Monday, January 15, 2007

Penang boy's achievement in Canada

The Star Online reported that a Penang boy, has become a city councillor, no not in Bukit Mertajam (that’s far more difficult to achieve) but in Toronto, Canada.

Lee Chin is the first Malaysian-born to hold such a post in Canada. Incidentally Canada’s last governor-general was a Hong Kong born Chinese, and of course I've recently blogged on Melbourne's Chinese-born mayor being voted as the best mayor in the world.

So on the international scene we have China 2, Malaysia 1. Not bad at all.

Lee was elected to the post two months ago and is one of the 44 city councillors in the Toronto city council. He represents around 70,000 residents of Scarborough-Rouge River for a four-year term.

The Star also reported a trivia, that the bloke’s not the average Penangite who’s usually a Hokkien. He’s a Toishan or as we call them in Penang, Sin-Ning Lang.

Bet his parents must be either rich goldsmiths with a shop in Sin Kay (Jalan Campbell?) or a soya-sauce tycoon. Most Sin-Ning Lang I know have been from either goldsmith families or merchants in the soya sauce business.


  1. hey a Sin-Ning Lang.but my parents and grandparents are not rich goldsmiths or soya sauce tycoons. i have also blogged about this at :

    I have linked ur blog to mine.

    You have a good blog. keep it up :)

  2. hi penangite, good on you. I had a Sin-Ning gf once - her brother taught me to say (in Sin-Ning) "your cloth is very beautiful" ;-)

    tell you something - your Sin-Ning women are real ferocious (or one of them was when I was going out with her) - when my ex got angry, I needed all the tau-yew to douse out her fire ;-)

    thanks (uwa tiah) for the linked-up - will do the same for you when I next re-do the template. cheers

  3. lol......that's what my sin-ning neighbour's grandmother said to me one morning when i was at their house and I went "huh? why is she saying that my **** is beautiful?!!"...hahaha

  4. censor here..your = ni, cloth = pu, very = ki, beautiful = liang

    anyway, there are actually more dirty jokes/terms than this. but this is very famous among us.erm, well, im not sure about Sin-Ning women coz i havent dated one myself!!! tho my granny asked me to do so..'kaki ngien ma...' as she really can use tau-yew one meh? then they wont merajuk anymore? wow..i didnt really know that..huhu will try it on my sister then..

    but then again..there are not many sin-ning speaking ppl left now..wif all the cross-marriages between clans and dialects..hokkien and kantonis dominate...

    uwa tiah uwa tiah :)

  5. Hi... I'm also a sin ning people.