Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Teoh's last note - why only 10 months later?

There’s a very good reason why the police investigator ‘found’ a note, allegedly a suicide note as asserted by our remarkable world renowned Attorney General (AG), two months after Teoh’s mysterious death on the eve of his wedding when he had just a short while prior to his interrogation by MACC and subsequent death, phoned his best man to remind the latter of the important event the following day.

Strange as it may seem, that MACC had correctly claimed Teoh committed suicide immediately following the poor man’s death, two months BEFORE the suicide note ('suicide' as alleged by the AG) was fantastically discovered from Teoh’s sling bag, probably from a very secret compartment hitherto unbeknownst to police, MACC and even Dan Brown or for that matter, RPK.

We were aware that there had been accusations by MACC and police that Teoh revealed the corruption of his boss, Selangor DAP chief Ean Yong Hian Wah to the MACC, an action apparently so stressful that Teoh forgot about his wedding in order to seek relief in the Netherworld.

And we know that immediately after his death, his belongings, laptop and underwear were all diligently, scrupulously and carefully sifted for evidence of the DAP’s wrongdoings, though (perhaps due to the secret compartment in his bag) nothing incriminating was found.

But more significant than the wondrous timely discovery of a suicide note ('suicide' according to the AG) two months after Teoh’s had purportedly committed suicide (according to the AG) was the AG withholding such an important piece of evidence from the coroner’s court until now, 10 months after it was found.

The AG claimed he wanted to do the job for the coroner, namely in proving the authenticity of the note. Don't we just love the AG for such diligence, always so helpful, so thoughtful, so law abiding that surely we cannot help but scream, screech and shriek out of pride for our No 1 Law Officer. He deserves the Nobel Prize for Chemistry!

10 months after its discovery! Of course we all know that time is important and necessary to ‘prepare’ proper evidence – ask Colin Powell about the importance of preparation when he as US Secretary of State presented ‘evidence’ of Saddam Hussein’s illicit and dangerous WMD programs to the UN Security Council. He (Gani Patail, not f* Powell) deserves the Nobel Prize for Literature!

Then more gratitude would be due to some for the discovery of this vital piece of now-authenticated (by the wonderful AG) piece of evidence – it had been none other than UMNO Senator Ezam who alerted the authorities to it; he heard it from pro UMNO blogs – it’s just marvelous that UMNO bloggers and Senator Ezam had chipped in to support discovery of evidence even before the coroner’s court and the lawyer for the Teoh’s family had known about it. These are Towering Malaysians.

But in the midst fo accolades and gratitude expressed, I do have a complaint against the journalists who AGAIN misquoted that wonderful man, Mr Abdul Gani Patail, the world renowned Malaysian AG. They incorrectly quoted him saying he was briefed by the investigation officer (IO) that he (Ahmad Nazri the IO) conducted a thorough search after being advised by a psychiatrist that, ordinarily, a note would be left in a suicide case.

There’s one observation and one error in that quote:

Observation“… ordinarily, a note would be left in a suicide case.”

I cannot help but applaud the incredibly unerring accuracy and prescience of the IO and psychiatrist that Teoh’s death was a ‘suicide case’, an important advice which then motivated the IO to search more vigorously for a note which would ‘ordinarily’ be left behind to help police investigation, and indeed it had been such valuable advice that stimulated the IO into (I presume) discovering the secret compartment in Teoh’s sling bag which brought forth the note, alleged by the AG as a suicide note.

The note apparently reflected Teoh’s grief for revealing his boss’ naughtiness to the MACC (as correctly claimed by the MACC one year ago – they have been so accurate that I am going to see them for Empat Ekor forecast) though I am still puzzled why the MACC haven't been all over Ean Yong Hian Wah to finish him off – maybe the MACC officers are compassionate people? Well, they may deserve nomination for the Nobel Prize for Peace!

Noted Error/Misquote – “…after being advised by a psychiatrist that, ordinarily, a note would be left …”

The AG didn’t say ‘psychiatrist’ but ‘psychic’. Yes, the IO was advised by a psychic that the late Teoh Beng Hock had left a note in his sling bag for them, two months after he was interred. Bloody journalists should get their facts right and stop misquoting our wonderful AG.

Now what was it I said in my initial sentence in this post?

Oh yes, There’s a very good reason why police investigator ‘found’ a note, allegedly a suicide note as asserted by our remarkable world renowned Attorney General (AG), two months after Teoh’s mysterious death …” and why the AG had hung on to it for ten months.

We have to blame Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand who is due to present her expert testimony this month, that Teoh Beng Hock was subjected to strangulation prior to his death fall.

All this psychic stuff wouldn’t have been necessary if that Thai woman wasn’t coming or wasn't so expertly and fearlessly truthful.

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  1. Happy holidays. Missed ya.

    Haha, this confirmed my belief from day one Teoh killed himself.
    So case closed.
    It's time to apologise to MACC for being blamed as the cause of his death.

  2. TBH's bag must have been the size of a railway station the way they missed the "psychichly found suicide note" first time around.

    You may recall another instance of psychic ability in the TBH case. A doctor testified that unidentified DNA could have been from blood left on the post mortem bed by a previous corpse. And Viola! When they went back and checked that's was exactly as the Govt witness doc predicted!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  3. A very good chop chop, be it lamb chop, chicken chop or pork chop.

  4. Discovered--- TBH's secret bank account in Switzerland loaded with USD 500 billion! The richest man in Asia!

  5. you tink so easssy to write a suicide note ah ? ....some may take years ....10 months is a record !!

  6. So that the Thai doctor will change
    her mind !

  7. Afraid of the ghosts
    The Lost Souls Day
    The August the prosperous light
    The dead release to roam the streets

    A leopard can't change its spots
    It is true with what we had read
    Cases of doubts in high profiles
    Even judges allegedly trying to help

    Out of the blue
    The new evidence to discredit
    The year long testimonies
    Telling us the leopard never changes

    Sitting on it
    Finally it seems to work
    Only for a while
    To show the leopard colours

    The Almighty Lord work
    To get the truth out of the closet
    Now we watch and read
    What story it is going to spin

    p/s Go chop chop
    Front chop back chop
    Back alley chop until sun drops

  8. Saudara KT,

    Berbagai interpetasi boleh dibuat mengenai kenapa nota sucide mendiang TBH lambat dikemukakan. Interpetasi boleh dibuat berdasarkan pandangan peribadi masing-masing atau pegangan politik sipemberi pendapat.

    Macam cerita tujuh orang buta yang memberi pendapat mengenai gajah. Orang buta yang terpegang ekor gajah mengatakan gajah macam tali. Yang terpegang badan gajah mengatakan gajah seperti dinding. Begitulah seterusnya.

    Saya berpendapat molek benar nota yang diperkatakan disiasat sejauh mana kebenarannya. Betulkah ianya ditulis oleh mendiang TBH. Mungkin boleh dipanggil pakar-pakar luar negera yang berkecuali supaya dapatan siasatan tidak diragui oleh mana-mana pihak.

    Tujuan kita pun hendak mencari kebebaran. Saya yakin kebatilan akan terbukti juga akhirnya.

    Warga Setia

  9. Dear ktemoc

    This so-called "suicide note" from Teoh Beng Hock only increases my contempt for the rotten ruling regime. It also further strengthens my resolve to work harder for real change in Malaysia!

    Phua Kai Lit

  10. buttercup,

    you have a father?

    no, bastards like Gani and you will make good company, aint it.Go fuck your own mother. Gani will surely join you, no worries.

    and surely you are no father. if you are,surely your kid will commit suicide just like Teoh.

  11. Firstly, @ Anon of 11:02 PM, August 11, while I understand your anger at and disgust with the AG's questionable handling of the so-called evidence and Buttercup's personal view on TBH's death, I don't your ad hominen vilifications against Buttercup. Please don't forget that this blog's aim is to be: "A meeting place to exchange views, no matter how different or diverse these may be. Keeping these civil and courteous would be appreciated". Thanks matey ;-)

    Yang berikut, untuk Warga Setia, tindakan AG dianggap oleh kaum peguam sebagai tindakan 'liar' oleh kerana nota sucide (sebab 'suicide' hnaya mengikut pendapat AG sendiri) mendiang TBH tidak diserahkan kpd mahkamah inkues dengan segara, bahkan di simpan buat 10 bulan selepas 'terjumpa'nya, maka authentisiti nota ini dah terancam. Memang kesalahan memproseskan 'bukti' tsb atau kesengajaan tindakan tsb terletak kpd AG - itulah sebab kemarahan kaum peguam maupun rakyat, yg membawa pertanyaan: apakah tujuan sebenar AG?

  12. Anon 12.09

    KT says it all. He's ticked you off. Enough.
    Don't have to shout obscentiies to vent your anger.
    Yep all points to a conclusion he committed suicide.
    A man more important dead than alive. Malaysia's hero.
    His bastard son got a legalized birth certificate.
    His family can hold an anniversary memoriam at Plaza Masalam, a Govt Complex
    Think. How can a normal person get such kind treatment from the goverbment.
    It's because of the intense pressure from you all Chinkies.
    It all boils down to race. If Teoh is a Malay, his death will be insignificant and will be treated as disgusting. His death will be in vain.
    Again a sad case of misplaced heroes.

  13. Welcome back ... hope you've had an enjoyable holiday or a bountiful business trip ... whatever!

    Nice to see you back in avenging angel mode and going after the depraved demons with a wooden stake in hand ready to drive it through their black, evil, little hearts. ;-)


  14. Thanks Sherwood.

    As for you Buttercup, you are "remarkable" - there I was, just advising/counselling Anon not to use personalised vilifications against you, and like a wonder you returned here to call Teoh's son a bastard (in whose eyes? God's?) and derogatorily called Chinese Malaysians 'chinkies'.

    Incidentally have you considered the reality that the government has been "nice" to Teoh's family because he, supposedly only a witness but interrogated through the unholy hours of the night, died under mysterious circumstances in MACC's care, as did Udayappan and Kugan in Police hands?

    Yes, Teoh was not a Malay, but wasn't Aminulrasyid one? Think about that before you accuse the Chinese of pressuring the government. It's about justice, whether for Teoh or Aminulrasyid.

  15. Dear ktemoc

    Remember what Sigmund Freud said about defense mechanisms?
    Such as "projection"? People who are racist automatically think that others are just like them and make accusations accordingly.

    Similarly, those who are corrupt think that everyone else can be bribed or bought with money.
    They never learn, do they?

    Phua Kai Lit

  16. KT

    Sorry for the B word. I do pity the poor innocent hild.
    My heart also goes out for Teoh's parents and family.
    What I am trying to point out is the Government bending itself backwards (after pressure by MCA) in giving the BC with a legalized dad name.
    I have a friend (a Malay) who is considered illegitimate as his parents are unwed.
    In the nama bapa in the BC, its said tiada nama though the parents are married before the child was born.
    See how the family carried the stigma of being illegitimate in a Muslim society.
    And it's wrong to accuse MACC pushed Teoh.
    I am more suspicious of the people whose names Teoh will tittle-tattle.
    Also Teoh looks nervous.
    There were so many people being interrogated before this but never did this happened before.

  17. In tamil there is a saying that if you tell the truth you boss can ask you only one question. Why did you tell the truth? But if you hide the truth you have to look for more truth to cover the truth. So as we go along more truth will come out of MACC.Rama

  18. The 'psychic'/‘psychiatrist’ could only have been minister in the PM's Dept, Mohd.Nazri Abd Aziz. Barely hours after the body was discovered, he had already declared that it was ‘suicide'. And you know why it took 2 mths for his proclamation to reach the IO - Nazri did not use PosLaju lah!

    As to the note found, TBH must have written it prior to going to MACC. Remember, on arrival at MACC he had to surrender his handphone - surely he would also have surrendered his sling bag. Remember the sling bag was not found beside the body. Therefore he could not have written the note during/after the questioning and hidden it in his sling bag.

    Then there are those who are suspicious of the people whose names Teoh tittled-tattled. You mean to say the MACC offices is like Central Market where any 'uninvited' person(s) can walk in and walk out? Come on, be more creative and logical. And even after one year, these names have not been investigated ? Oh, I get it the MACC also not in PosLaju mode !

  19. Saiful's favourite song:
    My (butter)cup* runth over with love(juices)

    * his (butter)cup = his anus