Sunday, January 31, 2010

Is Lim Guan Eng 'communist-minded'?

Industry, thrift and self-control are not sought because they create wealth, but because they create character - Calvin Coolidge

The story of PKR is a sad one. Eons ago we were already aware it would turn out to be the weakest link in Pakatan Rakyat. Now, almost everyone, save the hard core members and the true believers, has acknowledged this truth. Anwar Ibrahim himself has also admitted to this some weeks ago.

The current crisis in Pakatan is that the implosion of PKR has led to significant collateral damage to the other component parties, both PAS and DAP. We have recently witnessed PKR’s Kulim Wonder savaging Khalid Samad and inexplicably, as if he was an UMNO member, reporting the latter to the police. Then we have PKR sour-grape Zahrain Hashim bad mouthing Lim Guan Eng, way over the top by grubbily labelling Lim as ‘communist-minded’.

The problem within PKR started with the expulsion of Anwar Ibrahim from UMNO. His followers left UMNO as well; some were true believers whilst others were just opportunists in his faction but were placed in untenable position with Anwar’s exit from the party. The more enterprising ‘survivors’ of this pack have managed to worm their way back into UMNO again, and one even managed to become a Minister in the inner cabinet wakakaka.

Nonetheless the core of PKR has been and is essentially made up of former UMNO members (note I didn’t use the term ‘ex UMNO’ wakakaka), people who had been indoctrinated with the UMNO-ish attitude and ‘expectation’.

Relax Kulim Wonder, I believe you’re from PAS so this doesn’t apply to you wakakaka.

I am not insulting all UMNO members but let’s be frank, many (though not all) UMNO members join the party to benefit from it – business opportunities, government contracts, official appointments, positions, etc.

This is what I mean by the ‘expectation’ of (most) UMNO members.

Many of those PKR members who were formerly from UMNO carried this ‘expectation’ across with them into KeADILan (predecessor to PKR). They had expected Anwar Ibrahim to be swiftly reinstated back into his rightful position as No 1 in UMNO.

Alas, their dream, hopes and indeed ‘expectation’ were well and truly screwed by Dr Mahathir and of course the other anti-Anwar factions in UMNO who successfully blocked out Anwar. I understand there were many in UMNO who were terrified of Anwar’s fierce and feral faction, so it won’t be surprising if they were the true architect behind Anwar’s downfall.

Anyway, KeADILan-PKR (excluding those well-meaning people from originally PRM who joined PKR) had only a single objective, to get Anwar back into power, preferably via UMNO or if necessary by their new party, of course in order for them to realize their ‘expectation’.

And that has been why many termed KeADILan as a single-issue party, namely, to get Anwar Ibrahim back into power. Gerakan Anti Najib (G.A.N) had been part and parcel of their manoeuvre, for between Anwar and the No 1 position (initially just No 2) in UMNO stood Najib Razak.

Then surprisingly, 08 March 08 happened - shock initially but followed swiftly by ecstatic jubilation. Even though it wasn't yet in full control of the federal government, a State here and there (and there were 3, Selangor, Perak and Penang – sorry, can’t touch those held by PAS) could partially, nay, actually substantially fulfill many of their (UMNO-ish) ‘expectation’.

This time it’s not Dr Mahathir who blocked their aspirations but blokes like Lim GE, Nizar and Khalid Ibrahim wakakaka!

Of course the cake goes to tight-assed Lim GE who won’t even countenance giving away State honours of datukship wakakaka, so how could he ever play footsies by rewarding Pakatan-PKR leaders with ‘guaranteed’ contracts.

Lim is like a Himalayan sadhu (ascetic) who has reincarnated into a Spartan-like accountant wakakaka, with a pedantic penchant for tightfisted proper accountability and transparency. He has a thrifty lifestyle like … well … almost like Mother Teresa and detests corruption, profligacy and wasteful spending and is so proper with his State ledger book that sometimes his staff scream … silently, wakakaka.

And on those rare occasions when he treated his staff out to dinner (with his personal allowance), he was said to go into a post-dinner traumatic shock for several days ;-).

If his frugal habits are deemed as communist-minded, wakakaka, then I have to concede maybe Lim is ;-)

Frugality may be termed the daughter of Prudence, the sister of Temperance, and the parent of Liberty - Samuel Johnson


  1. Ktemoc,
    I knew that you are DAP no 1 supporter. However, I felt that your comments are over the edge.
    Just to tell you some truths. LGE did give in to PKR overlords. Notice Zharain's title has changed to Datuk Seri. Who gave him the title if not LGE? And Johari is still with MPSP
    Anwar this time is pretty noble in defending LGE. I felt DAP should step over from PKR's affair. Let them resolve their issues

    DAP should rather resolves issues in Pahang & Kedah. I heard another Kard Seong (used to be DAP Kedah chairman) not very happy, not being given town councilship

    While going around gunning down on people, look at yourself first

  2. KTemoc

    You are blogging from Australia . If you want to know what's really happening in Penang , come back and see off yourself and hear from the people .
    DAP is hopeless and useless .
    Sent the LGE bugger back to Malacca or better still into the Straits of Malacca .

  3. ex dap,

    By suggesting that LGE be sent "back to Malacca or better still into the Straits of Malacca" you are behaving like those UMNO buggers with the Ketuanan Melayu mentality who suggested sending pendatang Chinese and Indians back to China and India, or better still into the China Sea or the Indian Ocean.

    Perhaps you are actually an UMNO buggers with the Ketuanan Melayu mentality?

  4. Though Lim GE was from Malacca, it needs to be noted that Malacca was/is the soul-twin of Penang, both embracing the Peranakan culture (of course with Malacca in greater depth). Secondly, Lim GE possesses that intrinsic characteristic of a Penangite so mucn so that he may be considered a Penangite himself - to wit, kiamsiap-ness wakakaka! We're confident he won't waste our State's finance through profligacy, like sending Penangites to the moon or attempting to cover an Egyptian pyramid with the Malaysian flag ;-)

  5. Ktemoc,
    Hey, what about PICC? I know it might not be implemented yet but then it shows that DAP is not invincible
    I see things different than you, Ktemoc. Anwar's PKR might be down at the moment but time would tell if PKR would be back in shape again
    Anyway, I am very supportive LGE. I admire the way he handles. He does not go around shooting down on people with words. Unlike you Ktemoc.

    Even the great LKY never be so overconfident about PAP. Be nice, da

    P.S : If you continue with comments on running down PKR, I would continue on DAP. Unlike you, me is a rational, Middle Malaysia DAP supporter

  6. Looes74 matey, either you support DAP or you don't - you shouldn't based your support on what kaytee does wakakaka

  7. Send Lim GE back to Malacca the very moment Jibby is sent back to Pekan, Pahang, but not before

  8. Well Ktemoc,
    Of course, I don't base my support on what you do. However, I can gun your down when your article is not helping the cause
    I believe the direction is very clear for DAP. That's to remain within Pakatan. LGE already keep a low profile. Perhaps, you should follow LGE's lead as you are DAP no 1 supporter

    P:S Sometimes, DAP supporter like Ktemoc is detrimental to the survival of the party itself. LGE should stick to what he preaches which is Middle Malaysia. Judging from ktemoc says, he is no Middle Malaysia

  9. That Ong guy above is a typical DAP kaki.

    Whoever dare to criticize that idiot LGE will be labeled "UMNO".

    So typical !

    What else can DAP kaki comes up with but labeling others?

    If you have balls, put this message on.