Tuesday, January 26, 2010

PKR heels-dragging over disciplining the Kulim Wonder

Terence Netto has gone for the jugular, ….. yes, that of the Kulim Wonder.

In Malaysiakini’s Emboldened Zulkifli derails PKR Netto voiced his suspicion that the Kulim Wonder may be "acting from a script where he is not the sole author".

Netto asked us to recall what the Wonder had told the (so-called, wakakaka) PKR disciplinary committee when he was facing it the first time (for thuggishly barging into the Bar Council forum). Apparently the Wonder informed the (so-called, wakakaka) PKR disciplinary committee that he was the son of a policeman and has an elder brother in the Special Branch.


Then Netto saw something that gave him (& me) goose bumps. He wrote:

Yesterday, Zulkifli was present at the national mosque to pay his respects to former minister Ghazali Shafie who died on Sunday. He was seen to be on amiable terms with a top-ranked police officer.

Now any attempt to impute guilt by association would be contemptible, more so when inferred from behavior at occasions when the requisite solemnities demand a general forgetting of political differences in the face of mortality.

But judging from his actions over the past year-and-a-half is it unreasonable to surmise that Zulkifli may be acting from a script where he is not the sole author?

F* whoaaaaaa again.

Netto lamented that PKR lacks the balls (my word, not Netto’s) to ever deal with the Wonder appropriately, because he was actually recommended to be sacked for the original behaviour of hooliganism, but PKR leadership kept silent.

But to be fair, I recall its deputy president Dr Syed Husin being very angry with the Wonder and asserted that he would be disciplined. Alas, the point remains tha the Wonder was never disciplined, with Azmin Ali declaring he was ‘satisfied’ with the Wonder’s explanation, whatever that f* means!

That’s right, he was allowed to get away scot free for his thuggish behavior, based on WTF he told Azmin Ali.

Netto wrote in utter disgust:

More urgent now is the case of the problematic Kulim Bandar Bharu MP Zulkifli. For the better part of a year and a half, Zulkifli has publicly lashed out at friends and foes alike.

We do not know what Zulkifli would have done in isolation if the PKR politburo had endorsed the decision of its disciplinary committee in 2008 that he be
sacked for intruding on a Bar Council meeting called to discuss the question of religious conversions.

The sacking recommendation was instead held in abeyance, with
no action taken so far.

There followed two events: one, Abdullah Yeop Sani, a former Malaysian ambassador to Spain, resigned his chairmanship of the PKR disciplinary committee; and two, Zulkifli went on to supply further proof that he is not restrained by the mores that govern the public deportment of elected representatives of PKR, or for that matter, Pakatan Rakyat.

I suppose we can safely assume that Abdullah Yeop Sani must have resigned his chairmanship of the PKR disciplinary committee in sheer disgust when the PKR leadership (Azmin Ali? With Anwar’s approval?) refused to sack the Wonder.

Today, when the latest case of his sheer inexcusable indiscipline demands swift action by PKR, what do we get?

The title of the Malaysian Insider news article is self explanatory -
Zul’s fate to be known within a month

Again the PKR leadership is beating around the bush and avoiding the issue, hoping everything would be forgotten by then, or at least the sense of seriousness ameliorated by time.

Even as PKR put a gag order on him, the Wonder went public to accuse his critics as
Little pharoahs calling for my head.

Obviously he doesn’t give a sh*t what PKR says.

You may wonder why, but remember Netto has said about him and the police: But judging from his actions over the past year-and-a-half is it unreasonable to surmise that Zulkifli may be acting from a script where he is not the sole author?


  1. The Kulim idiot is a very different person before and after being elected MP.
    Prior to 308 , the bugger pretended to be humble , open-mined, acted like a Malaysian but becomes a bigot after election.

  2. Just disband PKR.
    End of story.

  3. Nice situation for Anwar. Sack him and the national papers will tear him for being led around by DAP and kafirs, create further unrest (as we see today with wild boar heads), and even call a snap election in the heat of Najib's visit to Chennai.

    Not sack him and we wonder whether he is a chameleun and if even the bar-council saga is actually his agenda acted by Zul.

  4. ... Not to mention that we will compare the issue with the 'pendatang' guy in Penang. Never mind that the national papers are unable to spin for Anwar.

  5. Ktemoc,
    I am going to say something that it would hurt your feeling if you are truly DAP lang
    Remember Devan Nair. The trip to Sarawak. Ok, I got to stop there because I respect Devan Nair. Lim Kit Siang was once Devan Nair's macai (NTUC) before elevated to SG

    Guess how LKY has done to Devan Nair. I wonder Anwar has that cunningness. In fact, if Anwar were under LKY tutorship, wao......Problems solved.

  6. Terence obviously trying to spin for Anwar and Pakatan.

    To imply that Zul is a possible plan from SB/UMNO is not just pathetic but also misses the point that the problem is Anwar's lack of testicular solidity rather than the outspoken nature of Zul.

    If we look at this issue logically, I don't see Zul being a saboteur at all but just asserting his credentials as an ultra, no doubt enboldened by Anwar's lack of firmness on the previous occasions. The same goes for the Selangor's chief Taliban Dr Hassan Ali.

    I really cannot see anyone in UMNO being defiant and getting away with it under Najib.

    So I think we Malaysians need to really reflect what kind of PM will Anwar make given his eunuch act even against such minor irritants like Zul.

    Imagine an scenario where some madmen attack the chuches and temples under Anwar's rule asPM. Will he order the police to apprehend the culprit or chicken out and let the mob get away by handling them with kid gloves ?

    I leave it to your imagination.