Thursday, May 07, 2009

Death of democracy in Perak - when silence is betrayal!

Malaysiakini - Sivakumar dragged out, BN speaker takes over!

Nothing is more deplorable, disgraceful and deceitful in a democracy than in witnessing unidentified outsiders (BN thugs) entering the Perak State Parliament to drag out the Speaker of the House.

It was a murder of democracy in public.

And worse, according to The Malaysian Insider Sivakumar was taken by Police and confined in a room for an hour, while the pretender seized his position.

WTF did the Police think they were doing in detaining an ADUN who is also the de jure Speaker of the Perak State Assembly? Another stab in the belly of parliament!

But what astonished me more has been the Sultan’s representative, Raja Nazrin, presiding over the opening of an illegal parliamentary session, lending that assembly an unjustified and unwarranted legitimacy.

And one may ask, why did HRH wait until Sivakumar was dragged out and replaced by the BN appointed speaker before he made the royal address?

The Sultan should have listened to the voice of the people and dissolved the State parliament weeks ago, instead of allowing the so-called august House to degenerate into the fumbling farcical f*up folly it became today – a black day in the history of highly oxidised Perak, bloody blooming black silver.

I blame 3 parties for allowing politics to deteriorate to today's sad state where we witnessed mind-boggling monkeying in the Monkey House of Perak, namely:

(1) Anwar Ibrahim for starting the f* undemocratic frog business, having even the shameless temerity to describe revolving door frog, Nasarudin Hashim’s defection as reflecting
“... the sentiments of his voters, namely the Malays in his constituency ... as the beginning of a new wave.”.

Yes, Mr Man Man Lai was not only hard up for frogs but he had to single out Nasarudin’s defection as that of a new wave of Malay voters tsunami-ing over to his banner.

(2) Najib for responding to Anwar’s froggie poker, by upping the ante. He could have put a stop to the Perak nonsense once he has secured his UMNO presidential position, but alas, he didn’t have the will to close the lid back on Pandora Box quickly enough.

He has allowed democracy to be mauled, savaged and mutilated to an extent that we saw thugs being used by the BN to drag the legitimate Speaker out of the House and held incommunicado by police for an hour so that a pretender could usurp Sivakumar’s position.

The wounds suffered by democracy in Perak on this day of infamy will take decades to heal.

(3) HRH – what more can I say that’s not already said about him. Ironically once one of the most admired man in our nation, one now has second thoughts about him.

Why has his representative seen fit to deliver the royal address to an illegally convened State Assembly, one presided by a pretender-Speaker?

Former Justice NH Chan has written volumes on HRH’s hubristic show of pretend-power, his unconstitutional dismissal of MB Nizar (a view supported by many including Tun Dr Mahathir), and his shocking lack of judgement in seeing Najib behind Nizar’s back on the crucial issue of who commands the confidence of the majority in the State Assembly.

I would not be very far wrong in saying his actions might have lent belief to the BN that its grubby grim grab for power has been legitimate.

But sadly, in the weeks that followed the BN coup d’├ętat, despite many imploring HRH to send the decision back to the people of Perak, he remained silent, ignoring the voices of the rakyat.

And perhaps we should all recall Martin Luther King's words that "A time comes when silence is betrayal."

both photos from Malaysiakini


  1. I think certain people should have a taste of being dragged away and removed from the office... I really think so...

  2. Bentoh,

    What are your grounds for saying so?

  3. The people of Perak will have to do the needful when the 13GE comes around.

  4. The aduns' behaviour is absolutely charming. wakakaka

    While watching the fracas on the TV News one element seems to be glaringly missing. The esteemed aduns were not giving of their best shot. Where were the flying helicopter kicks a'la Jean Claude Van Damme and the fists of fury a'la Bruce Lee? And, also, where was the MIC speciality, you know, of flying chairs and other furniture whizzing through the air?

    Now, if only those honourable aduns were to do all that, omigosh! wouldn't that be loverly, as Eliza Doolittle would say.

    That should be quite an attraction and definitely will be a big hit with tourists! Dato Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen, the Minister of Tourism, will have her work cut out for her; she can propose having such action-packed sittings of the Dewan at all times. Then the public viewing area should be expanded and more seats added. Tourism officials must go around the world promoting this unique Malaysian culture. My gosh! - I can see tourist arrivals will surely skyrocketing!!

    Hidup Be End

  5. Yes, indeed you are right. Death of Democracy in Perak.

    The main reason it was possible?

    Enforcers (cowardly pretending to be 'Officails') revealed themselves to be from the same mould as jack-booted and 'Heil Hitler Mein Feuhrer' swearing Nazis.

    They may have just about won the battle today, but have surely lost the War. And PEOPLE do NOT have short memories as is now frequently bandied about to justify Stalinistic tactics.

    WE shall remember come 2013!!

  6. Waaaaaaahhhhh!!! The mayhem and the death of democracy in Perak caused by Anwar Ibrahim (first on KTemoc's list some more!!!). Waaaaaaahhhhh!!! This man very powerful, man!!! Waaaaaaahhhhh!!! What will he "cause" next?? An earthquake, a volcanic eruption??

  7. murder of democracy? idiot!
    majority rules bro... pls accept the reality

  8. Hi Ktemoc

    1. I guess you don't see such scenes in the legislative chambers of Australia politics, Ktemoc?

    2. I believe the BN guys learned well from the "study tour" to Taiwan. Remember all the fisticuffs of the Legislative Yuan in Taiwan?

    3. We can express our revulsion at the Zimbabwe-style lawlessness by:

    1. Joining a political party
    2. Giving money to a political party
    3. Volunteering our services to a political party
    4. Actively urging others to do the same
    5. Blogging
    6. Informing the foreign press about our sham democracy
    7. Voting
    8. Writing letters to the local press
    9. Working with progressive NGOs

    Mass mobilization of the fed-up citizenry will bring about genuine change in the end. Remember Eastern Europe during the late

    Phua Kai Lit

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  11. Ketmoc,
    Dont blame Anwar first.Blame that guy who was wearing a yellow sarong kit.Where was his so called smart wisdom.?Man! he writes but cannot perform.He was also raping the assembly with those BN dogs with his preasence there.It should have been wise for him to walk out of the mess and give a warning !At least things would have been cool but then again this smart alexs just dont have the class to rule lah!

  12. Where are the indian killers and the china chaptos?Would expect them in this column!Why the silence and where are their half baked analysis?Maybe it confirms their BN lineage lor!Cannot admit a wrong is a wrong!

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    Remember , someone recently mentioned that Anwar is aiming for a few more by-elections ? looks like he has started the ball rolling and looks like somebody's head is fast moving on to the chopping block !

    So guys this is Anwar ! Go take a look guys !Guys only !

    Hidup Ketuanan Anwar !!

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  18. Eh..what happen to Russian Czar, Emperor of China, Shah of Iran, King of Nepal, King of France and many other monarchies ???

  19. Yo bro Killer

    This what we posted ,and its happening !!

    Hindraf trio, 10 others freed from ISA
    UPDATED 1.52pm

    PUTRAJAYA, May 8 — The remaining three Hindraf leaders and 10 others are to be freed from detention under the Internal Security Act in the next few days but Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein declined to give reasons for the release.

  20. This is what I posted on 29 April .

    Yo Killer

    What impact would you see if the the rest of the Hindraf chaps currently detained under ISA were to be released ?

    Thanks for your post on the other side .

    11:02 AM, April 29, 2009

  21. Ah oh! The long-winded Chapto-boring is back again! (I thought he was accidentally killed by the Killer).

  22. dontplaypussy465:15 pm, May 08, 2009

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  23. Dontplaypussy46: This is my second comment so far this month on KTemoc's blog: the first was before your comment above. I am neither dontplaymyass nor pussykat46, whoever they are. You may be a great fan of Chapto-boring, but not everyone is. I am simply irritated by the way he tries to dominate the comments section of KTemoc's blog, with postings that can be extremely long. Yes, Donplaypuks does dominate sometimes, but not to the extent of Chapto-boring. I will definitely criticise Donplaypuks if I deel that he has reached the limit that Chapto-boring has breached.

  24. @Anonymous, 9:20 AM, May 08, 2009
    "majority rules bro... pls accept the reality"

    FYI, majority rules indeed... by Law. It may have failed you, but Rule of Law does feature a few pesky things such as federal and Perak constitutions, DUN standing orders, principles like Separation of Power, which power-crazy BN violently trampled with not a qualm.

  25. Mr Man Man Lai want to start his plan of various by-election with the latest Bukit Langan ADUN?

    Internal PKR struggle take the media attention?

    Drama lagi?

  26. Anonymous 5:09 PM,

    lay off chap !if you don't like what he writes , skip it but we don't like insinuations (I thought he was accidentally killed by the Killer). what are you trying to say here ?

  27. hee (hahahahahaha!) claims that she has been sexually harrassed by some dap members during the chaotic perak non-session!! she praises the pas members though 4 not molesting her (i think pas members consider it haram 2 even look @ her ch_____ face, and would vomit if they go beyond that! – dap members r kinder). anyway, hee went 2 the session expecting 2 b raped!: how would u epxlain the pepper spray she took with her? isn't it a weapon 2 b used by spraying @ the most delicate part of a man’s body, should they want 2 get in2 the act? lmao! anyway, marina mahathir in her blog entry, sex in the dewan, has some cute comments on hee’s and some ameno female member’s allegations of molest!! lmao!

  28. The Hee says it is the hotel keys. So she must be operating in rumah tumpangan. Business very bad and not enough to cover the expenses of Camry. No wonder she accept the services by UMNO

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Phua

    Welcome back. You had been missing from action for a while. In your absence we had been wondering what you have to say about the "progressive" PAS after their furious opposition to the cabinet's child conversion policy. Perhaps you would to update us on the stance of your own moderate PAS MP who you had been gushing about in your previous postings here.

    I am deeply distubed by the fact that you seems to advocating a mass upraising ala East Europe and elsewhere to overthrow the legitimately elected govt in Malaysia.

    Perhaps I should remind you that we do have elections in which the Opposition parties have done well and this channel is still open for the rakyat to exercise their democratic rights.

    In fact the Opposition parties had been very active and the alternative media had been solely at their bidding. I would hardly think any more activities are needed to increase the level of political consiciousness in the country. In fact the opposite applies due to the an overdose of politics.

    What happened in Perak is not something to be blamed only on BN but Pakatan must bear equal blame as well for the rape of democracy.
    Had Pakatan admitted that they have lost the majority in the DUN and wait for the next GE or the decision of the courts, this would not have happened at all.

    Instead the Speaker abused his power to dismiss legally appointed MB and his team using a Kangaroo court.

    I admit the images of Sivakumar forcibly being removed from the DUN was a blot on our democracy. But then the image of Pakatan reps pulling mikes (which media like Malaysiakini and others have cunningly censored) and bullying Hee was disgraceful as well. I also found Sivakumar's childish antics of holding on to his seat was highly unbecoming of a Speaker.

  31. Hi Killer 9:51 am

    Good afternoon, my worthy political opponent.

    Well, in every political party there are dissenting opinions and factions
    (except for Stalinist and Fascist parties). So does PAS. And so does
    chapto's beloved MCA.

    Same for political coalitions such as PR. That's what democracy is all about -- tolerance for peaceful dissent, compromises over policies, persuading people who hold other views that you are right etc. (But some of your BN-supporting political buddies such as Xiean openly call for the iron fist against political opponents)

    I won't debate about constitutional and legal aspects of the Perak situation. Better qualified people such as NH Chan have made the necessary observations.

    Well, I am just stating the historical facts about Eastern Europe. If dissenting political views in the form of political movements are allowed to be expressed freely, the political temperature would go down. But if you take the route of increasing political repression, the situation would only get worse. If elections are truly free and fair in Malaysia, BN would probably still retain power
    as your support is significant in Pahang, Johor and East Malaysia.
    And your legitimacy would be further enhanced. Dubious political intrigue, laughable public relations exercises, use of brute force against the other side in the Internet Age only invite contempt, ridicule and further erosion of legitimacy of the government.

    If I were a BN-supporter like you, I would push for genuine reform in BN/UMNO -- like what happened with Taiwan's Guomindang. Then you won't have to continuously abuse our political instututions to hang on desperately to power.

    Phua Kai Lit

  32. Hi Killer

    Allow me to make one more comment:

    We older Malaysians (i.e. the gray hairs)should hang our heads in shame when younger Malaysians like John Lee have to teach us the meaning of democracy and good governance!

    Phua Kai Lit

  33. Phua

    I think there is more than enough space for dissenting opinion in Malaysia today unlike the case under TDM several years ago.

    Look at the blogosphere, mostly of it controlled by pro-Opposition. Look at print media. Most of it also opposed to BN as well except perhaps some of the English and Malay newspapers.

    Even in the electronic sphere, stations like NTV7 and some radio stations are critical.

    Anwar and his Pakatan leaders freely travel the country to speak to their supporters almost throughout the year non-stop. There hardly a day passes without a Pakatan ceremah happening somewhere in the country.

    But these criticisms has to be matured and democratic. When the Opposition uses the issue of Altantunya for example,this is going beyond good taste and healthly, mature politics.

    The same goes for Perak DUN fiasco. You cannot force a mob rule on Assembly proceedings by trying to break into the building.

    There is simply no comparison between Eastern Europe and Malaysia in terms of political freedom. Not when we have a strong Opposition in the Parliament and also in charge of 4 (or 5) State governments.

    If PR calls for an upraising, this will invite a situation similar to Thailand where the majority government will resort to similar tactics to get back to power.

    I think PR has done well in 12 GE and should focus on ruling their 4 (or 5 ) states than trying to destabilse the country or usurp power before 13 GE.

    As for John Lee, well, his thoughts are interesting but hardy earth shattering or new. The problem with these young armchair critics is that they view the issues via a Western perspective without understanding that each country has to find its own form of democracy and not just ape the West.

  34. PKR and DAP should do some serious soul searching.Let by gones be by gone. Be careful how you select your future candidates. To get into power you must not only be clean but must be seen to clean. And once you are in power please do not do what others do and become corrupt. Service above self must be your guiding light. Then may be you can achieve the 75% success rate.And the people will forgive you and vote you again to power.Ramalx