Monday, March 14, 2005

Israel's Long-Term Security Interests - Return Stolen Land

This report by an Israeli former chief criminal prosecutor, Talia Sasson, shows 2 internationally well-known points:

(1) Israeli government’s systematic sponsorship of illegal settlement outposts in the West Bank, including illegal allocations of government funds.

(2) Israeli policymakers believed that by covertly expanding settlements they could permanently prevent the creation of a viable Palestinian state on most of the West Bank.

Yawnnnnnnnn! Please tell us something new!

However, what has been enlightening is Sharon’s own conclusion that, contrary to earlier beliefs, settlements cannot be equated with security. The opposite is actually true - the settlers' theft of Palestinian land militates against Israel's long-term security interests. He could have asked me earlier.

That’s why Sharon has been recently an advocate of dismantling settlements in Gaza. This is of course apart from the new USA policy stance for the Middle-East.

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