Friday, May 22, 2009

Court decision unsurprising!

Am not surprised by decision of Appellate Court.

As I blogged yesterday in Political pasembur 1 the BN
“…doesn’t want to lose face nor does it want Pakatan to be in a position to ask HRH to dissolve the House, because a re-election will see the BN or rather UMNO* humiliated even further.”

As I alluded, I believe Zambry will hang on for a while, for a bit of BN’s face, following which the 3 frogs could mysteriously resign or whatever.

I blogged:
“I suspect BN will try its utmost to manipulate the situation into by-elections in the three froggie seats, allowing PKR to win back two while DAP will bring about the largest landslide in Perak election history in Jelapang wakakaka.”

“This way, BN maintains the status quo without suffering further loss and at the same time divests itself of the poison chalice.”

Maybe the actual line of play may well turn out to be more complicated but my speculation is that BN will eventually divest itself of Perak, to save its own ass for 2013.

But what pissed me off when I read The Malaysian Insider Zambry is MB, rules court where the news report said: “Hundreds of PR supporters gathered briefly outside the court complex after the ruling was pronounced, and shouted slogans to back Nizar, including chanting ‘Refomasi’ and ‘Bubar DUN’”.

Haven’t those people got it yet, that it was the f* so-called ‘reformasi’ that gotten us into this trouble. FFS-lah, recall the blooming frog merchant and his claim that Nasaruddin Hashim’s defection “... reflected the sentiments of his voters, namely the Malays in his constituency ... as the beginning of a new wave.”

Yea, the frog merchant has his 'new wave' alright, with mud in his face!

Karpal Singh has been right - it's time for the frog merchant to fade away; he's a trouble maker wherever he goes.


  1. you should pickup thestar newspaper with the picture of bn dun from perak in praying gesture, citing their prayers have been answered.

    that means putting zambry as mb is correct divinely and nizar is wrong .....

  2. bn dun from perak are cupping their hands in the hope that falling dollar notes would fall into them, as they have fallen in the bank account of the jelapang toad

  3. Mmmh! Divine intervention? Let's see whether Nizar and Sivakumar's fasting will get divine attention.

  4. There seems to be Divine Ialright. Here comes Manek Urai a DUN almost 100% Malay. Let's see what this by-election does for UMNO's claim that Malay support for UMNO is on the way up. Who is Muhyiddin the shithead going to blame when UMNO loses this one with a bigger majority. The more UMNO mati mati tak mahu PRK, the more the Divine one seems to disagree again.

    Keputusan pilihanraya umum 2008 bagi N41 Manik Urai

    Jumlah pengundi: 12,292 orang
    Peratusan kaum: Melayu 99.25%, Cina 0.44%, India 26%, Lain-lain 0.02%

    1. Ismail Yaacob (PAS) 5,746
    2. Mohamed Zulkifli Omar (BN) 4,394

    Majoriti: 1,352
    Jumlah undi: 10,332
    Peratus mengundi: 84.05%
    Undi rosak: 192

  5. Kaytee,

    Have been following your articles for some time. May I make a few observations and ask a few questions and hope you care to reply.

    1. Almost each and every article points to one target, DSAI and his condemnation.

    2. You seem to be hell-bent on screwing him up from all angles as if he is the devil incarnate.

    3. Why are you so fixated on DSAI?

    4. It seems almost unbelievable a person who seems very well read can harbor so much hatred in him for one person.

    5. I don't like DSAI very much but I certainly don't hate him. But if I have to choose between most ministers in BN & DSAI, I would rather take my chances with DSAI.

    6. If it is your personal crusade to be against that man, please make it your mission statement.

    7. I still cannot pin-point what's so bad about DSAI though it could be personal between you and him. Nothing to do with where the sun doesn't shine?

    Hope no hard feelings and once again thanks for the rubber-tapping piece because I still reread it once a while.

  6. Kaytee,

    8. Do you believe in giving a person a second chance?

    9. When are you going to propose remedies to cure this nation of its ills? I am sure you know that criticizing alone, whether constructive or otherwise, is not going to do it.

    10. Hope you have in your heart the grace to forgive your children and relatives etc many times over for even making the same mistakes.


  7. Parliamentary Votes by SMS Valid, says Court

  8. mean the courts are at the dictate of UMNO?

    the police too?

  9. I like the way your blog readership is in continuous decline.
    At this rate you will have maybe 1 visitor per day (yourself) by end of the year.

  10. Keep on trucking Kaytee.
    No probs. You have many fans including me. Most are silent fans.
    The beauty of your blog is you allow people of differing opinions.
    You dont ridicule others or you censor people who criticised you.
    To Suchi Dalam Debu, isn't blogging all about putting across your pet peeves or faves?
    You don't have to stay neutral like MSM.

  11. Hahahaha Kaytee Fan,

    It is the silent majority that allows things to get screwed up at times.

    Kaytee don't ridicule others..?????

    Well, I don't know whose articles you have been reading all this while.

    Anyway, I DO enjoy reading Kaytee's articles most of the time. Just that I am not able to add them up and make them coherent. Must be my deficiency in the mental faculties.

    Still, how can someone be so obsessed with DSAI? Maybe one day will do an EZAM!

  12. Great men like Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great were fagots!
    Well Kaytee is some sort of Dr.Jekkel and Mr.Hyde when it comes to DSAI!
    Like Rocky Bru, they have an agenda !After all who doe'nt want money!

  13. When I see Nizar, he always reminds me of my fave Beatles song Nowhere Man.

  14. "Do you believe in giving a person a second chance?"


    yup, i do, so let's give zambry and najib chance to rule perak and malaysia :) let's hope manik urai to fall on bn's hand as to endorse najib and second chance to bn :)

    thank you, thank you ....

  15. federal court : " Nizar, pls come & collect your final judgment which is oredi siap ! come alone will do, no need lawyers lah , ok ! "

  16. gdp or watever is -6.2 = the loot won't be much !