Friday, January 29, 2010

Penang PKR Zahrain Hashim: "Lim GE communist-minded"

What do (Malay) ex servicemen and Penang PKR leaders have in common?

This is what The Malaysian Insider wrote in its news article Dr M: Perkasa popular as UMNO appears incapable:

Umno began in May 1946 in Johor Baru as an umbrella group for all Malay groups and parties opposed to the Malayan Union proposed to consolidate the Malay states after World War 2. It fought for Malay rights and later independence with allies MCA and MIC as the Alliance.

But a section of Malays, who form some 60 per cent of Malaysia’s 28 million population together with the natives in Sabah and Sarawak, think Umno has strayed from its founding ideals and is “pandering” to the non-Malays.

Among them are ex-servicemen who have defended the nation and expect some rewards on retirement, such as taxi permits and business opportunities, which they see as rightful entitlements.

OK, let’s see what a Penang PKR leader said in The Star Online news article Zahrain: Lim is a dictator:

Bayan Baru MP Datuk Seri Zahrain Mohd Hashim verbally attacked Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

Describing the DAP secretary-general as a “dictator, a chauvinist and communist-minded”, Zahrain who is the former state PKR chairman, said Pakatan should stop compromising with the leader who is from Malacca as Lim had failed to deliver its general election promises. […]

Zahrain said among the election promises that were not kept were the introduction of local council election and an open tender system.

“Lim may be reluctant to push for local council election because it will diminish his power if Penangites use that as an avenue to pass verdict on the state’s performance.”

Puh-lease lah, stop bullsh*tting about local council elections, because what Penang PKR really wants is for a couple of its leaders to sit on some local councils (without any elections of course), acting as if they are UMNO apparatchiks.

If you read my 03 July 2009 post DAP needs to watch out for some treacherous PKR members you will find I wrote:

We know that some Penang PKR members believe they are entitled to positions and prestige – so, on top of Lim’s no to Datukships, they were further pissed off when Lim GE decided to do away with appointing pollies to head local councils, a position badly abused in the past to the detriment of the rakyat's benefits. He and the Penang exco decided on professional administrators to head (note: not ‘helm’ wakakaka) the councils.

When one PKR bloke thought he could show his anger by boycotting an event that he was required to be present at, Lim sacked him. We’re of course referring to PKR’s Johari Kassim.

Note the difference in the leadership quality between Lim and Anwar, where one puts his foot on down on indiscipline while the other allows the Kulim Wonder to get away with shameful thuggish behaviour, treacherous criticism of his own PKR colleague Eli Wong (a victim of puerile pariah politics), demonstration of his medieval misogynist mentality against SIS, etc etc etc.

That is something for Anwar Ibrahim to answer to, and for his party’s deputy president, Dr Syed Husin to explain why there’s no disciplinary action taken against the Kulim Wonder as had been promised.

Anyway, Zahrain decides that it’s payback time for Lim GE.

Seizing on a tragedy, that of Kampung Buah Pala, he twisted the misguided Hindraf knife further into Lim’s side, accusing Lim for attempting to resolve the crisis through media statements, rather than working out a proactive action plan ...

... of course ignoring at the same time that the Hindraf brothers had been the ones using the media to shout down and threaten Lim … as if they were avenging immortals wakakaka.

And the irony about 'negotiating through the media' is that in the runup to the March 2008 general election, PKR set a notorious track record of pre-empting talks with the DAP by releasing their views on PKR-DAP seat sharing allocations to the press rather than discussing those views or desired positions with the DAP in confidence. That party did the same underhanded and undermining tactics in 2004.

It's obvious that Penang PKR wants to sabotage Lim GE, because earlier we saw PKR state youth chief Yusmadi Yusoff leaping in to join the pack of braying anti-Lim attackers over the Kg Buah Pala saga.

With allies like that, who needs enemies?

Ho hum, yawnnn so what's new, Zahrain has done it again (Lim GE is communist-minded? wakakaka) because he has been pissed off that Lim GE and the Penang exco had decided on professional administrators to head local councils, which left his PKR buddies without any spoils of the March 2008 win.

Lim GE can’t help nor share their ex UMNO mentality that the winning party should share the spoils of war.

Now, my question was what do (Malay) ex servicemen and Penang PKR leaders have in common?

None whatsoever!

While ex-servicemen who have defended the nation and (quite understandably) expect some rewards on retirement, such as taxi permits and business opportunities, and Penang PKR leaders also expect such entitlements (even without serving the State yet in any damn thing), at least the ex servicemen had defended the nation.

Zahrain, pordah!

(1) Biadap-ish arrogance of PKR towards Lim Guan Eng

(2) PKR thinks it's the UMNO of Pakatan Rakyat - hey, I was earlier than Zaid Ibrahim in stating this – wakakaka!


  1. who cares? dap are nothing but scumbags!

  2. Lim GE is A on performance and B on rhetoric.

    DSAI is C on performance and A on rheroric.

    UMNO & MN is F on performance and C on rhetoric but A++ on stealing.

    Wish we have more leaders are like LGE.

  3. Its time to get rid of these re-branded UMNO before the next GE.

  4. Dap pordah useless bunch of talk cock only , blame others politician . Until today Penang is getting worse than before . KTemoc is hiding in Australia , what does he know about Penang ?

  5. Lim is following what Lee Kwan Yew did for Singapore.
    No nonsense and no monkey business will be tolerated and that is the way it should be.

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