Wednesday, January 10, 2007

MCA's death-by-a-thousand-cuts?

I have just posted MCA div leader: "We're as good as dead!" over at BolehTalk, where I highlighted the MCA’s current dilemma, desperation and possible death-by-a-thousand-cuts vis-à-vis the sorry issue of toll charge increases.


  1. (for some reason my comments could not b posted on your posting at bolehtalk.)

    1, seems like this is another support for my theory that they (bn) r not worried about upsetting the urban, 'city slickers'.

    they dont seem to b as 'daring' to touch the rural folks. so far this year (n last year, n the year before, n...), havent heard much about what they have done to upset the kampong people, except the petrol price hike (which affected everybody).

    2, if the urban constituents god mad? simple. just redraw the electoral boundaries before the next ge to turn urban constituencies into the size of half a million each.

    voila. problem solved.

    long live bn.

  2. i meant 'petrol price hike LAST year'.