Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Malaysian Finest, Funniest or Fuckup-est?

You know, I’m just about to go to Bangkok, and I cringe to identify myself as a Malaysian because of one moron.

You want to know who he is? If you read Malaysiakini’s 'Have you ever jumped off a building?' you will initially be flabbergasted by the most inane and stupid questions you’d ever have the misfortune to hear a Malaysian prosecutor ask in court.

Then your emotions will change as you cringe in embarrassment (malu sajalah) after realizing that idiot had asked a foreigner such moronic questions.

The scene was at the judicial inquest where renowned Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand was giving expertise evidence on the disputed cause of Teoh Beng Hock’s unexplained death after a night of interrogation by MACC ...

... mind you, Teoh was just a witness. I shudder to imagine how a suspect would have fared?

The Thing from the Swamp made a pathetic puerile attack on Dr Pornthip’s professional credential [warning: get ready to cringe in embarrassment]: "Did you know that the university that you graduated from is not recognised in Malaysia?"

Pornthip answered gently: "But it is in the top five in Asia."

Thank heavens Dr Pornthip didn’t ask: “Hey, any Malaysian university up there or close by?”

That idiot doesn’t even know that Malaysian tertiary education has become a sorry joke for the last couple of decades, yet he had the brazen effrontery to say what he disgracefully said. But then, he is a moron.

MKINI reported that the Crypt Keeper “... next had the gallery groaning in disbelief when he suggested that Teoh had strangled himself and was depressive.”

When challenged by Gobind Deo, the fool actually attempted to demonstrate the art of self strangulation - wow, what a Towering Malaysian. So dont worry Tun, all's well with your concerns.

Read the following MKINI report to wonder where he crawled out from with his law degree, when he accused Dr Pornthip that: ... her report was "based on her imagination". In an effort to make his point, he asked if Pornthip has any experience jumping off a building.

Zillion of eyes must have at this moment rolled towards heaven, imploring the respective gods for salvation, from the fool.

And at this advance stage of gross imbecilic questioning by the prosecutor, Malik Imtiaz Sarwar who represented Pornthip and the Selangor government made the required rescue. He stood up to say: “With questions like these, we would all want to jump off a building.”

Indeed, and well said Malik!

But this one takes the cake – an indictment on our educational system and public service recruitment standards. The Ghoulish Goliath of Gonnawanna averred to Dr Pornthip: "If (Teoh) was unconscious, his body would be heavier."

Holy Newton, Archimedes and the Deva of Gravity! Everyone in court cringed, crumbled and cried for Malaysia.

I hope that ethnic hero Jabba the Hutt, another one called Dr DNA-Denier, the Director of BTN and Gonnabe Partial the Magician (producer of magic letter) have read or are reading what had transpired at the judicial inquest.

If they haven’t, don’t wory – it’ll be all over the Thai media, on how Dr Pornthip had to endure a marathon moronic-thon in a Malaysian court.

Now, do you know why I'll be cringing to identify myself as a Malaysian in Bangkok.


  1. Really. This fellas must be put to sleep permanently. The sooner the better.

  2. According to the Star:

    " ... Dr Porthip then retorted that it was among the top five universities in Asia, and told Abdul Razak not to look down on Asians."

  3. Also according to malaysianinsider

    "...Abdul Razak also did not seem to grasp the difference between being unconscious and being dead.

    He pointed out to Dr Pornthip that she had earlier testified that Teoh was alive at the time of the fall, to which she agreed.

    “I agree he was alive, I never said he was dead,” she said.

    Coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas had to explain to Abdul Razak that the issue was about Teoh’s state of consciousness."

  4. most if not all doctors in thailand do their first degree in mahidol university (the university is named after the father of the current king)and someone has questioned its status! silly! you may discredit pornthip but the university! that's a towering Malaysian.

  5. I dont trust Ms Porn because she keeps changing her statements.
    Luckily she is not in Anwar's case.
    If not, Anwar and his battery of lawyers will ask her to be disqualified.
    The MACC won't do it because they do want want a delay in justice.

  6. Hi Buttercup

    You are saying that Dr Pornthip has no credibility?

    Look at yourself in the mirror first. Do YOU have any credibility after calling fellow Malaysians of Chinese ancestry "chingkies" in your recent racist outburst?

    Phua Kai Lit

  7. Phua,
    That Buttercup has forgotten to read this link

    Plus, I would recommend Buttercup not to mess with Thai. Some idoitic clown insinuating that Porntip graduates from the university not recognised......I suggest Buttercup should not even set foot in Thailand.....Do you know Mahidol's the father of King of Thailand.....I love to see Buttercup to be incarcerated in Thai prison for lese majeste.....Along with Rocky Bru....The Thais don't care if Buttercup is an ang moh or his/her/its beep "ang".....These folks hauled into prison for years

  8. hi you guys,

    that buttercup is of the same pedigree as the moron razak. so dont bother. what do you expect with retards educated and groomed under kutty kerala mamakism malay dominance policies? you expect genuises or retards with intelligence as shallow as puddle of water to multiply? common on dont be idealistic. the qualities,if there any, of Razak type to prevail i numbers are to be expected, isnt it? remember the 5-year erection minister and no-believe thesis Phd minister? goodness gracious. I i am an UMNOputra, i have to find a place to hide my face.

  9. MALAYSIA is a democratic nation, a brainless worm could become a lawyer. He is a lawyer representing one of our government agencies. Alamak.

  10. Abdul Razak Musa ni adalah contoh Melayu otak bodoh mulut celupar. Masih tak sedar universiti Malaysia tak boleh pakai pasal dah 8 tahun tak masuk senarai Top 500 sedunia. Abdul Razak Musa ni graduate dari mana pe? Pondok guaman syarie?
    Takpelah, MahaFiraun memang suka Melayu semakin bodoh, asalkan bangga.