Sunday, March 06, 2005

Hong Kong Chief Going? No Worries, It's Business As Usual!

The current rumours circulating in Hong Kong (and oh, how the HK-ites, like Malaysians, love rumours) are on the possibility of its Chief Executive Tung Chee-Hwa resigning ahead of time. Quite frankly, after talking with a few HK friends, whether this rumour is true, is he being dropped or otherwise, who is the likely successor, etc, make no iota of difference to the general HK-ites.

Though the politically inclined may seize the opportunity to press for greater freedom, perhaps even dreaming of an independent State loosely affiliated with China, the general population is more interested in bread and butter (or rice bowl) issues. As long as the economy is not jeopardised, then it will be business as usual. This pragmatism has been what made HK prosperous and lively, not democracy which had never existed there anyway, even and especially during British rule.

Only Taipei has made a song and dance about the impending gloom of Tung’s possible departure, but then what else may we expect Taipei to do, as it’s next in line for peaceful reunification’.

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