Thursday, February 25, 2010

Truth behind acts of overcompensation

In her article Condoms, Chinese and the constitution at Malaysiakini, sweetie Helen Ang revealed to us the attempts by Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, to intrude, interfere and impose his rigid sexual morality on non-Muslim Malaysians.

Sweetie told us the bloke wrote in an Utusan article titled
'Isu timbul kerana kejahilan beragama', that: “… liquor has now become a part of the Chinese culture/way of life, just like sex outside marriage”.

He also said that the non-Malays “can go to Kuala Lumpur, drink arak and visit the nightclubs until they pass out because maybe their religions allow them to do so.”

Let me answer that.

Firstly, liquor has always been a part of Chinese culture since time immemorial – it didn’t start here in Malaysia. China’s most famous poet Li Po was said to have fallen into a vat of wine while drunk, and drowned – what a … hic … way to go wakakaka!

As for sex outside marriage, I don’t believe Chinese have the monopoly on such acts – just look around the world … well I won’t say much here but I have Arab friends and I know how they behave when they see and are around women. There there is of course the domestic scene ... but 'nuff said ;-)

As for his assertion that “… non-Malays can go to Kuala Lumpur, drink arak and visit the nightclubs until they pass out because maybe their religions allow them to do so …”, while I won’t dispute the first part, that of pissing, puking and passing out which I had occasionally done (though I pride myself I don't puke nor pass out that easily wakakaka), I wonder how Ridhuan came to the offensive conclusion that our religions allow us to do so?

For your information, Ridhuan, some religions like Buddhism neither allow nor disallow - it's between our gods/beliefs and us, and not for some modern wannabe prophets to dictate to or threaten us, so kindly F* off.

Apart from intruding into our religious beliefs, Ridhuan seemed to be obsessed with the sexual activities of non-Muslims.

There are some like Ridhuan - Chinese Muslims or Muslim with a Chinese father and Malay mum, or with a Malay dad and a Chinese mum - who always feel a desperate need to prove to their Malay-Muslim counterparts that they are also Muslim tulin or Malay wannabe yang tulin.

Once my ‘best friend’ was one of them – he was always f* feral and ferocious in his Muslim-Malay-ness but only when there were Malays around, but would be the nicest and most secular-minded liberal when they weren’t.

I regret not asking him why he had to so ‘prove’ his Muslim-Malay-ness because the poor bloke died in an unfortunate accident – I’ll never ever know.

In some ways I feel sorry for this Ridhuan bloke who has obviously found himself or felt that he is in a social twilight zone, where he believes he is neither accepted here nor there, but wants to be, so has to keep trying.

Ridhuan should perhaps look at those people working in departments starting with the acronym of 'JAI-' because I recall one case where such an officer who caught a woman in a nightclub (or somewhere) offered to ‘let her go’ if she did a blowjob for him. I assure Ridhuan he isn’t Chinese, and I doubt he offered to wear a condom for the blowjob.

Then there was that Zuok nightclub case where some 'JAI-' officers (obviously not Chinese) forced women to urinate in front of their hot hungry eyes. Rather pathetic to be so desperate - I have some old copies of 'Playboy' and 'Penthouse' I could donate to their office for their wanking pleasures.

Dr Ridhuan, kindly look into these incidents or you are the greatest hypocrite in moralising to non-Muslims.

Now I would like to refer again to my matey Dean John’s article Umno boys protest too much which states words to the effect that when a bloke comes on mucho too macho, he could possibly be a monoclinous MSM.

Dean and I suspect that when someone overdoes something, or overcompensates, could it be that he wishes to hide another something, not unlike the above case of someone not quite Malay trying to over-prove his Malay-Muslim-ness?

Tongue-in-cheek, Dean pointed out that those UMNO Youth wannabe Hang Tuahs outside the Australian High Commission, with their wira-style headbands, looked more like Village People contingent in a gay-pride march than serious political protestors wakakaka!

Dean pointed out statistics have shown that as many as 10% of adult humans are either bi or gay, though a great many either deny or pretend they're not, especially in countries like Malaysia where it's against the law wakakaka.

Dean being Dean of course ended up by remarking that, “… as hopelessly heterosexual as I am, I've often wished I was at least bisexual so I could, as Woody Allen once famously remarked, have twice the chance of a date on Saturday nights”.

I am more moderate - I think I'll settle for sweetie Helen Ang wakakaka (just a joke Helen) ;-)


  1. Ridhuan Tee - Chinese Muslim covert who claims he speaks for the Malays!!

    Sigh, when will they learn they can't change DNA when they convert to another religion?

    Yet another racist and religious bigot! All these converst, they have to try abd be more Muslim than the Muslim and more Malay than the Malay?

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  2. That's a good one, KT. Way to go, man! Yes, yes, yes! sock it to that little doggie.

    When those little doggies do their tricks correctly or say the "right" things, then the Tuans will, maybe, throw an occasional tidbit from the table down to them as reward.

    Moron Watcher

  3. donplaypuks'

    U r wrong!

    Ever hear of clause 160 of the Federal Constitution of bolihland?

    A ‘Malay’ is not a biological phenomena but a constitutional and a political one. A Malay who meets or pretends/postures to meet these four elements, as stipulated in the FC, are those taken to be in the ‘First Class’ citizenry (in form, never in mind & spirit).

    So there u go. What DNA u r talking about!


  4. Last time during all the ceramah agama in RTM, Ridhuan seems 'comfortable' in his convertion but now, I think he sub conciously regretted it and had to think like taliban to prove to himself that he still adore his actions.

    When you can't convert back , might as well be extreme about the whole thing. Maybe can feel better again...

    Sorry dude, it's too late. Bask in it...

    ...but not by blaming the chinese.

  5. Anon 11.52 a.m.

    I know about Art 160. But you still can't change DNA by converting to another religion.

    You can define black as white in the any Constitution, but the truth shall remain the truth.

    Art 160 also requires that a convert must habitually speak Malay and practice their culture,
    which is not defined in the Constitution. So, how can any Chinese convert "prove" his "newfound Constitutional Malayness?"

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  6. KT, thats a good piece there, i have a friend, everytime he goes to a pub, he will says 'ada ARAK?" as loudly as possible... and then he smiled....

  7. and then he smiled....and bought a tube of heavy-duty superglue to glue back his discarded foreskin

  8. Untukmu 12:52 ptg ...

    ... to glue back his discarded foreskin for the sake of his dearest darling, as he recalled that you have always declared, loudly too, that you like it au naturelle as opposed to denuded because it just simply tastes better. It has that extra oomph, with a piquant note of masculinity and an undertone of musk plus a hint of fruitiness, as you so lovingly describe it!

    Datuk Thumpabasterd

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  10. Dear KT,
    Love this article. I wonder why should some ppl judge another person by his religion. If Dr.Tee religion prohibits sex outside marriage and liquor, by all means Dr Tee, have sex with only your wife(s) and drink your OJ. But are you sure you are better than those who sleeps with their lover(s) and enjoy Chivas? Who are you to judge them? and how about those who share your religion and doing this forbidden two and more? so, blame your religion?
    Way of life is every human being's right. When you can 'advice' or 'preach' on your believe, never ever think you are superior than other fellow who doesn't share the same view. Chinese emperor is very well known for their collections of concubine. Wine/alcohol is use not only to get yourself drunk-and-have-wild-sex afterward, Dr.Tee, or is that the only function of wine that you are familiar with? OMG.. 'wink'. Wine (rice wine, grapes wine, watever) is used in delectable cuisine dated from thousands of years before, and i believe long before Dr.Tee religion is born.
    But, we must believe in values, moral and good faith. What's wrong with fine dining (with wine) with your loved one? Have a six-pack with your buddy to cheer ur football team? Or like those who serve rice-wine for certain celebration like Hari Gawai? We should be against those who are irresponsible, drunk-and-drive, drinking and neglecting the family etc.

  11. anonymous comment on 11:22 AM, February 28, 2010 was deleted as it was on a totally different subject to my post.

  12. Seriously what could we expect from an UMNO parasite like him ?
    That is the least he could do to sustain his tainted ricebowl, or so he thinks

  13. Teetotaller (not Tee)4:48 pm, March 01, 2010

    Teetotaller called Tee proclaimeth:

    the non-Malays “can go to Kuala Lumpur, drink arak and visit the nightclubs until they pass out because maybe their religions allow them to do so.”

    What do you know? That's a perfect description of UMNO members, except that they are 1) Malays and 2) their religion forbids them from drinking. The younger ones, like the sons of _______ are not so careful. The older ones are more careful, and only keep the drinks in their fridges at home (which are out-of-bounds to outsiders like us, for sure). Occasionally of course, like the Malay proverb goes "sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga," like the famous criminal escapee who wrongly "touched" a female after a few drinks. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), if they are abroad, without the protection of their party and PDRM, similar mistakes can happen, without an escape route (like being an ambassador to a foreign country). Mmm memang, kalau member UMNO, Malaysia boleh, semua boleh! Kalau bukan member, semua tak boleh!