Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kulim Koward Klearout to Korea

In its news article Zul Noordin dodging party disciplinary hearing The Malaysian Insider reported:

PKR deputy president Syed Husin Ali said today Kulim Bandar Bharu MP Zulkifli Noordin has been evading the party’s disciplinary board.

Syed Husin, in a statement issued today, said the errant MP, known for his Islamic hardline views, has been told to reply to a Feb 8 show cause letter but asked for a Feb 12 extension.

Zulkifli picked either today or Feb 23 to face the board but on Feb 16, the problematic Kulim MP told the media that he was going to Korea for a party trip. PKR denied there was such a trip today.

“The party has no idea about his trip. He never told the disciplinary board anything about the trip nor did he propose a substitute date for his hearing,” said Syed Husin. “This is typical of him ... Zulkifli has chosen his personal Korean trip over attending the hearing to defend himself.”

Alamak, how to be a warrior defending Islam when he doesn’t even have the gonads to defend his self-claimed Islamic stand?

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going, but the Kulim Koward Klearout to Korea.

Kurang K%t*k!


  1. The Kulim idiot gave me the impression that the bugger was a decent man prior to 12th GE, I supported him by contributing RM300 when he appeal for election funding.

    Alas..what a waste of my hard earned money, %$#&*@* !!!!

  2. You wrote: Alamak, how to be a warrior defending Islam when he doesn’t even have the gonads to defend his self-claimed Islamic stand?

    Bullseye! Good shot there, KT. Right on target! Hahahaha

    Moron Spotter

  3. KT,
    This fella is craving for publicity. In fact, Kulim boy wanna be sacked, give BN controlled media a field day in condemning Pakatan Rakyat including your beloved DAP
    My suggestion is ignore him. Let him rot till mampus without recognition

  4. Anon 9.51am
    Aiyah, why so stupid one.
    Give money free like that.
    Be like me.
    I always voted for BN.
    They don't need my money.

  5. If you Know Korea that is the last place on this earth from where you can defend Islam. Ramalx

  6. Apparently Kulim Koward went to Seoul to attend a Moonie conference, yes a Christian sect conference in order to avoid the disciplinary board. It's quite clear he rather meets up with Reverend Sun Myung Moon than faces his PKR members wakakaka this is your brave Islamic warrior

  7. macam di perak, a toad is hatching in the longkang !!