Sunday, August 29, 2010

Muddled brain minister

In a previous post Najib Tun Razak - To be or not to be? I wrote:

… Rais Yatim frets over the heightened Machiavellian stench within UMNO and has moved swiftly to assert (and exert) his Malay-ness, as seen in his recent attacks against Chua Soi Lek for supposedly undermining the Constitution (Article 153) on the 30% equity for Malays.

Of course Rais knows that there is no such provision for 30% equity in the Constitution but who the f* cares – he was merely establishing his ‘credentials’ as an ethnic warrior in UMNO and the heartland in readiness for a possible bloodbath in the party. Hey ho UMNO, moi numero uno.

He continues to build on his Malay-ness credentials for his party as reported in Malaysiakini - Rais warns of stern action on racial slurs.

F* deafeningly silent on the various blatant statements of racism from Utusan, Perkasa, and the two notorious school principals, he now wants to take actions against Wee Meng Cheng, better known as Namewee, for producing a video about one of the principals for her seditious slurs against her school.

Rais disgusts me.


  1. This guy is the biggest 'Poh Lam Pah'there is!Nothing but a disgusting hypocrite!

  2. Hidup Pak Rais Hidup Perkasa Hidup guru besar.

  3. Isn't Rice Basi the bugger who vowed that he had burnt his bridge and would never return to Am-no while in Semangat 46 ?

  4. Investigation :

    The 2 principals - under penal code

    NameWee - under Sedition act

  5. that moron has no shame.

    he dont even believe his own thesis that gave him his Permanent Head Damage. what do you expect? afterall, his behaviour is truly in form UMNO style-fucking obnoxious.