Monday, February 22, 2010

Charming Caning Conference

malaysiakini photo

Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, our minister for Women, Family and Community Development, tells us that an Arab country, Oman, does not have any legislative provisions for caning sentence either under syariah or civil law.

That’s right, under BOTH syariah and civil laws.

Nah nah nah, you Arabs, we Malaysians Boleh!

Being minister for women, she now wants her Ministry to organise global meet on caning.

This amazing and brilliant idea follows the recent caning of three women who had illicit sex. I wonder what their sex partners received?

Obviously our dear Shahrizat, like Najib and Hishamuddin, is neither here nor there – too afraid to stand up for women, too embarrassed to keep her mouth shut, she now digs a bigger hole for herself, to hide or to bury herself?

But hey, don't blame her just because she's behaving like a cacing kena abu. It does show in a certain way she has some troubled conscience ... but not enough!

She said: "We can share ideas and practices and gain in-depth knowledge on how each country views the caning sentence."

Share practices?

Gawd, gasp, omigosh, another world first!


  1. The famous Russian dancer Mikhail Barysihnikov was asked about the kinds of pshchological adjustments he had to make after he had left his homeland.'Most of all,' he said,'I had to learn to tell the truth again.In Russia you lie all the time, not only in what you say but in the way you live and do your work.If you don't you won't work at all,and you might not live very long.Everything is so different when you come into an open society where, generally, people are not threatened by the truth.Along with telling the truth, I had to learn to trust people again.When you have to lie and you know everybody else has to do the same thing you don't know whom you can trust-so often you do not trust anybody.' Ellen Switzer in Vogue. Reader's Digest January 1982 Persoanl Glimpses. We are 28 years too late.Ramalx

  2. how about RM250m to rear cows for some whips, shahrizat? and make sure its run by your 20 year old son.

    who doesnt want to be Ketuanan Melayu, sharizat?

  3. Here is a brilliant suggestion from a Malaysiakini letter-writer:

    Teh: I suggest that the conference include a workshop where each participant is given three strokes of the rotan, starting with Minister Shahrizat. This will give them some real experience about the best practices in caning.

    I think the likes of Najib Tun Razak and Hishamuddin Tun Hussein should volunteer their backs too, for such a worthy cause (isn't UMNO now known, thanks to Saiful, as the backside party?). Maybe Najib and Kerismudin should do this during the opening ceremony, indicating even men and folks from the upper echelons of society could be caned in Bolehland. Also important is their penitence in relation to sins committed in the past, such as drinking alcohol and fornicating, either or both of which, I have been reliably informed, both of them have been guilty of.