Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Penanti - Dr Mansor too kniasu, PKR too clever by half

The way The Malaysian Insider reported the story in PKR leaders admit they met with Aminah sets a different slant to what was reported in Malaysiakini I'm not sure it was bribery, Aminah now says.

This is something right up the alley for sweetie Helen Ang. Dear Helen sees the MSM as a bugbear. I wonder what’s her take on which one is being ‘creative’?

Anyway, I have a few observations and queries that I need to air:

(1) If dear Aminah couldn’t determine what’s bribery, how is she going to be a good DUN?

(2) Why did Aminah and family go through such a charade to tape and video Cheah Ka Peng and Peter Lim? Has she been UMNO-rised?

Aminah's family feeding the unsuspecting Lim and Cheah - Malaysiakini photo

(3) Friendship obviously means diddly squat to Aminah coz she went about collecting 'evidence' in a covert, calculative and cunning manner and used that to squeal on the poor 2 PKR dumbos, who had (note the grammatical 'had' wakakaka) been her friends of 10 years.

(4) And the amazing MACC has acted with such amazing alacrity on Aminah’s report, while poor Khir Toyo, who has been (or should be) first in the MACC queue is still waiting for the anti-corruption agency to pose a few questions about his fantasy world visit.

(5) Finally, why is the silent ‘bridegroom’, Dr Mansor Othman, so kniasu as to fear Aminah, who is relatively a political nobody, and who wouldn’t have a single stitch to hang her CD on if Cheah Ka Peng and Peter Lim hadn’t taken the imprudent and idiotic step to visit her.

Kniasu is a word which originated in Singapore, and normally means the need to 'keep up with the Jones' or the obsession to be first, on top, ahead, etc.

But alas, in Dr Mansor case, his kniasu is to be taken literally – he’s really afraid to lose in this by-election when there's no real competition.

Mind you, with his series of failures, he has begun to assume the worst, that he’s jinx-ed.

No worries, kaytee has the traditional Penang solution (literally).

I can prepare for him a cleansing (purifying - menyucikan) head rinsing solution (say t’au kuoi suoi), complete with seven types of flowers (including cempaka), seven drops of perfume, seven daun lima purut, seven types of special religious herbs, buah limau (lime), incense, Thai jambi, (chanted personally by kaytee) and Bob’s your uncle – and best of all, no charge ;-)


  1. Are you seriously ill?

    A hat trick of posts without slamming Anwar Ibrahim somewhere?

    Is it curable? Hope so, coz we will really miss you. Ha, ha!

  2. Actually there's a silver lining here if you care to look for it... I think many of us tend to think of the scum in PKR as being UMNO rejects, in other words, Malays. But now we see they have non-Malay idiots as well. The whole lot are sub-standard, irrespective of ethnicity.

    It's not perfect, but let's take what we can get... if two Chinamen can be sent to bribe a Malay lady on a purely political basis with no business interests in the mix, I think we're getting there. Ok, PKR is truly multiracial, lol...

    Hidup Bangsa Malaysia! :-)

  3. "a cleansing (purifying - menyucikan) head rinsing solution (say t’au kuoi suoi), complete with seven types of flowers (including cempaka), seven drops of perfume, seven daun lima purut, seven types of special religious herbs, buah limau (lime), incense, Thai jambi"

    Many a SYT has gone to bomohs for such cleansing of bad luck and ended up in the bomoh's bed

  4. Well, I don't want Dr Mansor in my bed - I'm not of that bent wakakakakakaka

  5. Whatever my sis Kak Min is smart. He can outfox foxy Anwar.
    Power to woman. Don't write her off.
    What happened to your regular fans Idzan, Chaptokam, Killer, Xien?
    I am sure they will support me on this.

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  7. Aminah's sis

    We are around ..
    Yeah Power to woman .
    You have my support Aminah .
    We'll try to deliver all the Chinese votes in Penanti to Aminah but can't be sure cause the Thai guy also has support in Penanti .
    As long as it does not go to the Mansor , pet poodle of Anwar .
    We stay low profile for a while , but we'll be back .
    We are pah si bo chau on Kaytee's blog .

  8. Ahem !!!1

    I can prepare for him a cleansing (purifying - menyucikan) head rinsing solution (say t’au kuoi suoi), complete with seven types of flowers (including cempaka), seven drops of perfume, seven daun lima purut, seven types of special religious herbs, buah limau (lime), incense, Thai jambi, (chanted personally by kaytee)

    Chanted personally by Kaytee ?? wah lau wei , lu kong ae heow liam keng ?
    Not bad ! can jampi for someone to lose ?? you know who lah !!

  9. Anwar to file suit against Anifah

    KUALA LUMPUR, May 27 — Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is filing a libel suit against Foreign Minister Datuk Anifah Aman today.

    Anwar’s lawyer Sankara Nair told The Malaysian Insider that the suit will be filed at 2pm at the Kuala Lumpur High Court.

    On May 16, Anifah who is also MP for Kimanis, told a group of foreign reporters in the United States that Anwar had offered him the deputy prime minister's position if he agreed to cross over to Pakatan Rakyat (PR) after the March 8 general election last year. He was speaking at a joint press conference at the State Department in Washington with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

    Sue Lah !!!Cakap only , want to sue , just go to court and sue , no need to advertise for everyone to know . Just like I ahve an important announcement to make . Make sure you all ( reporters ) attend my pc otherwise your editors will ask you why you did did not attend the most sensational news of the century !!

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  11. Chaptokam.
    See, Anwar is again suing. This time Anifah.
    My siser cannot sue them.
    They can.
    But my sister has all the proofs.
    See you in court, Mr Special One.

  12. Go to
    to hear the recording.
    This is what i heard....

    Offer of position if she Aminah withdraws.

    If she does'nt and win,offer of reentry to PKR and position.

    Discussion of how it is easier to engineer downfall of your own party people than people from other party.

    There were criticism that some party members cannot do their jobs.

    DR Mansor has poor public relations attitude.

    There is doubt about Dr Mansor's work ethics.

    There will be manipulation so that nomination could be disqualified

    Only Anwar is strong in PKR,the rest are weak.

    After agreement,must proceed as if Aminah is contesting,after that all expenses will be repaid by Dr Mansor.

    When asked about budget spent,Rm80000 was mentioned,this will be repaid if withdraws from election.

    3 days after nomination,decision or announcement will be made to withdraw.

    It was mentioned that nominating day is 10 days away.

    This offer will be discussed with DR Mansor and other top guns for their agreement.

    Dr Zahrin is said to be arrogant.

    The presence of a Malay woman in Penang government would be good to attract Malays to the party.

    Kak min was blacklisted by PKR before this.

    Some PKR men 'Makan duit'

    After agreement,"wayang" is to proceed.

    Malik is said to be arrogant.

    Again,this is what I heard.Hear it yourself for confirmation.

  13. Breaking News on PKFZ

    PKFZ report to be released in full
    May 27, 09 7:12pm
    breaking news The government has given the go-ahead for the controversial Port Klang Free Zone audit report to be released in its entirety, said Transport Minister Ong Tee Keat.

  14. Kak Min has promised to expose more on her meeting with Zahrin.
    She said does Zahrin still remember the meeting at a hotel.
    The ultimatum masihkah kau ungat, just like the Kopratasa song.
    My sister means business. She wants people to stop threatening her.
    Dont play-play with her.
    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorn.
    Go Kak Min, fixed them where it hurts the most.
    Kak Min ada lawyar so dia tak takut kena sue tau.

  15. Character assassination of Aminah has already begun.Good luck to her.

  16. Wah whats this again ? every minute got new issue on PKR ? Wah lau me...the political temperature is seen rising like the global warming .

    Police report against ‘pro-demonstration’ Selangor MB

    KUALA LUMPUR, May 27 – A police report has been lodged against Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim for allegedly being in favour of illegal demonstrations.

    Businessman Azwanddin Hamzah, 36, claimed that Abdul Khalid was quoted by a newspaper as saying that the Selangor government was in favour of street protests organised by certain groups including non-government organisations.

  17. The Star and Nut Graph has also provided a transcript of the CD of Kak Min .

    You can access the two sites here :

    Nut Graph :Lunch, lies and an audio tape

    The Star:Transcript of the Aminah CD

  18. From transcript

    'Kita itu hari cadang kepada Tian Chua and Kah Peng, Tian Chua sokong dan terima'

    What does this imply?

  19. Anonymous 11:15 AM

    Tian Chua ? The one who denies everything not knowing Kak Min has the conversation taped ?
    And this is what bro Killer has to say:
    According to this PKR guy, this shows that Anwar and Tian Chua are using these 2 clowns to act as middleman to strengthen the position of Dr Mansor in Penang by undermining Zahrain, Malek and Maktar.

    As such, this issue will not only going to have legal repercussions but also going to be politically explosive as the three PKR leaders are going ballistic seeing the Machiavallian machinations of the Great Snake Oil Salesman called Anwar.

    The PKR insider also said, this seems to indicate the full involvement of the Penang Cheap Minister.

    As such, the situation in Penang Pakatan will be highly volatile and the Cheap Minister will have his hands full with party in-fighting.
    I have to say I fully agree with him .

  20. Kaytee,

    Who says politics is clean? Hope we have no illusions here.

    Our choice is always about the lesser of two evils.

    No DSAI bashing? Calm before the storm. Respite to gather more bullets.

    Kaytee, why don't you mandi bunga to DSAI. FOC please.

  21. On Tian Chua

    Only when it suits us PtVII
    Evidence is necessary only when the allegation is against us

    Shh: No need evidence when WE makie allegation
    Evidence only when other people accuse us

    Tian Chua jumped when independent candidate, Aminah Abdullah, said that PKR tried to bribe her to withdraw here nomination. X-PKR claims to have have bits and pieces of the proof.

    He wants evidence.

    So I suggest that he also provide evidence for

    The conspiracy to kill Anwar in prison

    Allegations that the three Perak reps were lured and kidnapped by BN

    Allegations that ballot boxes were thrown by the SPR into the South China Sea for batang Ai ( A serious allegation that warrants arrest in my view)

    Allegations of Pengundi hantu every time the Opposition loses an election

    The claim that Nizar still has the majority in Perak DUN and therefore, does not automatically lose his MB job

    Suara Keadilan is not a biased rag that tells nothing but spins for PKR

    Anyway, Aminah will be holding a PC at 10am tomorrow, so we will give you updates tomorrow.

    Do tell us how many lines of her PC are carried in Opposition newspapers,

    bukan ape nak tengoklah how open and honest and unbiased they can be

  22. And for the icing on the cake, PKR Wanita Chief Zuraida Kamaruddin says in Suara Keadilan that Aminah's recording of the conversation is 'dirty tactics'...huh?

    You get caught offering bribes and the person who catch you out is the dirty one???

    Sounds familiar???? that is typical Pakatan

    They start with September 16 threats, chase BN reps to Taiwan with offers and suddenly cry foul when their own reps cross over. When they plotted to topple the Federal Government through crossovers it is a noble fight but when their own people cross over, the three reps are bad people and BN practice dirty tactics

    Of course, what else could they say, They learn it from the master propagandist Anwar who learns from the best...

  23. The PKFZ report is now available online at www.pka-report.com.

  24. Advice : dun be a glutton , ok ?

  25. The naive two are being fed and ready for the slaughter house!

  26. free one, makan but NOW kena lah !!

  27. The naive two are being fed and ready for the slaughter house!

    More like being grilled under the hot barbecue stove . Slow death is worse than fast death .

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  29. Dear good man

    You, Sir, are a racist.
    (Assuming you are not actually an
    UMNO/BN cybertrooper out to stir up trouble).

    So, please don't claim to speak for all Chinese.

    "Malaysia, the Rainbow Nation"

    Phua Kai Lit

  30. Hi Kaytee

    Are you OK ? Are you sick or what ? Or on holiday ?
    No update for so long .

  31. And our police will not even start to investigate until a report is made!!! AFter all that accusation of criminality occuring in the palaces of our Kelantan royal house, no investigation still. I suppose if that Indonesian lasse had been killed, and therefore, she was not around to make a report, there would not be an investigation too!!!