Friday, February 05, 2010

Hindu Sangam's Pandora Box

Malaysiakini informs us in its news article Revoke Nasir Safar's citizenship: Indian NGOs that: A group of Malaysian Indian NGOs led by Hindu Sangam Malaysia will initiate legal action against Nasir Safar, demanding that his citizenship be revoked.

Now, Nasir Safar might have been a racist in making outrageous bigoted comments in which he was alleged to say that '... Indians who came to Malaysia were beggers and Chinese women came to 'jual tubuh' (engage in flesh trade) ...'.

He deserves to be condemned, sued, charged under the Sedition Act and jailed, or even detained under the ISA.

But for Indian NGOs, especially Hindu Sangam, to demand that he be stripped of his citizenship is not only over the top but unbelievably stupid.

What if the government indeed strips Nasir Safar of his citizenship?

Won’t that be a f* precedent, where the government CAN then on STRIP any Malaysian of HIS/HER CITIZENSHIP, because of a racist statement made, or for whatever it believes Malaysians ought to have their citizenships taken away?

Which community will be the most likely to lose if Hindu Sangam succeeds in opening the Citizenship Pandora Box?

While I can understand the average Indian in the street making such an emotionally dangerous statement, I cringe at and bemoan the reality that it had been Hindu Sangam who did it.

No Malaysian should ever fear having his or her citizenship ever taken away - it's his/her inviolable constitutional rights.

Idiots! Dumbos! Bodoh! How can you represent or speak for Indian Malaysians?


  1. agreed. malaysians are getting more and more stupid.

  2. Hindu Sangam are as bigoted as who they claim Nasir is. I can confidently tell Hindu Sangam-"Go back to India!"

    sri hartamas

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