Monday, February 08, 2010

MIC virus affecting all Indian-based parties?

I feel sad for Indian Malaysians when virtually every Indian-based political party has failed them because of, in my opinion, their so-called leaders’ personal interests.

MIC is of course notorious for having failed the community it claims to represent, for God’s sake, for the last f* 52 years, so let’s not talk about this ‘Must I Come’ party anymore.

The Makkal Sakhti party has been a joke right from Day 1. Hijacking for its name the slogan of ‘Peoples Power’ made famous by the original Hindraf movement, it had managed to convince the PM into attending its inauguration ceremony – a PM who was smart enough to realize that Indian support will be the crucial factor in many constituencies.

But Najib, smart as he was in this regard, failed to realize the multitude of jokers in that party, chief among whom has been the so-called chief wakakaka.

The power-crazy struggle among its leaders has now embroiled even ROS where accusations have been levied against alleged ‘fiddling’ of the party constitution to provide the party’s president with ‘convenient’ powers.

One has to sadly realize by now that the political formation and objectives of the Makkal Sakthi party have nothing to do with the well-being of the Indian community but with the personal ambitions of the leaders.

But the saddest revelation of all has to be the intention of HRP, led by the two brothers, Waynamoorthy and Uthayakumar.

The party is turning out to be a ‘spoiler’ (against Pakatan) which obviously can only benefit BN – this was amply demonstrated in the recent state by-election in NS. If we recall, Uthayakumar campaigned for Indians to boycott the ballot box, and who would have benefited from the boycott, and who had won?

Earlier Uthayakumar and his supporters had railed against Lim GE, demanding the State government do the impossible, but hardly touching/mentioning the party responsible in the first place for the Kampung Buah Pala saga, the Gerakan Party.

Why was there the double standard? Why were the grievances lodged only against the DAP? Why not against the responsible party, Gerakan-BN?

I was also deeply shocked at the medieval-style vilification against the Deputy CM of Penang, Professor Rama. Was/is it right to call a fellow Indian a ‘mandor’? The nastiness of such an outrageous insult was not only unfair but totally uncivilized by today’s value system.

Quite frankly, no non Indian-based party has honoured and recognized so many Indians as its leaders, promoting them to its top echelon, as the DAP.

Its chairperson and secular-spiritual leader is Karpal Singh the true Khalsa warrior. The Deputy CM of Penang is a highly qualified Indian Malaysian, most deserving of his political position, and the speaker of the Perak ADUN is also an Indian of extraordinary and intrepid character ... so on so forth.

One must wonder at the vicious vile venom that Uthayakumar has been spewing against the Penang DAP.

Then Malayisakini’s article Calls for Anwar to leave political arena stated on Friday that (note in particular the last sentence):

Hindraf's fallout with Anwar and DAP is seen as a big liability, with Hindraf now working through the Human Rights Party (HRP) to create Indian seats in 15 parliamentary and 38 state constituencies in Peninsular Malaysia.

Indians are the kingmakers in 67 parliamentary seats in Peninsular Malaysia. If Pakatan Rakyat does not give room to HRP, BN is expected to win by default in the 15/38 seats, a prospect that Umno openly welcomes.


Now, HRP also wants to ‘spoil’ Pakatan’s chances in Perak by putting up its candidate against Nizar Jamaluddin in Pasir Panjang, Perak, should state elections be called.

Of course the timing is just at a time when we all smell a State election coming up in Perak, and surprise surprise, HRP wants to put up its candidates for 3-corner fights in seats the Pakatan has strong chances of winning but only if they are straight fights between Pakatan and BN - just a f* coincidence I suppose? For more, see HRP may challenge Nizar in possible Perak elections.

In 'Once bitten' Hindraf shies away from Pakatan Waythamoorthy has flatly ruled out any chance of working with or supporting Pakatan. He was reported to have “… trotted out a litany of complaints against Pakatan, in particular, several of its leaders”, but alas, hardly anything against the party in rule for the last 52 years, one which has oversighted the marginalisation of the Indian Malaysians …

… which is precisely why I feel sorry for Indian Malaysians.

For years the BN has cleverly played a ‘divide and rule’ strategy in general elections, through which it enjoyed a winning advantage in most 3-corner fights – hey mate, just ask PAS and DAP.

But only on two occasions in Malaysian political history has the non-BN parties come together to neutralise the BN’s strategy of ‘divide and rule’ (adopted from its British mentor), in May 1969 and March 2008.

Only when such political commonsense has taken stock among the federal opposition, did we witness the Perikatan-BN juggernaut reduced to mortal dimensions, and ripe for defeat.

Just when Pakatan is at the cusp of victory, trust HRP to indicate its ‘spoiler’ political intention. And of course BN will benefit from this selfish petulant treachery of HRP.

No doubt it will be the happy outcome that Najib and the BN desire (merely coincidental of course).

It is clear that the MIC disease is not confined only to MIC.


  1. I thought Karpal Singh became the chairman of DAP because he has been with the party through thick and thin! Silly me.

    Now I know he could have been appointed as a sop to those 'Indians' who sometimes refer to him as the "prideful benggli" in their vernacular. As Karpal is an intellectual, it could be they are just jealous.But of course "Indians" have no right to complain. Betul!

  2. wanna know why MIC failed?

    Because MIC stands for Malaysian Indian Congress.

    Come on la. Why so nostalgic with the word 'Indian'.

    Those tamil or whatsoever who came from India is no longer india. Drop the word India. Replace with tamil or whatsoever.

    The word 'Indian' portray that those people under the flag is still recognise themself from India. So they are not thinking Malaysian.

    Please change this first.