Saturday, August 14, 2010

The horror of Musa Hassan continuing as IGP

In The Malaysian Insider we read that Lim Kit Siang has called for a referendum on the IGP's extension, following strong speculations that the Najib Administration will (I’m utterly gobsmack-ed f*) renew Musa Hassan’s contract, yet again.

For that to happen, as we fear it will, would be the absolute f* pits for many Malaysians! It’s the most demoralizing piece of news to hit us in recent times, just when we believe we would be rid of Musa Hassan once and for all.

This man is so tainted with the worst forms of allegations that it staggers me the government still wants him to remain as IGP - and alas, allegations they have to remain (at least for now) for the reason he as UMNO’s IGP would never be investigated other than by those parties who will and had cleared him – recall MACC clearing him, and the Police clearing MACC - cosy, no wonder Parliament under the leadership of and insistence from UMNO had reduced the sentence terms for incest – see my August 2009’s post
Lawmakers too easy on incest!

An official who is in a special position of high trust, like the nation’s IGP, must not only be ‘clean’ but be seen as snow-white ‘clean’. Regardless of the validity of those allegations against him, there is no good reason to retain this man who had demonstrated thuggish insubordination to the government, and thus against the will of the people.

In an earlier posting
Hishamuddin must now sack the IGP!, I noted that Malaysiakini reported the IGP defiantly and unbelievably declared: We can pull cops off the streets if that's what you want following public criticisms over the reckless unjustified police shooting which killed 14-year-old Aminulrasyid Amzah.

I had then written that his unacceptable statement tells everything about the puerile ‘blackmailing’ mentality of the Malaysian police chief.

It’s utterly pathetic that an IGP would resort to childish petulant sulking nonsense. The tax-paying public doesn’t have to take this unacceptable rubbish from this public servant. He’s not entitled to do any of that. The police force is not his private property, to hold as ransom over the heads of the true employer, the Malaysian public.

For too long the Home Minister (one after another) has been negligent or cowardly for not taking firm steps against such rebellious threats from a police chief.

In 2006 the previous IGP, Mohd Bakri Omar, had threatened retaliation against AAB’s agreement to establish the IPCMC.

AAB did nothing against that IGP's threat for police to work-to-rule and resign en bloc if the IPCMC was established!

Sorry, my bad – in fact AAB did something - he obeyed that IGP by not establishing the IPCMC, when he should have sacked that blackmailing bastard.

See also my previous posts
GANG WAR? - but within Police Force and AAB - keep your eyes on Police.

Meanwhile in a Malaysiakini report, a frustrated and equally gobsmack-ed f* Lim Kit Siang has demanded a referendum on whether Malaysians want Musa Hassan to continue as IGP.

We shouldn’t dream of that, a federal referendum, happening at all, not when a decision has to be made soon as Musa Hassan’s term as IGP ends next month. Furthermore, why in the world would UMNO hold a referendum to work against their (speculated) intention to extend Musa Hassan's contract.

But there is a danger that the Najib Administration may take up Lim’s alternative proposal, for the referendum to be held only among the Police’s 2000 senior officers, because UMNO and its pro-UMNO police cabal will conjure up a favourable outcome for Musa Hassan.

And why wouldn’t this be possible when they had easily conjure up a so-called suicide note recently, 10 months after Teoh Beng Hock was buried, 'coincidentally' just when Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand is due to present her expert testimony to the Judicial Inquest on Teoh's death.

Additionally, when you have the worst performing IGP in Malaysian history with crime rates shooting through the roof (affecting UMNO members and their families as well), you would, nay, should be excused for wondering why his contract may be extended, again and again.

Could it be:

(a) There is no other talent among the senior police echelon?
(b) UMNO (the party, not the government) needs him and only him for their next 'battle'?
(c) or more likely, he has a death grip on someone's balls?

On 22 January 2008, one and a half months before the political tsunami that swept Malaysia, I posted
Why we are angry? where I concluded as to the cause of our bad UMNO-led government:

In the end, the unmitigated feral avarice of politicians, and their sickening examples to public servants on how to become rich el pronto, is the root cause. Many politicians in the ruling party and even a few in the opposition would not survive a proper test of reconciling their style of living with their declared income.

Vote wisely.

And we did on 08 March 2008.

Louis Dembitz Brandeis said: Our government teaches the whole people by its example. If the government becomes the lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man [including the police] to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.

If the UMNO-led government extends the contract of Musa Hassan again, it’s more than ample reason, yes, even for BN members, to vote against the BN in the coming general election, that is, if you want your families to be safe and protected by a police force (one we used to have) under clean and exceptional leadership.

(1) IGP - ‘Thou shalt not question me’
(2) Extending IGP's contract will be a crime!


  1. The city streets of Malaysia
    Cars jam smoke in your eyes
    The crowded roads jamming with illegals
    The safety environment slowly disappears

    Ling Liong Sik always uses to say
    When the fish rots in the head
    Every thing down to its tail smelling bad
    So we have in the police, judiciary and politicians...

    The police head has rotten
    The crime rates rising high
    The Ah Longs running free
    The police deaths increase

    So don't go to prison
    The chances are in the statistics
    Saw the film “Freedom Cry”
    The unbelievable excuses

    'Suicide by hanging
    Death by falling
    Don't know how a prisoner died”
    It sounds so familiar in our prisons

    It was reported
    253 complaints filed on IGP
    Even under Dato Ramli case he lied
    As the judge ruled on Ramli's trial

    The IGP should retire
    He got his extension now he should go
    Maybe the empire can't find the leak
    So he will stay holding the leaders' balls?

    So many bad publicity under his watch
    No officers suspended for “rowdy cowboys”
    Guns draw in the T-junctions
    Always the similar line “robbers or thugs open fire”

    Time to let him go
    Of his watch a time to investigate
    Of the police reports on the head
    “There is smoke with fire”

  2. IGP has a death-grip on Najib's balls.
    We all know why, but some won't admit it.

  3. anon 11.47pm

    kt wouldnt bite it. its all smoke but no fire aint it.
    IGP also has abdullah's balls on scomi's nuclear parts?
    hey, msia politicians will make a good hollywood movie. dan brown, care to research and write a thriller?