Monday, August 16, 2010

Cheah par boe eng see boe - have you got f* all to do?

Case No 1 – Compulsory Patriotism Exercise

Ipoh mayor has achieved a first in the world, in ‘legislating’ compulsory patriotism. The Star Online reported that:

All businessmen in the city must fly the Jalur Gemilang on National Day Aug 31 and the state flag during the Sultan of Perak’s birthday on Apr 19 at their premises if their want their business licences renewed.

Ipoh Mayor Datuk Roshidi Hashim said those who failed to comply with the new regulation would also be compounded or blacklisted.

Roshidi said the regulation was part of the effort by the Ipoh City Council to inculcate patriotism among city folk, especially the business communities [...]

Chinese would say “Cheah par boe eng see boe” (have you got f* all to do?)

Case No 2 - Naming Exercise

Someone wants to rename Sibu.

“Cheah par boe eng see boe”

Case No 3 - Money Exercise

Kelantan government wants to introduce the use of the gold dinar and silver dirham. WTF for? Why introduce this distraction?

“Cheah par boe eng see boe”


  1. cina babi kau tak suka balik negeri kau lah babi

  2. Maybe these are cases of demonic possession - like, you know, Satan may have sodomised them and in the process taken possession of their bodies. That should explain their bullying and/or idiotic actions.

    If you have the time to read it, there's another good example HERE.

    It is obvious to all that there's an urgent need for an avenging angel to hammer a wooden stake into the wicked, black hearts of these Satan's Sodomites! ;-)


  3. singapore also wants to put up flagalso what, why they dont complain also....

  4. fly flag OK la, but forcing people to do so using threats of compund fines, blacklisting and deregistration?

    can patriotism be forced? are we in a communist country?

    real pariah mentality!

  5. i was flying the flag but after this 'edict' from the tuans, i think i am going to take it down....