Saturday, January 13, 2007

MCA clawing back with lion's help

Well, UMNO might have employed the term kucing kurap (mangy cat) in its politics, but the MCA went for the full blown feline model of panthera leo persica, yes, nothing less than good ole Leo the lion, to assist in its Operation Clawback, a desparate campaign to win back its voters after abang UMNO frightened the hell out of as well as pissed off those erstwhile MCA supporters off.

I have blogged on the MCA's leonine (or pussycat, you decide) effort in Operation Lion Clawback by MCA over at BolehTalk.

1 comment:

  1. MCA cannot be compared to a mangy cat because it is in reality a dirty hyena. The hyena, like the vulture, feeds on remains discarded by other predators. That is to say, the MCA sucks the whatever blood of the Chinese that is left after they have been sucked dry by UMNO.

    And sorry to say, MCA is not into Ops Clawback but Ops Hide_behind_the_backs_of_Malays ie contest in bumi-majority areas in the coming GE