Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dear Diary (1) by kaytee

Dear Diary

I can see (or read) that the ghost of Teoh Beng Hock is still with us, not just on the 7th day after his mysterious and inexplicable death, nor on the 49th day (7 x 7), but one year on.

Not that the latest furor has to do with Teoh’s restless soul but through suspicions caused by the authorities and their questionable actions. I suspect the dodgy actions by the AG might have been precipitated by the pending arrival of Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand.

She is likely to bring to the Judicial Inquest information that will be embarrassing and troubling to the MACC. Hence dear Diary, I suspect it’s a form of pre-emptive strike to (a) put Dr Pornthip on the defensive, but more importantly, to (b) reassure the ‘heartland’ that it’s eight bells and all’s well with an Malay UMNO institute, namely the MACC.

A point to note in the questionable actions by the AG has been the pathetic pissed-poor plausibility of the so-called ‘proof’ of Teoh’s suicide, an alleged action asserted by MACC even two months PRIOR to the ‘discovery’ of the so-called ‘suicide’ note, which was found in a secret compartment in Teoh’s sling bag, which required psychic psychiatric guidance to motivate the Investigating Officer to look for it, ...

... and lo and behold, the psychic psychiatrist was correct in his (or her) prediction which incidentally was based on the firm belief (even before the note was ‘discovered’) that Teoh had indeed ‘committed suicide’ on the day before he was to be married, in fact on the day he rang his best man to remind the latter of the wedding day.

The pathetic pissed-poor plausibility of the AG’s action with regards to the equally mysterious appearance of the so-called ‘suicide’ note is not unexpected, just a typical indication of the common denominator of most government ministers and high officials. When you put incompetents in stations beyond their already pathetic incompetence that’s what you'll get – rubbish in rubbish out – how true, how sad! They should have consulted my friend Dodgy Dimsum who could have worked out a far superior plan for them.

Lim Kit Siang asked: was Teoh BH forced to commit suicide?

I personally think not. What I suspect, well, dear Diary, actually speculate is that Teoh was threatened physically and then ... alamak ... sh*t happened and he died. Panic then ruled, and moronic excuses like Teoh committing suicide was offered, an excuse completely at odds with his very important plans for the following day.

There were, have been and undoubtedly will be all kinds of sh*t happening. For example, I recall when I was a kid, my bigger cousin would hold me by my trousers belt over the edge of a high cliff where below was a kolam (pool), just to get his kicks out of frightening me. One day sh*t happened and my belt snapped. He was left with a portion of my belt while I and the other portion plummeted down the cliff, fortunately into the kolam.

Both of us had a scare and eventually a laugh. But I wonder what would have been the outcome in our respective lives if there wasn’t a kolam at the bottom of the cliff?

That’s all for now, dear Diary.



  1. Good to see you are abroad and well.
    The lack of postings caused my mind to wander about your health.

    Whereever you are have a good time and good health.


  2. Thanks Jono for your kind thoughts. Cheers

  3. Hitler was heard cursing as the Russians surrounded his bunker in 1945---"Stupid me....I should had made those 6 million Jews write their suicide notes before I gassed them...Stupid, stupid me...Even umno is cleverer than me..."

  4. that fabricator is well known in hmm..hmm..fabricating evidence. dont forget Sodomy I and II now. And the same for Teoh case.
    And Najib 1Malaysia continues to have such despicable character in his administration.