Friday, January 15, 2010

MACC intimidating Dr Pornthirp?

According to my uncle there was a time when people cringed in embarrassment, if not shame, when they were investigated by the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA), then headed by a renowned judge. They knew they were in deep shit for their wrong doings.

Then they prayed that no one would know about it.

Today, when people are investigated by the MACC (the successor of the ACA) they are equally anxious though not cowering in embarrassment or shame, but instead fear. They also know they are in (a different kind of) deep shit though they haven’t done anything wrong.

Then they prayed that everyone would know about it, because they feel they would be miles safer in the public gaze.

Thanks to the press like Malaysiakini and The Malaysian Insider, we are all too well aware of the sad case of so-called MACC witness, Teoh Beng Hock, and his sad and untimely demise, but at least it was widely publicized, leading eventually to a second autopsy conducted by imported pathologists - such is the disdain, disregard and distrust for local government apparatus and officials.

Through the 'freer' press again we have also heard of the bizarre MACC actions against mainly DAP and in a few cases, PKR politicians, on dodgy 'allegations' of impropriety involving a couple of thousand ringgit – yes, sums not even exceeding RM3,000 (they have been scrapping the bottom of basically an empty barrell for hopeful dirt) - when in stark and shameful contrast, politicians on the other side of the political fence reside untouched in obscenely lavish ‘palaces’ which even the average public member knows are way beyond those politicians’ accountable means.

The MACC, through a regretful combination of its perceived political bias in its unwarranted actions against opposition members while at the same time closing one eye to the obvious unaccountable lifestyles of powerful people in the ruling party, is deemed by the general public as nothing more than a political apparatus, a weapon of the ruling party, not unlike the police and the civil service.

In those latter mentioned agencies, the glaring partial conduct of the Perak civil service and the local police in the Perak Dun case has been a shameful note of notoriety in Malaysian public service history. And may I ask (rhetorically of course): can we trust the judiciary?

But give an unworthy man enough rope and he’ll hang himself, as wise men advise us. So the former MACC chief resigned, or as suspected, was shoved out as his fumbling bumbling stumbling ways became an embarrassment to the government.

His successor emerged with some fanfare and a glimpse of hope for improved and impartial conduct.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa [hysterical fits of laughter at gross stupidity - our gross stupidity]

Yes, we were stupid to believe that the new MACC chief would do the right thing as PM Najib so grandiosely advised, that the public service officers should act impartially.

The following headlines explained our momentary belief in fair play to be plain naïve, nay, utterly idiotic.

(1) Malaysiakini’s MACC chief: Don't talk to media after lodging complaint

(2) Malaysiakini’s Now the MACC wants to muzzle the media

As for Teoh Beng Hock who died under mysterious circumstances while under the custody of the MACC (yes, the MACC said Teoh was only a ’witness’ yet the poor bloke was subjected to interrogation circumstances worse than that of a detainee) and in the premise of the MACC building, what of the coming verdict of the second autopsy conducted by two foreign pathologists?

The Malaysian Insider reported in
Lawyers worry police probe on Pornthip may affect Teoh inquest that (extracts):

Two MACC officers have lodged two police reports – one against Dr Pornthip, and the other against PKR organ Suara KeAdilan – for allegedly leaking contents from the report of the second autopsy carried out last Nov 22.

Suara KeAdilan had published a report in its last issue quoting “sources from the Health Ministry” as saying that Dr Pornthip had concluded that Teoh’s death was homicide.

Gobind, speaking at press conference at his office here, said Dr Pornthip had denied leaking contents of the post-mortem report, which are confidential and can only be revealed in the inquest.

He also said it was absurd for the MACC officers to lodge a report against the forensic expert based on the article that quoted anonymous sources.

“I would like to know, who are these sources? And why is the police report lodged against Dr Pornthip when it quoted sources?” said an angry Gobind.

Gobind, who is also DAP Puchong MP, then explained that the police report may affect the ongoing inquest as Dr Pornthip may feel intimidated by the police probe and not turn up for the inquest.

This will stall the proceeding and deter efforts to uncover the truth behind the mystery surrounding Teoh’s death said Gobind further.

“We have fought hard to find and bring Dr Pornthip here ... I wonder if the witness (Dr Pornthip) will now turn up to aid the inquest,” blasted Gobind.

Asked if the report was a deliberate effort to intimidate their witness, Gobind refused to answer directly but remarked that “it was up to the public to decide,” saying the “evidence is everywhere.”

Malik [Imtiaz] said the two MACC officers’ action in equating the Suara KeAdilan report with Dr Pornthip was inaccurate and wrong.

He also stressed that the Thai expert’s opinion had been acknowledged by Coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas, which led to his instruction that Teoh’s remains be exhumed for the second autopsy.

Well …..!

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  1. "He also said it was absurd for the MACC officers to lodge a report against the forensic expert based on the article that quoted anonymous sources."

    Gobind was absolutely right!

    Say, if the Utusan were to report quoting anonymous sources that a certain 1 M'sia PM had accepted bribes over purchases of certain jets and submarines, would the MACC rush in and laodge a police report against him or first investigate the "anonymous sources"?

    Why didn't the MACC consult its 43 advisors or the AG before rushing in and making silly reports? And by making it against Pornthip, there was certainly an intention to intimidate her!

    Gobind 1, MACC 0!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race