Wednesday, January 20, 2010

5 years jail for RM70 theft

The Star Online reported in its news Jobless man gets 5yrs for stealing some beer that an unemployed man Zulhaidi Hamzah was sentenced by the Magistrates Court in JB to 5 years jail for stealing 11 cans of beer worth RM70 from a mini mart in Pasir Gudang.

The loot apparently was 4 cans of Guinness Stout and 7 cans of Tiger Beer.

That’s an over-the-top heavy handed judgement by the Yang Ariff. It’s monstrously out of proportion to the seriousness of the crime, more so when you consider heavier shit being committed by 'heavy metal' ar$eh#les in this country, none of whom has thus far been found guilty.

But I suppose Zulhaidi ought to be at least grateful for not being slapped with a whipping sentence by the Syariah Court for the haram items.

I am not f* impressed by the justice system.


  1. Agreed , KT. Just bound him over for a two-year good behavior bond. Why jail him. The judge will be depriving more "worthy" convicts of precious jail space. I suppose then, this will be a perfect excuse for the well-heeled convicts later to be released due to a shortage of prison space.

    sri hartamas

  2. this Killed Toyol will be spending the rest of his life in prison lor.

  3. Zulhaidi Hamzah was stupid. Just swear on the qurn that he did not steal the beer, and he would be cleared of all the charges. That was what someone did when charged with Altan's murder

  4. Such harsh punishment brings the law into contempt. You disagree? Just imagine if Parlimen passes a Law that the Sun must rise in the West. Will Parlimen be respected?

    I hope that a superior court reviews this case.

  5. PDRM's L/Kpl Abdul Halim Hassan raped and murdered a 20 year old Susilawati dumped her body inside a tv box and is convicted to 7 years imprisonment only.
    Looks like a few cans of beer are more expensive than a life.

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