Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Perak's poisonous stalemate will hurt BN more than PR

Sadly for the stability of our nation, Najib and his BN cohorts have missed a golden opportunity to extricate themselves safely from the Perak minefield they had landed themselves in, when the 3 frogs handed them the balance of power.

True, they weren’t the first to start the rotten froggie business – ‘twas blooming Anwar Ibrahim, the so-called reformer but de facto deformer.

Najib had referred to Anwar’s bluff about the 31 frogs for 916 as an example of PKR’s double standards as well as justification for the BN's coup d'etat. Najib has been quite right, because what’s good for the PKR goose should be good for the BN gander ...

... and which has been the reason why kaytee has always been against frogs, regardless of which way they jumped. We simply cannot cherrypick as would some hypocrites in PKR and even a few in PAS and DAP.

No, don’t talk to me about the concept of ‘free association’, not in Malaysia anyway, because virtually everyone knows that a voter casts a vote for a candidate mainly on the basis of the candidate’s party. It would have to be the very rare and outstanding candidate whom voters would vote for as an individual …

… therefore an elected representative has a ‘contractual’ obligation with his/her voters to stay on the desired side of the political fence.

As a stark example, why do you think the voters of Jelapang voted for Hee Yit Foong? Or, to be more precise with my question, did the voters of that constituency voted for Hee as a person or the DAP which put her up as the candidate for Jelapang?

How do they feel now that Hee has, just for the material sake of a Camry Mercedes, hopped across to the BN they despised?

Now, with Zambry's successful appeal to put a hold on the High Court ruling in favour of Nizar, we see the continuous running joke that is political Perak, where the courts have been used to studiously avoid the only true deciding factor, the people’s choice!

One can only consider, contemplate and curse on what P Cumaraswamy, former President of the Bar Council, stated: “It will be a matter of concern to an average citizen over how the Court of Appeal presided by one judge could overturn a decision of the High Court judge yesterday when he refused to grant a stay of execution without there being before the Court a formal application to that effect.”

Many laypersons like me are still wondering why the learned judge of the Appellate Court has put a stay on an earlier court order which was to right a wrong?

Indeed, why stay a ruling to right a wrong? Why hold off the removal of an usurping pretender MB and the reinstating of the rightful MB ...

... indeed, why with such lightning speed?

Hmmm, at least the Regent has been saved from the agonising need to undermine his dad's refusal to dissolve the Dewan Undang2 Negeri (State Assembly), because Nizar is now legally put on hold by the Appellate Court from exercising his MB's power in asking HRH to send the political decision back to the people of Perak.

But as I said, Najib has missed the sweet opportunity to both stop drinking from the poisonous chalice that is Perak as well as save his face with the UMNO ultra conservatives.

I blogged yesterday in Nizar topples Zambry's house of cards that the High Court’s ruling of Nizar Jamaluddin “... is, and was, at all material times the chief minister of Perak" represented the surgeon’s silver scalpel for Najib to slice off the cancerous growth that is Perak, that may yet prove to be politically malignant for the BN in 2013.

Mind you, if we read The Malaysian Insider's news article Najib lets Zambry decide what to do in Perak, Najib seemed to be distancing himself from the Perak constitutional crisis, which has now been aggravated by Zambry’s successful appeal for a stay order to the High Court's ruling of Nizar as the legitimate MB.

The PM said it was up to Zambry to decide the BN’s next move. He also stressed on HRH's sole prerogative to dissolve the State Assembly.

Yes, it could well be Najib just dissembling, though I am inclined to believe he’s feeling very uncomfortable with the decision by the Court of Appeal.

As if that hasn't been enough for Najib, we read in The Malaysian Insider
BN promises more intrigue in fight for Perak of vainful boasts by former Perak MB Tajol Rosli that the BN has more up their sneaky smelly sleeves for the political imbroglio in Perak.

The battle for the Pakatan Rakyat may appear to be lost but what about the war?

In many ways, the Appellate Court’s stay order may in the final analysis serve Pakatan Rakyat far far more than it does or will the BN. Perhaps that's what Najib could be quietly worried about!


  1. No one will buy Najib's cop out that it is up to that 2nd hand car salesman Camry to resolve the Perak problem!

    This is really the height of stupidity by Najib when everyone and his uncle Bob knows that Najib engineered the situation and there's no way that e.g. Camry can agree with Nizar to dissolve the State Assembly and call for fresh elections. If Camry does so, UMNO will have him for breakfast!

    Would you now buy a second hand car from Najib?


  2. The Appellate Court’s stay order is for the purpose of putting pressure on PR to accept a political solution which works in UMNO's favour. Not necessarily to keep BN in power but to take away the new found powers of the Sultans since the March 08 GE. The Perak fiasco in many ways legitimizes the power of the Sultan to choose anyone he pleases as the MB. UMNO wants this power back. Look at how the ex-MBs of Perlis and Terengganu are asking Najib to install them as MB's like what Najib did in Perak. Imagine asking an UMNO leader to dispose of your UMNO folks so that you can be MB. I use the word folks here as in kin for it is a practice among UMNO members to intra marry. Thus, many UMNO members are actually related to each other. I think Najib realises his mistake and he wants to correct it. The route to this correction is however long and torturous for UMNO. As for what Najib wants from Nizar, we have to wait and see.

  3. I think it is a blessing in disguise.The Court of Appeal granted Zamri a stay of execution would ultimately lead to a doomday for UMNO.The people of Malaysia are really fed-up of this dirty politics of the ruling government.I bet it will be history for UMNO in the 13th GE and hope Pakatan Rakyat would stay calm and be strong to tide away this difficult times.The people are with them to fight against this stubborn and illegitimate MB.

  4. KT

    I dont think it will damage BN more than Pakatan. In this tragicomedy, there are no heroes but only villains.

    But then again, people have short memories. If the non Malays can vote overwhelmingly for a party led by the GSOS despite his highly unglorious record of acting in highly offensive manners against them in the past, I am sure this little storm in the Silver Cup will soon be forgotten if Najib forges ahead with his reforms.

    On the bigger scheme of things, we rules Perak hardly matters however emotional some people get. Malaysian history has seen worst and many people hardly recall these incidents.

    Not many people recall that the GSOS had made a claim that he was poisoned by the police and was dying while being jailed. Well not only that he survived but the lap test results at Australia proved negative.

    Zulkifli Nordin the KKK disciple from Kulim still is alive and kicking as a MP.

    I think this episode is a blessing in disguise as this shows the damage katakcracy can do. Let's hope that this episode will put off for good the Katak King from having misguided and ill-conceived plans such as 916.

  5. Hi Idzan Ismail

    where art thou ? Like to hear your opinion on these !

  6. Greentown Ipoh man10:00 am, May 13, 2009

    Guess many are having a pity party with Nizar today.
    Manylah turun to Ipoh since now Ipoh is again having two MBs.
    Yesterday all was peceful here since BN accepts the court verdict.
    Today I think I am scared to go outlah.
    Orang KL suka naj kaypola, kacau sini sana.
    Pitylah Nizar is a seat warmer for 19 hours.
    Not enough to lay more eggs.
    Anyay bro Nizar, you are a 19-hour wonder. Good enough for you.
    Want to suspend federal officials like SS and LA.
    Aiyo lawpun tak tau.
    Actually politics is commonsense.
    It does not take a degree from University Aston Birmingham to grasp it.
    I wenr to Anderson?
    Were you studying there too or was it Kuala Dipang school?
    This timekan aku pikir nak undi BNlah.
    Aku mengundi DAP elections 08. Menyesal aku. Gini jadinya.

  7. Greentown Ipoh man10:37 am, May 13, 2009

    Today is May 13.
    Let us ponder the day with deep humility.
    Pleas God, let us be sane and sober Malaysians

  8. A prayer to those to died on this day 40 years ago .
    May Buddha bless their soul !

  9. While I do believe the structural changes within the economy will path an ensuing recovery and that is foreseeable future for Malaysia. By the same token, the worst have passes for BN, the Federal Government is secure, Anwar and gangs fail to shake Najib's government and they dare not court and count on any frogs again as that will smack across their faces. Until the next general election, the war have already won by BN, its is not about Perak, its is about the Federal Government. Perak is use only as a battle ground.

    What PR can offer is the forces of darkness and what they sell is a bunch of hooey. Those cynical egomaniac who sold their soul to the devil absolutely obsessed with doing anything destructive to our economy and everything necessary wicked to become the Prime Minister. Some of those rascal already turn yellow and got lost, enjoying good life in foreign country and yet instigating for behind the blind here to more cause more troubles.

    People are now more interest in how Najib manage the country economy and navigate us out of difficult time. If he can do that nobody would like to trade comfort with less comfort much less hunger....of course as usual those trouble markers will pore venom in full throttle to dampen Nijib progress to a point where they themselves goes POP. It will be only a matter of time that superficial beautiful house crumple heavily, they don't understand that peace loving and law abiding people can't follow their world. When will these people able to crawl out of their dark holes to see the sunlight or already a foregone conclusion that the forces of darkness are their substances......................

  10. Dear hard core BN-supporters,

    Please ask your faux Malay hero
    Zambry "Gandhi/Mandela" Abdul Kadir
    to read this (South Africa's
    Freedom Charter). Meanwhile,
    continue to grovel to the UMNO racists and ultranationalists and enjoy your "second class citizen" status. (Please also do not forget to thank our progressive Malay brothers and sisters who support change and no longer believe in propaganda used to cover up corruption and theft of public funds).


    South Africa's Freedom Charter

    We the people of South Africa, declare for all our country and the world to know:
    That South Africa belongs to all who live in it, black and white, and that no government
    can justly claim authority unless it is based on the will of the people;
    That our people have been robbed of their birthright to land, liberty and peace by a form of government founded on injustice and inequality;
    That our country will never be prosperous or free until all our people live in brotherhood, enjoying equal rights and opportunities;
    That only a democratic state, based on the will of the people can secure to all their birthright, without distinction of color, race, sex, or belief;
    And therefore, we, the people of South Africa, black and white, together—equals, countrymen, and brothers—adopt this FREEDOM CHARTER. And we pledge ourselves to strive together, sparing nothing of our strength and courage, until the democratic changes here set out have been won.


    Phua Kai Lit

  11. Greentown Ipoh man12:53 pm, May 13, 2009

    Mr Phua kai Lit

    I dont like what is happening to my Ipoh.
    Nak cari tempoyakpun susah sekarang tau.
    Menyesal lah i undi DAP.
    I nak undi BN balik.
    Sebab Nizar ni tak reti basa.
    Normally I tak komen dalam blog sebab I malu i no speak English.
    Tapi I nak belajar dari korang.
    Can or not?

  12. Encik Greentown Ipoh man 12:53 pm


    I pun tak suka what is happening to my Malaysia. You sokong cadangan "one final round of state-wide elections to decide who should rule Perak"??


    Phua's 13th Law of Malaysian Politics:

    The Thirteenth Law of Malaysian Politics

    One can become the “Mohandas Gandhi” or “Nelson Mandela” of Malaysia simply by declaring oneself to be so – qualifying standards are easy to meet in Malaysia (Boleh!)

    Phua Kai Lit

  13. Batu Gajah Man1:45 pm, May 13, 2009

    Phua Kai Lit

    Please compare apples to apples , durians to durians !

    What has
    South Africa's Freedom Charter got to do with Malaysia ? Malaysia got Sultans , got Agong , Africa takde ?

    Apa lah lu , You tak suka , pergi lah tinggal di Africa !!
    Just because someone refers to Gandhi or Nelson Mandela ,you pun mau pick on the small issue , sila cakap on the big issues like how to stop the circus show in town !

    No more PR for me beginning today . Enough of those clowns . We are fed up !

  14. 'sila cakap on the big issues like how to stop the circus show in town !'

    Very easy Batu Gajah Man,

    Tell Zambry to stop insulting Gandhi and Mandela. I do not know how great of a man Zambry is but he is certainly not in the league of Gandhi or Mandela. So if anybody is making a mockery of Perak it is Zambry. As the Malays will say
    "TAK MALU"

  15. Hi Batu Gajah Man

    South Africa's Freedom Charter is
    "inspirasi" untuk kita semua, faham?

    Ini tanahair saya, saya
    stay put to fight against
    UMNO/BN-style racism and institutionalised discrimination.
    Saya "third generation Malaysian", for your information.

    57% Malay Malaysians (the majority!)voted for PR during last Pilihanraya Umum. You not one of them, I presume??

    And, by the way, I do support special rights for Malays as spelt out in our Malaysian Constitution.


    Phua Kai Lit

  16. Greentown Ipoh man4:27 pm, May 13, 2009

    Batu Gajah man

    Kita dekat ajekan.
    Akupun dah meluat dengan Nizar dan PR.
    Memang i nak mengundi BN balik.
    But si Zambry ni kan orang kuat Anwar dulu.
    Cara dia do things and act also like Anwar.
    So I tak berkenan.
    I hope BN if nak ada elections, janganlah pilih Zambry.
    Tajul Rosli okay.
    Mr Phua, thank you for accepting me, bad English and all.
    But I dont agree with fresh elections.
    I want whoever becomes MB, Nizar or Zambry, sudah-sudahlah tu.
    Biasanya people like to see clowns.
    But these two clowns are very disgusting.

  17. Encik Greentown Ipoh Man 4:27 pm

    You are welcome, Saudara.

    Walapun kita disagree, kita boleh
    engage in peaceful disagreement.

    Kita semua patriot dan anak Malaysia...Cina atau Melayu atau Orang India atau mixed keturunan.

    Phua Kai Lit

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  21. Jangan Main Puki

    "Cheapsake?" What's that? Some Japanese discounted alcoholic drink? You probably studied in a Japanese school for English beginners as well!

    And, JMP, God bless you too! You need it more than me. Muahaha!

  22. Jangan Main Puki5:44 pm, May 14, 2009

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  23. This explains 1malaysia very well.
    Nothing change at all.
    It is the same game with the same rules. Just the name changed.

  24. it is cuntitutions sekarang coz our constitutions r being raped !!