Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pakatan Rakyat's future - what if Anwar is jailed?

Much as I don't like him, kaytee has never deny* denied that Anwar Ibrahim is the glue holding the Pakatan Rakyat (very loose) coalition together.
* I need an editor lah

Mind you, being a 'loose coalition' is not necessarily a bad thing as it means there is no Tai-Koh factor which, alas, we see in the BN.

No one, not even Anwar Ibrahim, dares boss any component party around - any wannabe dictator acts tough and an unhappy but independent component party will go its individual way, and the coalition becomes no more ...

… which has been what UMNO and its sidekick parties have been trying to bring about for the Pakatan Rakyat.

But the BN hasn’t succeeded because each of the Pakatan component party knows 'the family that prays together (for victory in 2013) stays together'.

DAP needs PAS to win the Malay votes, PAS needs DAP to win the Chinese support, and even Pak Haji Hadi Awang has finally realized this.

And of course PKR needs both PAS and DAP to attain majority rule, and enable Anwar to become PM.

But Sodomy II looms near, and Anwar ending up again behind bars has been upgraded from a possibility to a probability.

So what will happen to Pakatan ... if its 'glue' is enjoying the government free 'rest house' inclusive of nasi kari lunch and dinner?

Assuming the evil Empire gets its way, and Anwar is jailed, I believe his replacement as Pakatan’s leader has to be someone acceptable to both PAS and DAP, and I can think of only Zaid Ibrahim of PKR.

malaysiakini photo

Read Zaid’s penetrating recommendation to support Lim Guan Eng’s plan to capture ‘Middle Malaysia’ in Malaysiakini’s Zaid fleshes out Guan Eng's idea. There's intellectual merit in Zaid's proposal without any pompous man man lai words.

In concert with Lim’s campaign, Zaid proposes a core curriculum in our national education system so that we can build common values, drawn from the great civilisations, to promote understanding of citizenship with corresponding rights and obligations, respect for civil and rational debate, and understanding to reject supremacist or exclusivist thinking.

I believe he has it in him to be a national leader. Thus we may be looking at a probable future PM, assuming there will be no ‘dirty works’ to also neutralise him.

Ironically, while he is likely to be accepted by PAS and DAP as Anwar's replacement, as leader of Pakatan, he may face problems from within his own PKR party. There is an ambitious man from Gombak who may not want to have Zaid Ibrahim as the new Pakatan supremo.


  1. In the event AI is behind bar , ZI is the best person to lead PR.

    The fact that he resigned from a senior ministerial post to protest the abuse of ISA indicated the man's integrity, honesty and righteousness .
    This kind of personality is rare indeed in Malaysia.

  2. I hope the UMNO bastards jail Anwar. UMNO does not understand the meaning of 'Better the devil you know'. White SA fascists turned Mandela into a martyr which galvanised the anti-apartheid movement. His jailing gave others with better organisational abilities to turn the fragmented anti-apartheid movement into a cohesive political movement. Perhaps Anwar ha sto go to jail so as to transform th PR into a disciplined, truly multi-racial coalition capable of showing all Malaysians that PR deserves a chance to rule at the Federal level. Zaid Ibrahim may just be the man needed for the job.

    Sorry Anwar. PR needs a martyr and you are that person.

  3. don't you think the BN fellas don't know that ZI may be better for PR and therefore cost them the next GE.

    So they will make sure that AI stays out but with the threat that he can be nabbed at anytime held over his head.

    That way they will keep ZI less effective and the status quo at PR


  4. vinnan kiasu, you are the bastard

  5. yes jo, maybe my post, if read by UMNO strategists, may convince them not to jail AI.

    "no no Datuk Seri, dun thank me, just a public service wakakaka"

  6. Gembala Katak, How do you know I am 'kiasu', you stupid 'Indon' UMNO bastard

  7. Hey, Gembala Katak janganlah use bad language here please. Dont call people kiasu bastard.This is a respectable blog and people discuss issues here in a civilised way.

    If you continue to use bad language here then I will have to call you a stupid, fuckless, flaccid venereal prick.


  8. Cometh the hour, cometh the man!

    So, if it's not Anwar, someone else will rise to the occassion when it arrives. Pakatan is not a 1 string bow set up nor can the true course of justice be perverted!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human race

  9. Ktemoc,
    Hahaha! Welcome to the era of psychological warfare. Yup, Zaid Ibrahim is a good candidate. Better still, Tengku Razaleigh would do a harakiri in UMNO by lompating en masse (minus Rais Yatim, of course). In ensuring that UMNO is surely mampus
    Even LKY & co would be extremely happy with this. In defeat, Malice. In Victory, Revenge! Hahahaha
    By then, I wanna see what Mahathir gonna say after that.

    Mahathir said that "Holocaust has failed as a final solution". Hmmm.....I am getting a bit worried here. Not sure if UMNO come out with crazy ideas. We need Stauffenbergs in UMNO to sabo themselves

  10. Zaid is a very good man.
    However he lacks the charisma and magnetism to attract the masses.
    People in villages come out in droves to hear Anwar speak.
    Zaid need to improve his stage presence - sometimes garnering votes in more about showmanship.

  11. Looks like these are all fore warnings that Anwar Ibrahim is heading back to jail .

  12. Big political turmoil for all the political parties .

    Sign of cosmic , spiritual and political cleansing . More to come .

    Within a short period of one week we have seen three VVIPs passing away . More to come before the year ends .