Sunday, March 06, 2005

US Troops Accused of Deliberately Shooting Italian Journalist

The plot thickens.

It seems that the US shooting of Guiliana Sgrena, the Italian journalist freed by Iraqi insurgents might not have been an accident afterall.

Her companion, Pier Scolari claimed that Sgrena possesses information the US forces did not want revealed, hence they tried to silence her off for good.

Scolari stated that Sgrena’s car had already passed all US checkpoints on the way to Baghdad airport and in fact was only 700 metres from the aerodrome. Both American and Italian officials knew her car was about to arrive.

Sgrena herself rejected US excuses that her car was speeding towards the checkpoint. She told Italian investigators that her car was travelling at normal speed which could not be misunderstood, when the US troops poured a hail of bullets on her and 3 Italian agents. She added that it wasn't even a US military checkpoint as claimed by the Americans, but in fact a patrol that immediately opened fire after they trained their light on the car.

This is a very serious though not uncommon accusation of the US military adopting extreme sanction on journalists considered to be unfriendly to US interests, under the guise of accidental fire. The actual word for this is not ‘friendly fire’ but MURDER!

The US President has promised a full investigation, but if Scolari’s accusation holds true, who the hell would believe the truth will ever emerge.

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