Monday, February 01, 2010

Will PKR prune its dead branches?

Yesterday I posted Is Lim Guan Eng 'communist-minded'? which discussed the ‘expectation’ of a typical UMNO member, and by extension those of PKR members who were originally from UMNO.

These people ‘expect’ a share of the war loot, the ‘war’ being the election which their party had won to become the (State or Federal) government, and the ‘loot’ being the government contracts, preferential business status, official appointments, positions, etc.

Today The Malaysian Insider confirms my take in its article
When a nobody is Umno Youth chief.

Talking about the difficulties Khairy Jamaluddin has as the UMNO Youth Chief but one without any official appointment in the government and thus without any ‘lollies’ to dish out to his supporters (to meet their expectation’), the article said (extracts only):

Perhaps more disadvantageous for Khairy has been his inability to dish out contracts or largesse to his hungry men. His supporters have always felt that without a position in the administration and the absence of a protector in the shape of Najib, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin or other senior Umno officials, Khairy would be hard pressed to satisfy exco members and youth wing members who need cash payments or contracts to oil their operations.

An Umno Youth official told The Malaysian Insider:
“A lot of exco members are hurting. They have spent funds on their political careers and need help financially. In such a situation, they expect their leader to be the benefactor.”

Amin to his frank confession!

The disappointment of KJ’s supporters is exactly the same as some of those in PKR who were former UMNO members – their ‘expectation’ had not been met.

Meanwhile, political pundits have an ‘expectation’ of their own – they expect a number of PKR (former UMNO) members to ‘return’ back to UMNO. There have been whispers that UMNO has sinisterly ‘persuaded’ them with mucho lollies to jump ship. Anwar Ibrahim has just acknowledged this.

It has to do with UMNO wanting to seize control of very rich and yummy Selangor a la Perak, as well as regain through the back door its former 2/3 majority in Federal Parliament. The latter is to enable the BN government to approve the EC's delineation of federal and state electorates for the 2013 general election.

But hey, the above is probably the worst kept secret in Malaysia.

Another issue, this time in PKR and involving Anwar Ibrahim, was aired by my Facebook matey, Sunline.

He suggested that Anwar and PKR are worried about the probability (upgraded from mere possibility) of losing MPs to UMNO, not so much that UMNO will benefit, but more so because PKR could then possibly have less MPs than DAP’s 28 seats in Parliament. This was the reason given for Anwar Ibrahim’s reluctance to discipline or expel mutinous and defiant Kulim Wonder; Anwar's woe has increased because now he needs to add to this possible list Zahrain Hashim and what’s-his-name from Nibong Tebal.

PKR fears that if DAP turns out to be the Pakatan member with the most number of MPs it will demand the position of Opposition leader.

If PKR leaders fear such a silly possibility (and it’s not even a probability) then their political aspiration has sadly diminished to utter low level grubbiness, plain power craziness. C'mon lah, keep your eyes on the BIG picture - 2013 or if push comes to shove, 2018 then!

Regardless of the number of remaining PKR MPs, I have no doubt that DAP will continue to honour and recognize Anwar Ibrahim as the Opposition Leader, for the commonsense reason they are realistic enough about the difficulties that’s likely to be faced by a DAP leader in heading Pakatan, especially with a component party like PAS, and the ‘expectation’ of many Pakatan supporters in the rural constituencies.

It is better for Anwar and PKR to start pruning dead branches off its own tree and keep only the true believers, at least for 2018 if not 2013.

The problem is of course a 63-year old Anwar Ibrahim, assuming he merges unscathed from Sodomy II, is too impatient to wait until 2018. Age is also a consideration where he will then be 71 years old.


  1. Cutting off the dead branches from PKR's political oak? Who knows what might take place in PKR?

    Anwar Ibrahim at best, is nothing more than a figurehead, a charismatic figure that that everyone else has united under, but only because he's the only one they have right now. Or is there, when you have folks like Zaid and Nizar rising up to seemingly take the helm?

    Some of my friends have compared these interesting times to the birth pangs of a new political arena, a phase that has to go through fire, or a weeding process of sorts. What say you?

  2. Pretty good take on the current situation facing PR.

    You are right, the DAP has no hope at all of ruling the country because of the ethnic/religious ratio of the population. The best they can hope for is to play a secondary/complementary role like what the MCA is doing in BN.


  3. Not taking on the leader's position in Pakatan should not be equated to 'playing a secondary/supplementary role' like the MCA. The best thing about Pakatan is that no one nor no party is the boss, not even Anwar. He is only the nominated leader of a loose coalition.

    A coalition means an alliance of independent parties, whilst in the BN, there is no independent party, where all have to kowtow to UMNO. Even a MCA or Gerakan election candidate who has been selected by his/her own party still has to be approved by the BN No 1 man, meaning the UMNO president - what kind of coalition is that? It's more of a group of subordinate parties asking Tai Koh for permission. That won't ever happen in Pakatan because not one party dominates nor one would be prepared to be subservient.

  4. the rakyat who voted in the pakatan want to see change. this current reluctance to conduct internal house cleaning is political expediency at best. but it is also myopic.

    anwar would win so much more respect if he was seen to be diligently cleaning house of old umno habits. this would be a clear signal that voters in 2008 want to see.

    i doubt we will see it. maybe rpk is right, anwar might just be better inside. he has lost some great opportunities and all the last months.

  5. Ktemoc,
    Pruning of dead branches does not limit to PKR only? Remember Hee Jit Foong's threacherous action. Hee was after all the PA of Fong Po Kuan. Plus the on-going rift between Leong Mee Meng & another DAP fella seemingly close to Ngeh-Nga brotherhood. I have no issues with Ngeh-Nga. I have issues with this fella creating a big fuss in DAP convention recently

    Accordingly to your brotherly advice to PKR, wouldn't DAP do the same? Let me referesh your memory on problems faced in DAP.

    1) A Siva (Buntong Adun) declaring few days after Pakatan took over the stateship of Perak. Heard there is a disciplinary action on A Siva. KayTee, what are the punishment on A Siva

    2) Tan Chin Huat's outburst declaring himself independent if Nibong Tebal Selatan insisting of implementing car park coupon. Any punishment.

    3) Rayan who threaten to go independent at the early days of 308 campaign. Resulting the ouster of Chong Eng from contesting in Penang state assembly. According to your standard, Rayan should be asked to go

    4) Voon Lee Shan kenna ousted from DAP Sarawak treasury

    I have plenty more to expose but me being the more rational DAP supporter would reserve those list till later date
    Heck, frankly, DAP has the same problems as PAS & PKR. I believe that unlike you, top leaders such as LGE, LKS & Karpal well aware of problems in DAP.
    Hence, before pointing fingers at PKR, I suggest DAP folks should look at tackling its own organisational problems.

    I believe Anwar & his gangs would resolve their problems amicably. Please give support to them for the sake of Pakatan Rakyat.
    Unlike Ktemoc who still believes in the invincibility of DAP. LKS wouldn't dare to say that. Even LKY wouldn't dare to boost on its PAP's credibility.
    You see Pride is the greatest of 7 sins

    Fong Po Kuan is extremely quiet nowadays. Ah so.....I still never forget that very shocking incident

  6. Differnce between PKR and DAP - where is the Kulim Wonder or Zahrain Hashim or whats-his-name from Nibong Tebal compared to where is Hee Jit Foong?

    DAP members argue/argued among themselves as any democratic institution would/must allow. But what have PKR mavericks done? They walloped members of other Pakatan parties as if they are UMNO or MCA/Gerakan members, and we must ask what has PKR done about the mavericks' treachery to Pakatan solidarity?

  7. Ktemoc,
    Yeah, argue till a prominent leader like Lim Fui Meng left DAP for MCA. Lim Fui Meng is a protege of Chen Man Hin. Plus, the KOKS campaign resulting in almost total destruction of DAP in the 90s. It's partially LKS's fault as LKS at tthat time overweed his own party.
    LGE,LKS, Karpal Singh & top leaders are damn pragmatic & cautious when handling issues such as these. They do not brag unlike you.

    Stop hallucinating thinking that all is fine in DAP. Yes, seriously there are major problems in PKR as compared to DAP. My advice is stay out from their affairs. Concentrate in solidifying DAP instead. DAP has serious malay image problem.

    You say PKR mavericks have done the most damaging act. What heck Voon Lee Shan is doing? Indirectly accusing Chieng Jen for coup d'etat over DAP Sarawak's leadership, ousting Wong Ho Leng. Plus in between some left the DAP. Kung Chin Chin, ring a bell? Ah so, Ktemoc, DAP any better?
    Having said that I reiterate my advice. Let PKR resolves their own squabbles. Give some support to Mansor. Ultimately if it resulting in ouster of Zahrain & Tee Beng. So be it.
    It's not setiakawan enough when you ran down on your allies simply because they are having bad time now.
    I susgest you should read Mat Saman Kati's articles. His are more well balanced than you are.

    I admire LGE because he remains cool & not give in to oppotunists like Zahrain, Tee Beng & Zulklifi. They are nothing compared to LGE.
    I agree with top PKR leadership to resolve the problems without giving ammo to opportunists like Zahrain. Can't you see? These opportunists wanna be sacked so as to give bad impression on Pakatan Rakyat. Give themselves excuses

    Fabian, the Roman dictator won the battle because he didn't give in the wishes of Hannibal by attacking openly.
    Stand firm & still with full armour.

    P.S : Mansor is a valued asset for PKR.

  8. Whats-his-name from Nibong Tebal is delusional for demanding LGE be sacked - who is he, other than a loser?

    And calamity, he doesn't even know that he's a MP and not an ADUN, and has the shameless cheek to condemn LGE for not providing him with 'pocket money' for work in his federal constituency - wrong 'papa' ler wakakaka.

    This is what happen to a 'taxi sapu' party wakakaka.

    And poor Zaid Ibrahim, the most reputable and decent man in PKR being hauled up before the PKR disciplinary committee whilst everyone in your party dragged their heels over the Kulim Wonder and Zahrain.

    I'll leave PKR alone when their mavericks stop backstabbing DAP ;-)

  9. This is what happens in a marriage of convenience.
    Better get a quickie divorce.
    Better still a Mexican divorce.

  10. Not sure if my comment posted earlier would appear in the comment.

    Quiet Despair,
    Any coaliation parties are mariage of convenience. Including MCA president & deputy president. Mr Ong Tee Keat & Chua Soi Lek.
    It was Ong who sacked Chua but Ong pull back Chua's support for his survival. Ah so, mariage of convenience.

    Though DAP seems to be more stable party, however much work needed to be done especially in DAP Sarawak. Read this list articles

    Sound similar to what's going on in PKR Penang. Mansor vs Zahrain team.

    Sometimes keeping your big mouth shut does not mean that you are dumb. I suggest you spend more time writing articles in ways of strenghtening DAP party instead
    DAP Sarawak must resolve internal party squabbles in order to be strong. If Voon is referred to disciplinary commitee. Perhaps, Chong Chieng Jen should go too

    You still think that pruning of trees restricted to PKR alone.....Dominique was from which party hah....
    See, I can list down whole lot more problems in DAP. Just to tell you that DAP is no better than situation in PKR.

    P.S : I believe in DAP's cause but I am a Middle Malaysia DAP. A rational with eyes wide open

  11. Taking a brief respite from talking politics, let's momentarily turn our attention to quotable quotes that is indelibly linked with famous persons.

    "The buck stops here." - President Harry Truman.

    "I want to be alone." (actually, the correct quote: I want to be left alone). - Greta Garbo

    "Play it again, Sam." (The actual quote, I believe, is: Play it, Sam). - Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca.

    "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." - Clark Gable, Gone with the Wind.

    "Do you feel lucky today, punk?" - Clint Eastwood, Dirty Harry.

    "I'll be back." - Arnold Schwartzenegar, Terminator.

    Now, from out of Malaysia, we have an equally unforgettable quote, viz. (drum roll should be appropriate here):

    "Can I fuck you today?"

  12. Hey you !

    How about DAP?

    How about the DEAD BRANCHES from DAP?

    Like that arrogant sob Jeff Ooi, for example.

    Like that corrupted Ronnie Liu, for example.

    Like that idiot Lim Guan Eng, for example.

    Want to excise? Excise them first !

  13. anon of 6:47 AM, February 08, 2010, it's highly libellous to accuse Ronnie Liu of corruption - if you have any evidence showing this, I recommend you hand them over to the MACC.

    as for your remarks about Jeff Ooi and Lim GE, I have to consider them as just anti DAP grouses.