Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Hishamuddin Hussein's fashion police?

It’s really sad that the police saw fit to arrest Wong Chin Huat on a serious charge of sedition when all the young academician did was to call for the public to wear black as a sign of protest against tomorrow’s sitting of the Perak DUN.

Since when has the RMP become fashion police?

Read my matey Ong Kian Ming’s article in Malaysiakini titled Wear black to protest Wong's arrest. And yes, we should!

Look, it’s not as if Wong has been a die-hard blinkered anwarista. Ong Kian Ming revealed to us:

I have found Chin Huat’s writings in the Chinese press, in Malaysiakini and most recently in the Nut Graph, to be intellectually provocative and interesting, and always measured in putting forth his arguments.

More often than not, he was as critical of the opposition as the BN, always maintaining the need to have a check and balance system even if Pakatan Rakyat were to come to power.

Hishamuddin as Home Minister has not acquitted himself well with such a draconian hit.

No doubt there are rumours that Wong will be released later today, but the aim seems to be a show of intolerance by the government for any form of dissent.

And to confirm that, The Malaysian Insider has reported in its news article
Police crackdown continues with three more arrests that PAS VP Mohd Sabu and PKR's Chegu Badrul plus one other have also been detained.

If we recall, Chegu Badrul had threatened to stage a mammoth nationwide mock funeral procession for Altantuyaa Shariibuu if PM Najib fails to sue all the international media groups that linked him to the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu - read Malaysiakini 'Sue or we stage mock funeral for Altantuya'.

Obviously PKR wants to keep the ‘rage’ against Najib going, so the reason for Badrul’s arrest would be different to Wong’s.

And to be frank I am getting a bit sick of PKR abusing the memories of Altantuyaa for its own political interests - see my earlier post PKR loudhailer to wake the dead!.

Yes, why don't those PKR how-larm (funeral mourners) dorn themselves in sackcloth and ashes, and mourn Malaysians Preeshena Varshiny, Nurin Jazlin Jazimin and K Sujatha too?

I am disgusted by the abuse of Altantuyaa's tragedy for their political agenda rather than any genuine concern for Altantuyaa. It's not unlike them Murdering Altantuyaa Shaariibuu Again.

But Hishamuddin in not keeping the police on a careful leash has instead further advanced the intention of the PKR, and alienate the general public by its senseless heavy-handed detention of people like Wong Chin Huat.


  1. Let me repost what I wrote in a earlier article !
    Here you can see a concerted and coordinated effort by all those opposition members to create civil disobedience and derailing the govt on economy improvement !
    a) We have the Wong fella under the guise of Bersih to create civil disobedience .
    b) Then we have the Che Gu Bard talking about Coffin protest in every state !
    c) Then we have the Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia, which is linked to Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR)creating scuffles under the guise of delivering cake to Najib !
    d) we have this RPK the great spinner purposely coming out with this article "The mystery of the missing confession"
    e) Next we have the Susan Loone blog's playing to the gallery by these articles " HK TV series to show how Altantuya was killed "The story will be based on French Liberation reporter Arnaud Dubus’ investigations. Remember my write up on this guy ! That he's in cahoots with Susan in Bangkok financed by the Asian foundation ?
    f) And finally we have this LKS trying to inflame the situation with petrol , C4, napalm all thrown in at the same time !

    Will Tsu Koon, Tee Keat or any other BN Minister dare to raise in Cabinet tomorrow the swirling serious allegations about Najib’s involvement in the Altantunya C4 murder case, in particular RPK’s latest blog?

    By Lim Kit Siang

    I think this apek has nothing much left to say except the screwed brain damaged repetitive subject of this woman . Guess they are so impressed with her that the daily lives of Malaysians and the country's economy plays second fiddle to this woman .
    When will this apek for once talk something sensible and plausible for the daily bread and butter of all Malaysians ? Is this Mongolian woman far more important that even until today THEY ( RPK AND THE PR GOONS ) despite their constant harping to derail the government of Najib has not been able to produce a single piece of evidence accept heresay and the constant spin of this idiot !
    Or is it that they are getting worried that the PM has been walking his talk while they are talking cock ! Fear seems to grip these doom and gloom sayers every minute these days that panic seems to be the order of the day !
    We have been consistently reminded of the ghost of the Mongolian which seems to be haunting those whose have been playing it up from Che Gu Bards constant reminder of the Coffin carrying PKR grave diggers !

    Dear Apek , my thought goes to you , don't ever push your luck TOO far , what comes round goes round . For the actions that you have created is not received by the intended receiver , it is coming back in the form of an echo which will be returned to sender , by the laws of cause and effect , action and reaction or simply laws of karma .
    All things is this world are are put in place by a reason and for a reason and you are not GOD to say he is guilty . If he is guilty he will have to answer to his karma sooner or later and not for you to judge and pass sentence !
    Malaysians will not be better off or living in better times whoever she is ! dead or alive .

    Direct you energy into something more useful for the good of mankind or for this country , not the constant harping of some dead woman .

    It just does to show the quality of opposition leaders in Malaysia .

  2. Enough of spin9:25 pm, May 06, 2009

    Please no black , yellow, blue or red shirts demo. We are not Thailand!!

    Wong Chin Huat is just facilitating media attention in the namesake of democracy, for the Mr Man Man Lai Angwar!

    Wong Chin Huat is not fighting for the rakyat but he is used as a tool for DAP/PKR/PAS, see Sivarasa, Tony Pua at that press conference which Wong Chin Huat gave.

    Enough of Pakatan spin!

  3. Dear Minister,

    Our police do not have the kind of training to dothe job. They must first be thought right from wrong. That is easy. When you do someting right you want to tell the whole world but when you do something wrong you do not want anyone to know and all you want to do is set up a in-house investigation to say what you have done is right.Ramalx