Friday, January 12, 2007

The 'late' voters of Malaysia!

Election fever, yes?

Well, Malaysia, with a population of around 26 million people, has some 10.3 million registered voters. Amazingly 500,000 are dead!

Yes, half a million registered voters are dead!

This revelation came from the horse’s mouth, namely, Election Commission Chairman Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman.

It's not that we Malaysians are surprised by the existence of constitutionally conscious cadavers, but the numbers given are truly staggering. Well, that’s certainly a remarkable stats for the Malaysian Book of Records. But I wonder whether we should term them as 'the late voters'?

I am not sure whether Abdul Rashid is a closeted sympathiser of PAS or PKR or good lord, surely not the DAP, because his frank disclosure came almost immediately after PAS and PKR said they would boycott the Batu Talam by-election, as if to support those two parties fears. PAS and PKR complained about dodgy voter lists and a woeful lack of transparency in the election process.

However, Abdul Rashid rejected opposition claims that the ‘walking dead’ voters had led to electoral fraud.

He said:
"When you talk about the dead on the rolls, I admit there are a lot. I believe that 5% of those on the voters' list are dead. That's why we are going from village to village to verify the dead."

Visualise officers from the Election Commission knocking on your door and asking: “Inche atau Nyonya Kaytee Moc?”

“Ya?” my husky/sweet voice thrilled those young salivating bucks and foxy buxom ladies, who most fortunately can’t see me behind the door.

“Are you dead?”

“You mean right now?”

Abdul Rashid blamed the existence of Malaysian zombies on poor data collection, archaic election laws (how?) and bureaucratic red-tape (again, how?).

In one case, a woman voter who died in 1975 at the age of 77 was still listed on the 2006 rolls. I wonder who she voted for in 2004?


  1. The election commission is PROVEN run by politikus!

    When a school teacher ask the student how to gather the official figure of who's death in a area, a 10 years old can easily give you many answer. Niamah, go check the following lar.
    - National registration Department.
    - Local mosque, church
    - police station
    - hospital
    - coffin seller

  2. Of course the woman voter who died in 1975 at the age of 77 voted for BN in 2004. Even in the underworld, dead malaysians are required by malaysian law to come back as phantom voters to vote for the great party, BN. This is the advantage of living in the great country of malaysia-- even in death, we can still vote(though not for the party we wish).

    Little wonder PAS decide to boycott Bukit Talam become it does not have the power to make the dead vote for it. Only BN has that magical power. In malaysia, under Pak Lah, semua bolehlah...