Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Ong Ka Ting's 'little drops of water'

Over at BolehTalk I've posted Ong KT inches MCA from UMNO's demagogy.

It shows how MCA's president Ong Ka Ting is slowly attempting to undo UMNO's damage to his party. Hmmm, with friends like UMNO, who needs ........

For Ong Ka Ting's endeavour, I am somewhat reminded of what Mrs JA Carney wrote in 1845, telling us not to sneer at what may appear to be insignificant efforts:

Little drops of water
Little grains of sand
Make the mighty ocean
And the beauteous land

Little deeds of kindness
Little words of love
Make our earth an Eden
Like the heaven above

And the little moments
Humble though they be
Make the mighty ages
Of eternity.

I can only wish Ong Ka Ting good luck. He certainly needs lots of it with an 'ally' like UMNO.

1 comment:

  1. i do believe that OKT is doing his best with all he has in the current government...
    he has brought SOME reforms, the main one being capping his presidency, and erm..erm...erm...................
    what happened to the build then buy (isit) initiative to protect house buyers...
    also, he set up pseudo agency to tackle LOAN SHARKS problem via moneylending act enforced by his ministry but only recently given attention by the POLICE (cf CID Chief Christopher Wan's speech)
    erm...erm....at least his wife is better than rosmah........