Saturday, February 20, 2010

Penang DAP - learn from Gerakan's Indian mistake

Hey, I posted this at my other blog BolehTalk on 14 January 2008, 2 months before the last general election - thought it might be good for another read wakakaka!


Raja Bodek's promise to Indians - all hot air
Malaysiakini today published what many people already know, that Raja Bodek has done diddly squat for the Penang Indians. Its headlines asked Is Koh 'sincere and honest' about helping Indians?

;-) well, you judge from the following extracts (in italised gold highlights):

In 50 years of independence, this is the first time a chief minister has held a dialogue session with Indian NGOs and temple committees.

Let’s be fair – he wasn’t the CM for the last fifty years but the Gerakan Party provided the CM since 1969, though everyone knows the current Deputy CM Abdul Rashid Abdullah of UMNO is the de facto CM.

But it does prove that the Perikatan-Gerakan-BN, each in turn has been taking the poor Indians for granted, like vassals to be summoned to cast their votes for Sahib once every five years.

Dei, mama, auntie, aneh, aka, tambee and tangachee, time to flex your H-power - vote wisely.

Malaysiakini photo - some Penang sweeties

However only NGOs, temple committees and local community leaders who are presumed as Barisan Nasional (BN) supporters were invited to the meeting.

Raja Bodek claimed: "I can ensure you that the state government will (do everything in) its power to address all issues pertaining to Indian affairs" yet he’s marginalising non-BN Indian supporters. Where's the sincerity?

"If Koh and his government are serious, he would have unveiled a blueprint by now on current and future plans to improve the standard of living of the Indian community," said a delegate.

Too right mate, Raja is all talk only. But then for you from the BN to say this, must surely reflect on the wisdom of your political allegiance.

Although delegates raised various questions touching on housing, temples, Tamil schools and economic opportunities, Koh could not produce any concrete plans to allay fears of continued hardship for those in the community.

Hahahahahahahhahahaha – what can be worse than the BN for Indians?

Answer = Raja Bodek for Indians.


... and it surely came to pass that a tsunami struck the Penang BN on 08 March 2008.

Also, with the advantage of hindsight, what does this say about Kampung Buah Pala and Gerakan-BN's culpability?

I hope the DAP will learn from Raja's bull, namely, to "... to develop and unveil a blueprint ... on current and future plans to improve the standard of living of the Indian community ... and implement that a.s.a.p."

Best to learn from other's mistake than your own.


  1. Hey, KT, you may need to give that Bodek-er some slack and forgive him.

    He was probably working himself to a frazzle scrubbing and polishing the filthy bontots of his Tuan Puteras in BN so much so that he just had no time nor energy left to attend to the needs of his constituents in Penang.

    Moron Spotter

  2. Kaytee,
    Finally, you are rational & not just blindly supporting DAP. Don't worry me no disgrunted DAP kenna sacked wonder Ah Wee Wee who won Wangsa Maju with a meagre of 150 votes
    You heard of Toh Chin Chye before. Lets hope that DAP would have people like him. Very strong in organisational skills. During the latter years when he was relieved of all posts, he has been very critical of PAP policy
    PAP & DAP are facing the same old problems. In the 80s, PAP are phasing in 2nd generation leaders. So does DAP in the 90s. Resulting in great resistance from the Old Guard. Chin Chye was one of them. Raja was the first Senior Minister of Singapore as contrary to popular belief that LKY was the one.
    I am glad that DAP now is on track. While DAP has a large pool of professionals to pool from for 3rd generation leaders, somebody got to start cranking soon. Along with the need of bolstering Malay professionals influx into DAP
    We need more of Abdul Rahim Ishaks or Zaid Ibrahims into DAP

  3. aiyah looes74, I've criticised DAP and its leaders before lah. For example read my letter to MKINI but be warned, I am not kind to PKR as well wakakaka

  4. This Raja Bodek is a supreme disgrace to the Chinese people of Malaysia. Its good if he changes himself to become another Malay. He can even accept a backdoor post for nothing and horror of horrors is a KPI ( WTF) minister wannabe ? Good Allah ( I mean God ! )

  5. Indians ah OK but NOT the mamaks !!