Thursday, August 19, 2010

Why Malaysia has gone to the dogs (1)

When Nik Ali, the Penang SDO made not only an outrageous biadap speech against Lim Guan Eng, a people’s representative elected by the rakyat, unlike him an employed civil servant who is nothing more than unrepresentative swill, but made that vile speech at an UMNO forum, he should have been chastised if not sacked for violating the Civil Service code of conduct by the Chief Secretary.

Instead Mohd Sidek defended him.

Given that this is Malaysia, it was not totally unexpected, but nonetheless the brazen disregard by Mohd Sidek of Nik Ali’s breach of the civil service code of conduct in his unprofessional politically partisan behaviour was still breathtaking.

The subtext was: Fuck you Chief Minister, what can you bloody do – siapa raja!

Tun Ghazali Shafie, one of the luminaries of the MCS would have turned in his grave in shame and despair at the current pathetic and unprofessional standard of his once-proud service.

No wonder that unprofessional biadap product of the BTN is still in the thick of sabotaging a lawfully elected state government – read MIKINI’s New BN move ruffles feathers in Komtar penned by my Penang larng Susan Loone.

Not only is the wicked man sabotaging the functioning of the state government, he has introduced a procedure where the state government has to get the approval of ‘coordinators’ when applying for housing and local government allocations.

It so happens that the ‘coordinators’ are all BN politicians, some of whom were defeated in the last general election.

So a little Napoleon has now introduced a procedure where the representatives elected by the rakyat have to go with begging bowl to those rejected by the rakyat. I suppose he’ll be promoted eventually for his subversion and perversion of the democratic process.

Penangites, just remember this in the next election. Please remember this has been allowed, perhaps even encouraged by Najib's government, and indeed remember also that both MCA and Gerakan have remained complicitly silent.

This shameful unsavoury outcome is not unique but has been a recurrent nightmare in the dealings of a Malaysian Civil Service allowed to run out of control.

The chief culprit is the Chief Secretary, with the IGP a close second.

We just read about a brash belligerent brutal MACC prosecutor Abdul Razak Musa yesterday who brought unbelievable shame and disgrace to our nation as he made a fool of himself in front of a foreigner.

When he was demonstrating his art of self strangulation to Gobind Deo it’s a pity that he didn’t continue the demonstration to its absolute completion. That would have definitely improved the gene pool nurtured by the insidious BTN. But I wait to hear of his undoubted promotion, perhaps even as the next Chief Justice or if he chooses to come out as a politician, a future AG.

We have also seen the appalling racism of Siti Inshah Mansor, a school’s principal in Kulai Johor, who was immediately defended and cleared by the Education director-general Alimuddin Mohd Dom. Alimuddin dismissed the seditious crime as a mere misunderstanding (then why did she apologise?) and even lied that the issue of racism was settled.

Well, I'll leave out Lim Kit Siang for this one but suffice to say that parents of the students vilified, MIC and even BN Youth have all disagreed. They want the head of Siti Inshah because posting her away to another school means cursing that school with the bile of this vile creature.

The great Chua Soi Lek only asked for her to be counselled - sweet of you, Chua.

Let’s not forget the government employed clergy, for example the Perak Mufti who nearly caused a religious-racial riot a few years back for his seditious lies, and then lacked the balls to accept responsibility for that very dangerous fiasco but instead blamed it on a woman (p’tui, malulah, mana anak jantan).

He amazes us (but then again, perhaps not) for being elevated from Datuk to Tan Sri after committing such a sin (both religious and legal) – is there a immoral lesson somewhere in his honorific promotion?

Isn’t the Mufti afraid of Allah swt for lying in the name of religion? Silly question, I suppose not.

These are the people manning our Civil Service – frightening isn’t it? And we wonder why the nation has gone to the dogs.

Kurang mampu, kurang profesyionel, kurang jujur, kurang bersopan santun. Tetapi penuh dengan tindakan dan tingkah laku malu. Wakakaka.

And when Chua Soi Lek criticised Lim Guan Eng for his problems with that SDO, I accept that a MCA chief would always try to find fault with a DAP leader and vice versa, because that’s part and parcel of politics.

But the sad and disappointing thing about Chua, during his criticism of Lim GE, was that he failed to mention one single word about the biadap-ness of a feral defiant and disgraceful public servant, Nik Ali, and his equally shameless boss, Mohd Sidek.

Therein in Chua’s cringe lies the answer to why today only 9% of Chinese see in him as a credible leader of the community. And where was Koh TK?

F* them, I'm gonna grab a beer.


  1. Quote: "We have also seen the appalling racism of Siti Inshah Mansor, a school’s principal in Kulai Johor."

    A year or so ago, there was another almost similar incident of a teacher/principal directing unprovoked hate-filled, racist insults at her students.

    The question is, is it the same person? Because if it is, it would appear like the authorities merely transferred her to another school.

    This would be similar to the case of the Catholic church in America, which transferred child-molesting, paedophilic priests from one parish to another every time their perversion became known. But it never solved the problem because the priest would just continue to indulge in his paedophilic activities in the new place.

  2. What to do KT.
    They don't make people like King Ghaz anymore.
    He sure is squirming in his grave thinking where is the Malaysia he helped form and where is the Rukunegara.
    We will have to contend with Little Napoleons or half-past sixes, warts and all. They are the only ones we have.
    You can nurse your beer. I can only nurse my heart.

  3. Only 9% of Chinese see in CSL as a credible leader of the community.

    Actually it would be 100% should only his family members were surveyed.

  4. Under the Civi Service Code of Conduct if you defend your staff for what he has done in his official position that means they he carrying out your orders.There is no other take on this.If ther is I wopuld like to hear it.Raman

  5. thats Ketuanan Melayu policies from that Kerala Kutty.

    if the federal govt wants to strangle penangnites, then they must come out with an alternative ways of funding. no point in crying. simply, impose a tax on all the gaming companies and other crony projects of the federal govt including IJM, which is owned by the numero uno crony from UMNO. In short, tell UMNO to fuck off.