Friday, January 12, 2007

AAB's sweetener for admin wallahs

PM AAB made a speech at the 7thh Annual Gathering of Civil Servants at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre, where he hinted that the government might be able to give some "relief" to civil servants. He said that he might entertain Cuepacs’ request for a 40% (for lower grades) salary revision for government employees.

Previously he had indicated reluctance to meet Cuepacs’ demand as he claimed that’s one humongous lot of lollies, but now he seems to be singing a different tune. He said the government was “adopting an open mind in the matter and would scrutinise all the reasons submitted by Cuepacs on the salary revision”.

The usual blah blah blah … and ending in "The government has to study all these factors. The reason is that there must be (financial) capacity. And I believe that with the 'spirit of give and take', we can achieve something that will give relief to everyone, InsyaAllah."

Mark my word, the government will time it just in time for the next general election, which may well be just around the corner, probably next year, and likely to be just before Anwar Ibrahim served his full term of no politics.

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  1. ya lar. just wayang reluctance first la. the same go n buy civil servant's votes. i mean the govt should review the wages regularly anyway.