Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Sensitive New Age Samurais!

Amazing! It seems the Emperor’s soldiers, once dreaded throughout Asia for their fierce and fanatical devotion to duty, are now fearful of being deployed in Iraq. Mind you, I would be too.

Experts have stated that these Japanese soldiers have found risking their lives in Iraq very stressful (and why wouldn't it be!), hence have been subjected to depression, leading to many suicides. The Japan Defence Agency admitted that the suicide rate among Japanese soldiers is at its highest point ever.

They are only human and I sympathise with them and share their fears.

But this newly revealed attitude does show that the modern day samurais of Nippon aren’t like their forefathers, who would even refuse to surrender unless ordered by their personal commanders.

Thank God for their new sensitive feelings. I prefer them like this than what my parents, grandparents, relatives and family friends had experienced.

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