Sunday, January 24, 2010

Anwar Ibrahim must expel the Kulim Wonder

Malaysiakini news article Zulkifli goes ballistics against Khalid, lodges police report informs us that the Kulim Wonder is pissed off with Khalid Samad for the latter’s support of the Catholic Herald in using the word 'Allah' in its Bahasa Malaysia section.

He accused Khalid for insulting both HRH Sultan Selangor and the National Fatwa Council.

The Kulim Wonder of course conveniently forgot that in a democracy and as a Pakatan-PKR member he himself insulted democratic principles and freedom of expression by barging, like a hooligan, into the Bar Council forum on inter-faith talks.

While he might have disagreed with Khalid Samad, as a member of the Pakatan he could and should have addressed his dissatisfaction within the Pakatan leadership circle. Instead the Kulim Wonder had to grandstand by making a police report against his Pakatan colleague.

He wants Khalid to be investigated under four laws, the 1988 Non-Islamic Religions Enactment, the Syariah Criminal Offences (Selangor) Enactment 1995, the Sedition Act and Section 298A of the Penal Code, and for the authority to take action against his bête noire. Additionaly he wants PAS to expel Khalid.

OK Kulim Wonder, we note (after your earlier thuggish barging in on a public forum) that you have once again in selfish grandstanding manner, totally against the discipline expected of a Pakatan member, demonstrated your Islamic credentials for all and sundry to see, by badmouthing a Pakatan colleague. Bravo!

But it goes to show that the Kulim Wonder has very little, if not zero, tolerance for any views that don't agree with his. I hate to be under the administration of such an ayatollah-ish person. WTF is he doing in Pakatan then when he could have joined up with the likes of the Perak Mufti to form another political party?

I know Anwar Ibrahim has a lot of things on his mind right now, apart from his notoriety for being reluctant to take disciplinary action against indiscipline mavericks in his PKR. But really, the Kulim Wonder has been given far too much space to wreck the reputation of, not just PKR, but Pakatan - not once but repetitively.

It’s high time to sort out the loose cannon once and for all. And since the Kulim Wonder isn’t one to be reined in, certainly not with his proclivity for big-headed grandstanding as he has demonstrated time and time again, there is only one course left for PKR.

Expel him!

Anwar Ibrahim, let’s see some backbone from you and quality control for your party. Besides, the Kulim Wonder won't be the Kulim Wonder anymore in the next election. We're going to make sure if he dares to stand in Kulim, that he loses.


  1. Zul bugger should just resign as MP for Kulim and goes to Afghanistan to join the Talibans in fighting the Americans and allies forces who are killing Muslims.

    Alternatively if the idiot can just strap dynamite to his body and detonate it in front of international medias to protest the invasion of Afghanistan.

  2. for once, cant agree with you. he is a liability to PR and good riddance. This moron will find good company in UMNO. maybe, a columnist for Utusan too, joining the ranks of psuedo Tee spewing venom weekly. what a pair that would be!

  3. He wasn't kicked out, as rightly he deserves to be, may be because someone follows the Mafia code: hold your friends close ... and your enemies closer.


  4. Hi Bro

    How are you doing ? long time haven't posted comments here .

  5. Ya , that idiot ought to be crucified on a cross and kicked out of politics .

  6. Kulim pain in the ass racist nincompoop .

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