sterling plunged. I do wonder why it does not plunge in 1999?
    You must understand for LKY, Singapore interest comes first. Heck, his title then was Prime Minister of Singapore. If you really read the situation far carefully, there are 4 equal entity....Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak & Sabah.
    You are right that LKY was damned ambitious....To replace MCA, ahem, that's too cheap for him. He call MCA especially Tan Siew Sin CASTRATED Enunchs. Ahem, according to your logic, LKY wanna cut off.....ahem.....
    As much as I have respects to your uncle, I would rather believe another school of thought that LKY & co is heading for a collision course with Malaysia. The revered Goh Keng Swee was not very happy of Tan Siew Sin heavy handed in dealing with the Singapore government. Hey, that's exactly what Khalid or even LGE is going through.

    As for Kelantan dinar's venture, give them some slacks. The state government needed some form of independence from federal government. Especially when there is a gold mine in Kelantan.
    Dinar is a good thing. I bet LGE would go in a big way if one gold mine is discovered in Penang

    P.S : Khalid must read LKY's memoir....The only way to tui lam the federal government. Frankly, if federalism doesn't work, might as well split up

  19. loose74,
    no one interested in what you say. You are unable to think with your head.

    Please let Ktemoc answer whether he agree with Gerakan's Tan keng Liang call for open tender to remain!