Thursday, January 04, 2007

Saddam's execution - tragedy of American ignorance

Here is a sad example of American ignorance revealed by American comments on Saddam Hussein’s execution.

Nancy Hollinsaid, of Malden, Illinois, whose son, Army Staff Sgt. Lincoln Hollinsaid, was killed in a grenade attack early in the war, said: "I want this evil man off the face of this earth. I want peace to come sooner.'

Hollinsaid, who has followed Saddam's trial, has a more personal wish, that the execution will "do some good for my heart.''

While her loss is indeed terrible, that of seeing her son sent to war to perish, and I do sympathise with her, let’s examine the logic of her hatred for Saddam and her fallacious belief that somehow the execution of the former Iraqi dictator should bring satisfaction to her.

For a start, Mrs Hollinsaid failed to appreciate it was her country, the USA, that was the aggressor nation, attacking, invading and occupying a sovereign nation on false fabricated fibs, for the devious secret agenda of members of her own government.

Iraq under Saddam Hussein didn't threaten the USA but au contraire, it was the other way around. Those US Administration lies have been revealed, reported and raised by reputable and respected Americans, and available in books, newspapers, the electronic media and even TV documentaries. Thus her hatred for or anger at Saddam Hussein has not only been misplaced but unjustified.

Though of course we recognise that we can't stop someone (like Mrs Hollinsaid) from hating another person (like Saddam), we can see clearly that Saddam wasn't responsible for the tragic death of Army Staff Sgt. Lincoln Hollinsaid.

If she needs someone to hate and lash out at for her terrible loss of her son, she should direct her acrimonious emotions against President Bush, VP Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and most of all, the chief promoters of the war against a sovereign Iraq, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith and ‘company'.

Those were the people who had sent her son to his death in a foreign country - a country where American gross and wilful interference and aggression had resulted in the murder of more than 600,000 Iraqis, many of whom were women, children and infants. Millions have also been dislocated from their native soil, thanks to the USA.

Thus I pity her sad ignorance and misplaced belief that the execution of Saddam Hussein, who had neither plotted nor conspire in the death of her son, would "do some good for [her] heart.''

The more pitiful has been her tragedy, because she failed to see the truth that she and her son were treacherously betrayed by the Bush Administration, where her son had perished not even for the interest of the USA.

That's the obscenity of her government's lies that have unfortunately but sadly blinded her. Thus I weep not for her personal and very tragic loss but for the utter waste of her loss.

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