Monday, January 08, 2007

Dr Mahathir: "Tony Blair is a war criminal."

Dr Mahathir called British leader Tony Blair a war criminal for his role in the Iraq war and the hanging of Saddam Hussein.

On his first count of accusation, Blair being a war criminal for his role in the Iraq war, I fully agree with the Grand Ole Man. Because of Blair’s support of Bush’s illegal attack on Iraq, orchestrated by his neo-cons including many ultra-Zionists, Blair must share with Bush the responsibility for the death of 650,000 Iraqis as well as the dislocation of many terrorised millions from their country.

But on Mahathir’s accusation of Blair being criminal for his part in Saddam’s murder, I hesitate to go fully along with that. Mind you, that is not to say Blair wasn’t partially or indirectly responsible. I believe Blair in his disgusting sycophantic (to Bush) self had gone along passively with the American sinister design.

Blair is known in his own country as Bush’s poodle. It’s a crying shame, a travesty of commonsense and logic and an insult to British pride, that an articulated intelligent man like Blair had to lick the boots of an intellectual pygmy like low brow George W Bush

Mahathir is a member of the International Committee for the Defence of President Saddam Hussein. He merely joined the world (outside of Israel and the Coalition of the Killing) in blasting the mob lynching of Saddam.

Whether the evil former dictator deserved the death sentence is arguable, depending upon one’s values and attitude towards capital punishment, but the point is there was no fair trial as shamefully averred by the White House - its spokesman Tony Snow had the brazen vulgarity to claim the US-backed Shiite-dominated Iraqi kangaroo court demonstrated "absolute proof that the judiciary in Iraq are independent.”

There’s just no limit to the Bush Administration’s blasphemy against the concept of justice and due process.

Blair had been severely criticised in Britain for refusing to speak out on Saddam's trial and execution. But how could he when he wanted so badly to suck up to the American president.

Mahathir told a press conference:
"He [Blair] is as much a war criminal as he accuses Saddam of being."

"The Americans and the British and possibly this little country in the south called Australia, they are also behind this hanging. They cannot say they are not involved."

"I am disgusted at these people because they tell us the death penalty is bad ... but they actively promote the death penalty, Britain in particular."

As I said at the beginning, I agree with Dr Mahathir that Blair and Bush are war criminals, but at least Bush has never hide the fact he loves to send people to the gallows. But Blair is an unmitigated two-face hypocrite, talking down to 3rd World nations on human rights.

But rest assure I won't let Dr Mahathir get away unscathed. I'll be posting something to show Dr Mahathir had not been true to his new found human rights values as well.


  1. It's just a simple matter of to the victor, the spoils of war. Eg, if Hitler had won WW2, then there would never be a Nuremberg trial of the Nazis, nor of Tojo and his gang of Jap murderers. Instead, Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin and their sidekicks would be the lynched ones.

  2. aiyoh pls la. Dr M should not be calling OTHER people a criminal la...

    who is the one who sacked our Lord President with kangaroo tribunal?
    sacked Anwar? started UMNO BARU (not sure if legal or not)? asked EPF to bailout how many of his cronies' companies? write fascist book like malay dilemma...

    pls give me a BREAK MAN